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The moment had seemed so clear at the time.

On his way back to his ship after a successful mission, Josh had been making his way through the spaceport on a planet, hoping to get onto the Final Dragon soon as he could, get on the path back to Kashyyyk, and be able to grab something to eat while on the way. But along the way, something had suddenly caught the Jedi Master's attention. The sight of a woman pointing a shotgun blaster at a group that had their hands up. She didn't look like a member of the law, and these guys didn't seem to be inclined to fire back...

"Oi!" The Jedi would call out as he made his way toward this little party. "What in blazes are you doing?"
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"The girl hand her over scum bag." She said with a threatening tone. Cynthia already knew one of the man had a blaster on his hip and potentially another weapon somewhere. The other one however used the thirteen year old girl as a shield with a knife to the back of her head. "Make a move scutta and I'll kill her." Her shotgun didn't have lethal rounds in. After all her contract didn't allow it. She did however get the permission to hospitalise them. Still unless they did hurt the girl she'd just incapacitate them with glop rounds. "You wouldn't dare. I'm sure her drugged up father wouldn't approve and that's if I don't kill you first." She hoped they'd take her bluff but then her eyes caught the smirk of one the the men's faces as a man approached from behind.

As Cynthia cocked her head around to see who was approaching the other two made a run for it. "KARK!" She shouted in frustration. "Sir It isn't your business..." Swapping over her rail shotgun to the rail sniper Cynthia took aim. In the scope she could see them running towards a speeder car. Unfortunately she only had aim on the one who didn't have the girl. She squeezed the trigger sending out the blue plastic round flying at speed. The round hit just in front of the mans foot. As his foot stepped into it, it would be engulfed in foam trapping him. The other man, well he didn't stop. "Now if you excuse me I have a kidnapper to interrogate."
It seemed he was mistaken. The moment he heard "kidnapping" he understood. Still, they could have worded that better, maybe -not- made them look so conspicuous? What was he expected to do? He saw what he did and tried to do what he could. He hadn't even attacked anyone, just yelled out to get their attention. Unfortunately, he'd accidentally caused a situation where while one had been captured, the other got away.

"My apologies" The Jedi would remark as he would walk over, shaking his head in regards to the whole situation. "I'll help you get back your friend, if I can."

It was the least that he could do, considering the circumstances. He said nothing more from there, just allowed the girl to interrogate the one kidnapper that they had gotten. Hopefully they could get a location.

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