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Approved Starship XR-12 Frontier Outpost

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Source: http://meckanicalmind.deviantart.com/

Intent: To produce a automated defense system that detects enemies and hinders them.
Manufacturer: Saiba Group
Model: XR-12
Affiliation: CIS (others on demand)
Modularity: none
Production: Minor Production (limited to major star lanes, borders and stop points)
Material: Durosteel
Description: To provide an sentry outpost and customs station to monitor borders and popular star lanes. It is usually in a pair and uses it’s gravity well projector to hinder enemy starships. As it is also a customs station the everyday running of these stations is largely procedural. Upon installation into a system, it is programmed to recognize the civilian and military IFFs that are provided by the regional government. While much of it is using Baktoid automation It requires a crew to maitain and run the customs and service industry aboard the station. This customs station, uses an Orbital long range scanner and with the use of signatures, scans all incoming and outgoing vessals for IFF Signatures which are provided by the regional government.

After the takeover and subsequent release of assets under Ty’rel, Saiba retained the designs and production rights of high priority technology for a fair sum of money.

Classification: Outpost
Role: Outpost
Height: 750m
Width: 500m
Length: 750m
Power Core Generator/Reactor: Solar Ionzation
hyperdrive Rating: None
Minimum Crew: 250
Optimal Crew: 1000
Armaments: 10 Turbolaser batteries 10 Quad lasers
Hangar: Civilian vessels (for customs work) and 4 squadrons of Naga Starfighters
Non-Combative Attachments: Sensor arrays, Communications array, Gravity well generator, Advanced Droid Brain(to run the automation) Orbital Long Range Scanner
Passenger Capacity: 5000
Cargo Capacity:1,200 metric tons
Consumables: 1 year
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: None
@[member="Alli Wren"]

A gravity well projector is a pretty big thing to have on a mass produced automated defence. I’m not wholly happy with the idea of something like this being set adrift and being able to disrupt hyperlanes without having a big ship there.
I would like the gravity well projector removed or you make this minor production and keep it.

I would also say that this is a very large piece of gear for the role it should be fulfilling. 1000x300x1000 is a big station, especially as it is lightly armed and unmanned.
I suggest you drop the dimensions by half.

I would like to see more detail on what makes it decide who to attack and who to not attack.

@mention me when you are ready.

Ayden Cater

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@[member="Alli Wren"]

When you say that the station is deployed along major hyperlanes, what do you mean? There isn't a weapon that sits in hyperspace and shoots enemies out. Hyperlane protection is most often achieved through security at drop-out points; points where ships much drop into realspace long enough to calculate the next jump. Occasionally, pirates and the like will find a place to force ships out of hyperspace at their leisure, but there's little that can be done to stop such tactics short of constant patrol.

As well, for an automated station, it's rather large. Stations are as large as they are due to the need to provide for all the needs of the crew (Air, food, water, waste disposal, etc). If no crew is expected to be on the station, then its a bit of a design issue to make it so large. My suggestion would be to either shink it a bit more, or make this a full customs space station.

Ayden Cater

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@[member="Alli Wren"]

There are still a number of minor issues that need addressing.

  • I feel like there should be a slightly large gap between minimum and optimum crew. As well, for a customs station, 250 passengers is pretty low. There are some systems that would have that many go through in less than an hour. Passengers reflects a semi-permanent population, either for a day or few weeks. Custom stations are notorious hotspots for vagrants and the displaced to gather while seeking to change their fortunes.
  • I feel like length and width ought to be around the same, as its clearly got a circular ring along the outer edges.
  • I'm nervous about saying a supercomputer is on every one of these stations. I feel like there is some potential for abuse there. If the goal is simply automation, that could be achieved with a more economically feasible use of droids. If you insist on keeping the supercomputer, you're going to have to outline its limitations in writing.
  • Speaking of, your description needs to be updated as well to reflect changes, both those already done and those yet to come. It still reads as an automated station.
  • Lastly, IFF scanning isn't really a thing that can be done in situations like this. IFF transponders and scanning works because the scanner checks for a single signal; everything else is marked as foe. So unless the entire civilian market switched to something like this, you'd find Baktoid rapidly sued by a wave of angry people.
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This is mainly used in the CIS at first and they require IFF Transponders and have their own internal Registry's I ditched the super computer, it was just to handle the automation when it wasn't manned. I think everything should be in order now. Let me know if it should handle less or more people and what you think of it all.

@[member="Ayden Cater"]
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