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Witch Trials | Knights Obsidian & Mandragora (CIS)

Heir to the Throne

We forgive. We won't forget.

This is My World

Location: Stewjon system
Local time: 0427

A large ship emerged from hyperspace, its spider-like ship with spines spreading towards the large planet. Just four days prior, the ship’s A.I. had informed its occupants of the news from Stewjon. The Lords of the land, ancient in their beliefs could not fully grasp what the Force was truly like. So when a fire broke out one eve months ago, a young woman was taken and her trial began. Torture, ancient methods. They wished to purge a witch, they wished to eradicate the devil within her through fire, water, food deprival… it went on and on; they wished to convict her for what they knew she had caused through the use of witchcraft.

That young woman was [member="Alwine Lechner"]. Her actions were done in anger when she had to be been abandoned by one of her own. They had been committed through the Force, her sensitivity a secret among the ignorant people. Her secret, however, was not that she could use the Force at all, it was insignificant to what she was and what she was forced to hide. A wolf among men, locked, tortured, unable to change for months.

Once before, the Confederacy had stood beside Strewjon, eliminating the darkness that had spread over the planet. It had brought them the freedom they so desired and in return, Strewjon had joined them. While the Confederacy allowed their planets to blossom in their own right but the very foundation of the laws needed to be honored.

The Nightmother stood on the bridge, side by side to the Captain of her vessel. He informed her what the window and ship’s system already told her - they were here. ”Take us down. Inform the Knights they can deploy. Before the day is done, this will be ancient history,” she instructed, not waiting for the nod of his head which would come as she walked away, mask in her hand as she left the bridge. Nocte Aranea would be required to descent on the planet. The captain would inform them a representative of the Confederacy was arriving, their accords would ensure the landing went on without a hitch as she moved levels down, putting on her mask as she did.

What transpired on the planet below was person, both to Katrine and the spirits. They would not tolerate this kind of transgression, especially not for someone who possessed gifts within the Force. Today, it was someone who didn’t belong to them; tomorrow, it very easily could have been one of their own. Mask hiding her features and protecting her, the Nightmother exited the lift as the ship breached through the atmosphere. For her, it was personal in more than one way. A Lupine was being harmed, tortured. With what Gerwald had told her, she was convinced this meant she hadn’t have changed in all that time even if A.R.K.I. had no way of knowing for sure other than the fact that there was no record of it. Alwine was also Gerwald's sister. One he shouldn’t have left behind in the first place and one he should have gone for, especially as she understood their world and family further. No Lupine should have been submitted to those kind of believes, no female Lupine should have been degraded so. Though even Lupines were a patriarchal society once, and in some way could be, the union of a Lupine with a Witch had taught the Lupine far more than their ancestors understood. Changes were coming even to their species and in those changes, no Lupine would be left behind. Especially not another female Lupine. Thirdly, she felt exactly as the spirits had felt. No Force User deserved what they did, whether they were Mandragora or not. Whether they were Witches; no one deserved that sort of treatment.

Nocte Aranea passed through the atmosphere, descending until it would dock. Once secured, the ramp opened. Katrine exited the ship as one of the representatives arrived but rather than addressing him she inhaled through her mask, searching for the scents. From behind her, Gerwald’s presence was throughout the ship but here, when she had been affected by the planet’s mead, Katrine’s sense of smell could actually function.

Her masked head slowly turned to the man who had been clearly startled and surprised by the arrival of the Confederacy, trying to get her attention long enough to welcome her to the planet. Her hand rose and it silenced him. ”I’ve come on behalf of the Confederacy. You have a prisoner on trial over a fire caused months ago,” she informed him. Something twitched inside the man, which was more than enough for to continued past him.

There was work to do on Stewjon.


Objective 1 - Liberate the Angry Wolf

Alwine Lechner has been kept in captivity for months now, since the incident with fire. She’s been tortured, beaten etc. what else goes into Witch trials.

