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Approved Location Yalaran Tram System

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Maurice Dalton



  • Structure Name: Yalaran Tram System
  • Classification: Repulsorlift Tram System
  • Location: Yalara,
  • Affiliation: The First Order
  • Accessibility: Very Easy
  • Security: Multiple Squads of Yalaran Law Enforcement Squads
  • Description: The first railway track was constructed in the city of Mal'ary'rush, a city of warriors and where the majority of the Noghri apart of the First Order's Auxiliary and Yalara's own Police Force have emerged from. The structure is a vast system constructed on a durasteel track. The tram, or car itself is locked in its path, and its conductor's only purpose is to start up, slow down, and stop the tram itself. Incapable of surpassing a predetermined speed, there are also thick transparisteel walls to prevent potential terrorists slicing into the tram system and forcing trams off track. Additional safeguards in effect are magnetic emitters that surround the tunnels that the tram passes through.
From its first city in Mal'ary'rush, the tram system currently gives passage to multiple locations on the planet of Yalara, most tending to be in the same area of the planet. The first linked structure is the Haven Citadel, former home of the White Wolves Regiment, once turned to Legion, and now holds multiple regiments and battalions of varying sizes - a home to units being rotated around the First Order's Space.

Due to the open call to members of the Sith having potential sanctuary in First Order Space, a Sith Temple was also constructed, which gave cause to the Haven Citadel being constructed in close proximity to it. Thus, it was merely short work to have the tram system also extended towards the more or less vacant Sith Temple, though it is it off-limits to those who are not authorized (Civilians, trespassers, Anyone not authorized by High Command).

  • Customer Help Centre: Only the city of Mal'ary'rush features a help desk with directions and information on where passengers are going. The help desk also answers any questions in relation to the tram systems and surrounding territories.
  • Security Checkpoints: Metal detectors scan persons and their belongings for unauthorized weapons. Efficiency of the Imperial Workforce allows these lines to be short at almost all hours of the day.
  • Series of Different Restaurants and Rest Spots

After the First Order had brought the planet of Yalara and her people into the fold, assigned Governor Maurice Dalton had put into planning a system to allow faster travel and to free up the airways for police and law enforcement traffic. His thinking, the fewer people in the air, the faster that law enforcement could get to where they were going due to having to maneuver through airways that weren't as clogged.

From off-world, the power of the Imperial Workforce made Governor Dalton's idea a reality in the form of this Tram System. Much of the tram was ordered to be built off-world so that potential terrorist attacks and insurgents who sought to pester and slow the First Order's progress didn't know what was occurring and thus to protect Imperial lives, the vast majority of the tram system outside of Mal'ary'rush was carried via starship and was connected to the city's own closed down section before revealing its potential at quick travel across the continent.
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