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You May Take Bounty On the Groom (Aditya/Aiker/Kei/Jericho/Kal/Juthan)

Rise and Rise Again
Posting Order: @Aditya Amadis @[member="Aiker Ebizu"] @[member="Kei Amadis"] @[member="Jericho"] @[member="Kal Voss"] @[member="Juthan'Athar"]
Mid Rim Open Space Shipping Circuit
Somewhere between Naboo and Chandaar
@[member="Kei Amadis"]
Ambiguous Statement (HWK-290 Light Cruiser)
A Lambda Class Shuttle , the Myrmadinas requested docking procedures with the Ambiguous Statement, a serviceable droid pilot (that coincidentally, Aditya saved from a junk heap and had spare food tins for feet) stuttered the docking coordinates and began the delicate procedure. 'Shakes the droid's hands quivered as much as its voice, but Aditya had confidence in one thing. When it came to flying in more than a straight line, Shakes would do better than her. The mechanical engineer hopped out of her seat, rushing to the back of the shuttle, where her cargo container sat in its holster. Cracking it open, the Epicanthix woman drew out a bronze-coloured flask, a bundle of letters, a stylus and a simple wooden box small enough to fit in the palm of her hand.

"Hehe. Aw, Kei. You're gonna be thrilled. You'd better be or I'll punch you in the eye." She flipped the wooden box lid open, holding the ceramic ring inside close to her chest, "Please like it." and slipped it in the pocket on her bodice. The stylus she pushed into her hairstyle, papers in her hand. As the docking was complete, Aditya finished clipping her tool belt around her waist, letting it fall down to the swell of her hips, setting her goggles on top of her head and grabbed a bag with fresh vegetables, whiskey, presents Kei would appreciate. Like that new bolt fitter for the side console which never got fixed.

As the docking conduit doors opened, Aditya raced for Kei all faith and light footed that he'd be there arms open and waiting. Would he kiss her, hold her, casually bring her in? Their relationship had taken its share of knocks, but like the ship she was coming aboard a woman had to roll up her sleeves, tie her hair back and fix it. Repair a bulkhead here, a shredded connection there, and eventually the ship flew on. What would it be like, she wondered, if Aditya planted her roots down with Kei on the Ambiguous Statement and did nothing else but tend to the ship? Stepping over a drifting panel, she kicked it with her foot back in place.

"Kei! I brought presents! I. . . whatdidyoudotothe... issat a piece of the hull? Did . . . did someone try to weld this!?" Aditya balked, drifting off to the side to peer at a collective of wires that, however well taped, needed more intricate attention. Patch jobs, was that all they had?

"Here. Gosh, Kei why didn't I come sooner you need me here! Oh, Ambie, it's okay, Mama's home." She pulled a box over and clambered up, taking a spanner out of her tool belt and began repairing the wires. The papers she'd handed Kei read Atrisian Empire Marriage License.

Outside the ship, danger loomed for the Engineer and her Bounty-Headed . . . husband? Next up: @[member="Aiker Ebizu"]
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Aithne Charr

Heir of Fire
@[member="Aditya Amadis"]

Juthan watched silently from the bridge of the Consortium's Carrier as they headed through hyperspace. i mean, sure maybe it was a little over doing it for a bounty, bringing a carrier loaded up with fighters and his own freighter, but why not. The better the chance this guy was his, the better the chance of a pay off. He looked over at @[member="Zorskka Vull"] whom had pretty much assumed the roll of bodyguard for Juthan. He motioned him over and waited silently, watching out the main viewport at the stars. Once Vull reached his side Juthan spoke. "Can you fly a fighter?"