Objective 2 - Punish the Wrongdoers

Those that tortured, those that ordered, those that tried and justified their actions among others need to be taught a lesson for all others to remember - the Confederacy will not tolerate the eradication or torture of any Force User. If one is meant to be held on trial than one will be put to trial according to modern laws.

[member="Alwine Lechner"] [member="Varick Lechner"]​

[member="Kurenai Yumi"] [member="Zephyr Carrick"] [member="Daxton Bane"] [member="Ithiel Verd"] [member="Kurayami Bloodborn"] [member="Sor-Jan Xantha"] [member="Marek Starchaser"] [member="Connor Harrison"] [member=Tevro] [member=Kilia] [member="Anastasia Vi'dreya"] [member="Anya Malvern"] [member="Tyris Hayes"] [member="Khia Varad"] [member=Drauchir] [member="Gerwald Lechner"] [member="Ahani Najwa"] [member="Natasha Darkstar"] [member="Erin Tenel"] [member="Nine Lives"] [member=S.Y.N.] [member="Rylan Kordel"] [member="Cezar Alexandrescu"]

[member="Fawn Alzi"] [member="Muad Dib"] [member=Rapax] [member="Asher Mossa"] [member="Firenne Van-Derveld"] [member="Kayla Wylen"] [member="Paige Blossom"] [member=Umai] [member=Akabane] [member="Damien Van-Derveld"] [member="Darth Metus"] [member="Kalee Bladesworn"] [member=Larentia] [member="Maple Harte"] [member=Zhai'ellev] [member="Arabella Darkhold"] [member="Chikako Liona"] [member="Derek Dib"] [member="Katiara Initrios"] @La'Ca Cavataio [member="Minerva Vessia"] [member="Srina Talon"] [member="Veronika Fleischer"] [member="William the Bloody"]

This is intended to be a small mission of rescue and teach a lesson to the citizens of Stewjon. KO has been deployed to eradicate malicious behavior that goes against the beliefs of Confederacy and remember, there is a Star Fortressa above this world as the rest so you’re free to deploy from there while others can arrive on Nocte Aranea. Witches, on the other hand, those who wish to join come for a simple reason - to end Witch trials, to teach them that they won’t tolerate that sort of behavior on their worlds.
The Angry Wolf
The cell she had been tossed into was cold. What made it worse was the fact that she had not been granted the small mercy of even a blanket or an old straw mattress. Her clothes had been taken from her a few days after she had been placed there, her jailers wanting to leave nothing to circumstance, giving her no place to hide a single movement. And she was being watched. All these months, every day, she was being watched.

The body of the five foot woman did not stir. To her jailers, she seemed to have passed out. She had passed out, many, many times since she'd been captured, but right now, she was awake, brown eyes looking into the dark corner, following the movements of a mouse. She wanted to eat it, her stomach clamping to her back, the emptiness of it growling every so often. But in her human shape, she could not even bring herself to move her hand towards it at the moment in order to capture it.

She had lost all sense of time since being tossed there. But she remembered, she remembered very well how it had all begun. She had not been at home that night, as it was her and Varick's turn to enjoy the forests of Stewjon as wolves. When they returned, there was a smell of another Lupine in the house, and her brother Gerwald was gone. She didn't have to wait to know what had happened. Her brother had found another Lupine and had deserted his siblings on this horrible planet.

She'd been furious. She had lost control. She had run, as a woman, to where the village stored their food wares for the winter, and she had use abilities no sensible woman was ever meant to have on Stewjon in order to set it on fire. She burned it all, releasing her anger on those who had not wronged her. She had imagined it was her brother and this stranger Lupine, one that existed even though her mother had told her time and time again that there were no other Lupines, that they were alone, and that there was nothing to do about it.

So engulfed in her anger and rage she was, that she had not smelled the presence of other people. People who had seen her. People who... Who had branded her a witch.

It was the very same way that she had been taken in, arrested. A few more before they began to torture her. Her body had been cut in various places, first to see how quickly the evil gods would heal her, and then to find the place through which she consorted with the demons. She had been drowned, surviving just barely, and that had convinced them further that she was a witch. She had been branded, burned, limbs pulled. She'd had burning coals shoved under her fingernails.

