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Game Your character's Jedi Theme Song

Hello this game is for Jedi Character's and their theme songs this was inspired from Kainan Wolfe's Your character's Sith theme song
the rules are simple
1. No Lyrics
2. No electronic or anything that will disturb the themes of Star Wars
3. Soundtracks with classical music only
I'll start with mine
Eslo Anderson

Rosario Perlyn

Pink Padawan
For Amilthi, I always have a very hard time imagining anything but the Force Theme itself... But taking the liberty to push the boundaries of allowed genres a little bit, I think this might be Rosario. It has a very soft, connected, the world-is-okay, Living Force kind of vibe. She comes from a metropolis world and had lately been living in a jungle, so I believe the choice of instruments should be allowed. :p