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Carlos Castillo

1230 Standard Time, Mid-Rim, between Naboo and Chandaar
The hull was a bristle of activity as many black-clad Operatives, Zealots, and Footmen tromped to and fro to complete their assigned tasks deemed necessary by the Advisory. Despite being a terrorist network, they had to have some system of order and discipline. Unlike most military-like systems, this one was entirely based on fear. Not fear of losing to the enemy, fear of doing something wrong and killed. Of course they'd be killed, Aiker Ebizu would have nothing less than perfection. Especially if they were on a mission. Known as Aznear Enael by everyone that knew his face, the man strolled the bridge of the Stargazer in a simple pitch-black outfit. Combat boots were laced up, cargo pants were filled with many tools of his trade, and a stylish sweater kept him warm whilst offering excellent mobility.

"Sir! Target's in sight!" A crewman called out, barely keeping his eyes torn away from the screen just long enough to shout out to Aiker. The easy-going assassin frowned, shifting his destination to the man before planting himself behind him. "Yes? What is it?" The crewman swallowed, his fingers tracing out the outline of the ship on the scanners. "What should we do, sir?" The raven-haired man chuckled, "We herd the sheep."

And with that, the lead assassin strode back to his personal platform to relay a message to the little vessel:
<<This is the Stargazer, you are trespassing in Conglomerate space. Please prepare to be boarded. All attempts at escape or charging weapons will be dealt with via force. Over and Out.>>

The Conglomerate? No such thing existed, it was just a simple ruse to keep these people thinking in that set direction. There were many conglomerates around the galaxy and this freighter should know what to do when encountered by a company's security department, even the frigate matched the specifications of a small security flotilla.

All they had to do was take the bait.
Silver Guardian
"Been awhile since we last flew together, what was it last time, spice runners or slavers that we frelled off?" He didn't let her answer, taking her up in his arms and giving her a huge kiss, it was tradition when he met his sometimes girlfriend, sometimes bounty hunter trying to kill him, sometimes punch in the nose because you forgot my birthday girl brawler.

Patchwork jobs, welded bits of metal in support, it was sturdy if only because of the amount of clutter holding it together. Fyor hadn't been around much lately that was for sure, this place didn't look the part, and they had guests on board. Passengers in the cabin behind, they paid the repair bills, it was not like he earned much as a Jedi these days.

Putting the girl down, "Nothing wrong with her, look" he hammered his fist against the side of the ship, and he waited, no sound nothing, "See" he said pleased with himself, .... a small echo rang out and a piece in the back somewhere came loose with a thud. Kei cleared his throat. "Probably just the droid falling over." The captain assured his passengers who were now coming up to the bridge to check just what that sound was.

He looked blankly at the license and then back at the girl, the license then back at the girl. Blinking, and not saying anything, blinking, and still not saying anything. "That was a dare?" Half the ship had been on fire, the other half exposed to space when they'd made it, his face still was in pause, not shock but just... pause.

Then they were interrupted.... mercifully it was only a frigate, only more people probably wanting to kill or detain them, just vastly outnumbered with little hope of survival or escape. Mercifully not another punch in the nose from the woman opposite him. "We should probably deal with that... angel."

@[member="Aiker Ebizu"] "This is The Ambiguous Statement, we have the paperwork in order, it's all on file. The Conglomerate shipping manifests, operating number, all filed with your brass." He shrugged to Aditya. "Get the drive warmed up angel.... please." Steadily the ships speed increase, slowly but surely, not obviously running but slowly edging away from the larger craft.

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Zorskka Vull

Vull nodded, arms crossed, and hissed "Yesss, I have a fair amount of experience with piloting starfighterssss. What'ssss the plan?"



Tenebris In Lucem
Deep within the forests of Naboo, Jericho sat in peace meditating a sense of calming force echoed through the trees and the breeze of the warm wind. Force sensitive animals laid peacefully around him feeling his calm and peaceful energy. He kept his mind clear of all distractions, he only thought of the force as he continued to quietly breathe through his mask. Continuing to the gather the energy around him while recited the jedi code in his mind as they were integrated in his head by his former master, Asha Seren.

"Jedi are the guardians of peace in the galaxy.
Jedi use their powers to defend and protect, never to attack others.
Jedi respect all life, in any form.
Jedi serve others rather than ruling over them, for the good of the galaxy.
Jedi seek to improve themselves through knowledge and training."