And she was never allowed to be alone.

The wolf inside her raged, demanded to be free. But it was never save. Her young age meant that the wolf needed minutes, not seconds, in order to shift. And she knew that once she did, she would not survive through it before she was not branded just as a witch, but as a demon herself.

If it had only been about her, she would not have cared. She would have let them kill her, let them execute her in the most horrible of ways they could imagine. But she knew, she knew that if she took that final step, if she allowed herself to turn into the wolf that she was, it would not be about her. It would put her family in danger. Her parents, they could rot. They had brought her up to be ashamed of herself, to bow her head, to be in servitude. Gerwald had left them, so she did not care about exposing him either.

But Varick... She could not do that to her eldest brother. She could not cause this harm to his life. She had been wrong to set the food stores on fire and she was paying the price that was hers to pay. She could not drag him into this, involve him in this. He was in her pack as much as she was in his, and she would not put him in danger.

but the wolf yearned to come out. The wolf needed to come out. She had never been too good at remaining in her human shape for too long. Ever since her first time, she had spent nearly every night as a wolf, sleeping by her brothers, guarding them. It did not matter that she was taught how to churn butter and clean toilets while they learned how to fight. It did not matter that they were both beast sized men while she was a tiny woman of a mere five feet. It did not matter that even as a wolf, she was barely larger than a cub. She had to protect them.

No. There was no them anymore. Gerwald had made sure of that. There was only her and Varick now, Varick, who had his own secrets that she knew she would be revealed if he was caught for sins he never committed.

They had broken her leg a month ago, believing the demons hid within her bones. She had screamed and cried, and it paled in comparison to needing to keep the wolf locked up.

Only a little more... She just needed to keep her wolf jailed for a little bit more... Her human body wold soon give out and she would die. If the gods they were told to believe in on Stewjon existed, she would not end up in a nice place. But anything would be better than this. All she had to do was just keep Varick safe. Make sure he did not go with her.

Alwine closed her eyes, allowing a single tear to roll.

Just a little bit longer.

[member="Varick Lechner"]​

Cezar Alexandrescu

Things that end in urple
Objective: Punish the Wrongdoers
Location: Just landed
Armor: Project GARUDA | Obsidian-type Strike Armor (Look)
Weapons: Purple Lightsabers and Mini-Gamorrean Axe
Tags: N/A

It was routine for her. Cezar was sitting in drop ship and staring at her helm. There was the mission. It superseded all personal wants. That could be why she was mixing with witches. Service to the Knights and CIS was how she was handling her issues. Like the Jensaarai before, she threw herself into a cause. It had many purposes, but biggest was the fight. The years being forced by Dathomirian witches to fight left her only wanting it. She felt odd when not in combat.

When the ship landed, and air from the planet rushed in, it caressed her face. Her eyes closed. The helm was brought up and placed on her. Letting the hud warm up, then she opened her eyes. There was no emotion on her face under the helm. Just a stare of rage under the surface, she had basically flipped a switch in her mind. The fight was all on her mind.

Cezar stood up from her seat. Taking her ax in hand and saber hilt in the other, she made her way off the ship. Letting the witch handle people there, the knight in her armor just continued on. The hud had the objectives. Justice needed to be handed out hard to those that were like the Dathomirians that tortured her and forced her to change into this. The list of people and possible locations ran on the hub.

Objective: Find Alwine
Location: Feet have just hit the ground

Finally, Gerwald was doing what he should have done long ago. Scherezade had told him to go, but Gerwald had made excuses. Katrine wouldn’t let him. He had to right his wrong and retrieve his siblings. Alwine was in trouble and she needed him. Gerwald had been selfish in leaving. He had rehearsed his apology a thousand times, yet now that he could see the planet through the ship’s window, he knew it had not been enough.

