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Approved Starship XR-95 Heavy Freighter

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Galen Arterius

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Intent: To seperate the stock version of this freighter from @[member="Galen Arterius"]'s custom one
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Co.
Model: XR-95 Vector
Affiliation: Various
Modularity: Yes

  • Engine Modularity
  • Weapons
  • Power Supplies
  • Internal Systems
  • Interior
Production: Mass Production
Material: Durasteel
Description: During the final years of the Gulag Virus had run its course, the Correlian Engineering Corporation made a decision. The creators of the wildly popular YT series light freighters put their minds together and with the blueprints of their scrapped YT projects they created the XR-95 Heavy Freighter. This heavy freighter was designed not to outclass their baby, but to broaden their market, with its heavier armor, larger combat capability, and larger cargo capacity it was designed to appeal to the men and women attempting to run cargo in the war torn post-Gulag galaxy.

It worked, the XR-95 "Vector" became a huge success, selling to all different places in the Galaxy. This new Heavy Freighter sported the same modularity as the YT seies freighters while giving a more secure feeling with heavier platting without sacrificing its speed. Now, this ship is hardly the newest heavy freighter on the market, however it is still in use by various groups such as bounty hunters, mercenaries, and pirates. Since its release, it has gone through several phases, releasing several different variants.

Classification: Heavy Freighter
Role: Transport; Living Space
Height: 8 Meters
Width: 25 Meters
Length: 57 Meters
Power Core Generator/Reactor: Ionization Reactor
Hyperdrive Rating: 1.5
Minimum Crew: 1-2 (Pilot; Co-Pilot OR Pilot; Astromech)
Optimal Crew: 5 (Pilot; Co-Pilot; 2 Gunner; Astromech)

  • 2x Linked Laser/Ion Cannons
  • 2x Quad Laser Canon Turret{Manned}
  • 1x Multipurpose Warhead Launcher{Concussion/Proton/Flares}
  • 2 Medium Sized Speeders/Swoops
Non-Combative Attachments:
  • Communications Array
  • Escape Pods
  • Holonet Transceiver
  • Standard Deflector Shield Generator
  • Standard Life Support Systems
  • Standard Navigational Systems
  • Standard Sensor Array
  • Standard Targeting Systems
  • First Respondent's Medical Bay
  • Small Common Area, Including a small Kitchen
Passenger Capacity: 5, But Cargo Space could be used to hold several dozen persons
Cargo Capacity: 400 Metric Tons
Consumables: 2 Months
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: 4.5



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For the record, the original sub had stats for both the stock and Galen's version of the ship. However I can see how it could easily cause some confusion as to what's stock and what isn't. So I'm going to continue with this.

For a stock freighter this has a lot more going on than it should, remember this is the 'off the shelf' version before it gets all spruced up by hunters and mercs.
  • Civilians don't need detention cells in their ships.
  • CEC generally put a pair of turrets on their ships at most. Only during the Vong war did they really start arming up and even then it was acknowledged that those were quasi-military ships.
  • Encryption network should go as well.
  • And this is more of a nit-pick, but you say you have living space for 5, but your total crew/passenger count is 10 when added together. You really don't even need to mention you have living quarters because it's known that they're part of what the ship needs for its inhabitants.

@[member="Galen Arterius"]

Galen Arterius

Smuggling your Spice Since 820 ABY
Edited encryption network but it was stated that this ship was made for dangerous runs during the end days of the Gulag virus where the Galaxy was over run with pirates, thugs, and general danger for moving cargo, hence the quad turrets, these are also manned turrets and require gunners.


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Okay, make the warhead launcher so that it can launch concussion missiles or proton torpedoes so someone doesn't try to launch nukes or any other special warhead out of this and drop the point defense laser, those are only really on capital ships.
I know you want the detention cells for mercs/hunters but even an armed merchant ship is more interested in escaping than taking prisoners, either remove it or put in that it's modular at the expense of some cargo space so people that want it dont have to sub just for cages.

Do that and it's approved.
@[member="Galen Arterius"]
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