Though he was no longer a part of the Jedi order; he kept true to the jedi way, the true jedi way, the way his master had shown him before her untimely death. As a rogue or rather; as a sentinel he was able to freely trained whenever he wished and able to keep the peace to the best of his ability. Though it would contradict the code of peacekeeping, he was willing to do more than most jedi. To many he was more aggressive, more warrior like than peace keeper but that was far from true. If one could truly tell from body language despite his aggressive style, he was always calm, always logical.

"'There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death, there is the Force."

He chanted in his mind; repeatedly. Until he felt a disturbance in the force, a dark energy was nearby, who ever the energy belong to, there was a few things he could tell from it. The person was full of malice, hate, and most of all whoever this person was, they were bloodthirsty. Jericho slowly opened his eyes revealing their dark brown color and slowly stood up showing his full height showing that under his brown battle torn robes was a set of thick but light mandalorian armor, he raised his hood lightly brushing over his light brown hair. As the large man rose, so too did the animals around him and all scattered deeper into the forest. He clenched his fist tightly and curls his body with his arms around his chest.

After another minutes of gathering energy with a deep inhale of air, then a slow exhale he let loose a portion; emitting his energy in fashion of a force wave. The wave of energy brush passed the green leaves of the trees around him. It was strong yet still gentle and calm, powerful yet smooth. The dark being caused him to be more alert than he already was. Knowing from past battles with the sith, he knew there only one thing that happens; the endangerment of lives. That was he could not take a chance of so he felt like he should be the one to make the first move. With another deep inhale of air and slow exhale, he used the force to increase his own speed tremendously and ran towards the nearest port to the fighter plane.

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Rise and Rise Again
@[member="Juthan'Athar"]@[member="Aiker Ebizu"]@[member="Kei Amadis"]@[member="Zorskka Vull"]@[member="Jericho"]
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"Face it, Kei Amadis. You need me." The panel fell. "Desperately."

Lifted in Kei's arms, being kissed and enjoyed was the rarest and most precious of feelings for the young Epicanthix ballerina. She forgot whether it was slavers or bounty hunters they frelled off, she forgot what size of shoe she wore and which of the massive lists of projects she'd get to first, while enfolded so sweetly in his protective grip. A muffled 'aawww' came from some of the passengers in the hold behind, those whose first intent had been to decipher the origin of the panel's fallen noise. After Kei let go, Aditya hung with her arms around his neck before settling to put them on his chest. "I've been worried, there was talk you'd been exploded and then talk that no one could find you and I've been looking and looking and I will beat unmerciful the next person who gets in your way 'cause I lo-- I promised I'd marry you and I keeps my promises, Mr. Amadis! Didn't. . . didn't you mean it?"

Her eyes carried the sentiment behind the frivolous words, do you love me? And was interrupted by @[member="Aiker Ebizu"] 's communique. Aditya whinnied and stomped her feet. "Now?! Gawsh, really now!? GO AWAY!" She yelled at the origin of the noise, not knowing precisely where that was, so canting her head upward and yelling to the ceiling. Kei knew best how to buy her time - something he was good a purchasing, thankfully enough. "Normal us, eh? Can't give a moment. . . I patched my ship's core into Ambie coming aboard, buy us some more power. . . And safety."

She raced toward engineering, then raced back. "KEI!" Throwing her arms around him again, Aditya kissed his mouth and fondled his hair for a moment, cupping his cheek. "I love you. You're not allowed to die." She ran back toward Engineering, her droid bumbling up toward Kei and the pilot seat, muttering about being programmed to fly real ships not these tin cans. Aditya had left a ring in Kei's hand.

In engineering, she punched at the engine containment field and took her wrench to a sticky bolt which led to a reserve fluctuator tank. The flood of power made the hull shiver but Kei would read a line up of energy coming to the Statement. A series of small red warning lights began to flicker to yellow, then green. In her hyperactivity, Aditya could be heard rushing through the ship fixing weapon systems, inlets, and conduit shield linings.

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