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Xeni Kraylu

Xeni Kraylu

Indiana Jones

Name: Xeni Kraylu
Faction: (Jal Shey) Factionless
Rank: N/A (Mentor)
Species: Miraluka
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 150 lbs
Eyes: N/A
Hair: Dark Chestnut Brown
Skin: Pale as the Moon
Force Sensitive: Yes

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Xeni is quite acrobatic and light on her feet. Ask her to lift a heavy box on the other hand, and she'll resort to her telekinetic powers to do so.

Due to her sensitivity and self-defense training, her awareness is top notch. In exchange, she is accident prone and always has some new bruise or wound somewhere.

She is never an instigator of fights. Once the threat has been detained or controlled, she immediately disengages.

Xeni is mute. Due to this inconvenience, she has had to rely on humble telepathy to convey her thoughts. Only to individuals whose mind is open to hers can 'hear' her. Otherwise, it back to the basic writing utensils.

Xeni also occasionally forgets the existence of driods, which could be fatal considering she can't even see them anyways. How to counter that issue... Hm....

Ship: Not quite sure yet, will fill in later.
Kills: None


Xeni Kraylu was born to Ahesu and Freyt in one of the many small slums on Katarr. Both parents worked hard and endlessly, making a decent and humble living. Fourteen years passed, and Xeni had too decided to begin work and contribute to the small dwelling called home. However, one night on the way home, Luck would have it that she would be mugged by a man much stronger. In the end, he had grabbed her throat and slammed her against a building wall, knocking her unconscious. Hours later, the kind neighbors stumbled upon her and brought her home. Her voice has been no more since then. Because of that, she was taught several self-defense moves and how to use a small dagger.

It was around eighteen years when Xeni decided to change her life. That year was when the Jal Shey visited, curious if Miralukas' powers varied from environment to environment. She had stumbled upon the encampment and had begun to visit each day, fascinated in the breadth of their knowledge. At first, she had resorted to inquiring through paper. Though, eventually, they taught her how to use simple telepathy. And that decided it for her. She was going to go and explore the worlds they spoke of. Convincing the Jal Shey was no easy task, but eventually they agreed on condition that she never walk down a violent and interfering road. And off they went.

A few years later (twenty-three years old), her mother and father had died of old age, news being sent by the locals. In quiet sadness, Xeni returned to Katarr to pay her parents respects. She had grown, learned, and taught more than imagined during her absence and rose to the position of Mentor. Mind you, she was new and still had much to learn. But she was sure that this Life was one that all could be proud in.

Bounties Collected: None
Roleplays (chronologically order):

Just A Trip to the Store (On Hold)
Unveiling the Unseen (Complete)
  • Met Sarge Potteiger
  • Discovered Yuuzhan Vong technology
  • Agreed to journey to Sekot
The Wrong Side of Heaven (On Hold)
Choices in the Void (On Hold)
Telekinetic Echolocation (On Hold)
20,000 Leagues (Ongoing)
Stop! Thief! (On Hold)
The Starving and The Blind (Ongoing)
(Small appearance) A Well Deserved Vacation: Fringe Dominion of Phu (Complete)
  • Watched pod racing
  • Criticized Yurik for his silly interests

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