Katrine gave the order to begin their descent. She was dressed in her armor, the mask she wore waiting to be put on. Gerwald would not be in armor of any kind today. It was time to show those who held his sister what they were, and how dangerous the Lechners were. Both of them showed little patience to be off the ship once it had landed. Gerwald followed Katrine, but he was not going to follow her to talk with whoever it was she was going to see.

”You know where I will be and what I will be,” he said as he passed her up, the sweater he had taken back from her already on the ground. His pants followed and as soon as his feet touched the ground he began to shift in the sight of those who he had once fought beside.

A mighty howl escaped him as he took off running. Alwine’s scent was in his mind and on the air. Whether friend, or stranger, anyone holding her was dead. There would be no quarter for any who held his sister in a cage. This rescue was far from the penance he would pay before he would consider the debt to his siblings repaid. However, it was what he had to do now. The wolf was on his way. His stride carrying him swiftly to where his sister was held.

Katrine was on her way as well. She would be what he could not be today, his reason.

[member="Cezar Alexandrescu"] [member="Alwine Lechner"] [member="Katrine Van-Derveld"]

Anya Malvern

Scarlet flame
Objective-sentence those that have judged wrongly
Location- landing now

A executor, that's what she was and she was proud to call herself one. She was a chosen of the doashim and was ready to admit such with pride and honor. A member of the confederacy of the independent systems, to which she called her brother and sisters in arms family she was proud to admit.

She sat silent, she wasnt afraid at all no this silence was one of contained excitement. The itch for battle finally being relieved, to here the sounds of battle around her...she onky hoped she didnt hear that whistling sound of artillery right before impact...that's the only sound she didnt want to hear at all. She snapped herself from that daze and stood putting her helmet on...wearing that armor her buir had made just for her.

She disembarked with the rest, she held her saber on her side as she glanced about, that glaring visor judging the land ready to swing the sword of judgment, the verdict death, she stood beside [member="Katrine Van-Derveld"] as she looked about before she started forwarf

She had her orders and was ready to do as needed.
Like Lightning
Mandragora, Moross, Or even these savages.

I am the Aesir of Justice, and Battle. I could feel a fury within my chest. One that I have not felt for a very long time.

The calling of any who were able to come and rectify the situation of people who were hunted for the simple idea of having "magic" or the sensitivity of the force. While there was truth in some statements, My rage was more than just for those who were hunted for who they were. Moreover, those who were hunted when suspected of being Force Sensitive, when they were not. All they had to lean upon for their "Justice" was that of suspicion and probable cause. No hard facts, definition, or evidence was given.

This angered me for many reasons.

Valia, a follower of mine, stood well back away from me as she could see I was holding upon my sword with a might that could rival all of the Moross, and Mandragora Pantheons. This was no justice. This was a genocide of their own people. Yes, people will always fight with one another. Beings of the universe will always draw blood for even the stupidest of reasons. However, They shall not draw blood upon those who I consider allies without my consent. These people, these savages will reap what they sew.

My comrade took a step towards me and placed a gentle hand upon my shoulder. Almost as though she were attempting to defuse a bomb.

"Wrath and bloodshed is not always the answer Kalee."
"Nor is the death of those who are innocent."
"Not all of them killed those people."
"Who stood up for them? Who stood for what was right when no one else would?"

"Kalee, You are our Aesir, but this is something that needs to be talked out."
"Once a sword is drawn, the voices will fall silent."

Valia knew and understood every feeling I had. She was right. This, in a perfect world, should be talked through and reasoned with. However, this is not a perfect world. Nor can you reason with people who are creatures of habit. Threats meant nothing if they are not backed up. I do not hand out threats. I give promises. Ones I will hold onto with the might of all I am.

When the doors opened for us to move, it seemed the others within the group were also wanting to do what Valia suggested. Barely, could I hold myself back from throwing myself into the throes of battle.

[member="Anya Malvern"], [member="Gerwald Lechner"], [member="Cezar Alexandrescu"], [member="Alwine Lechner"], [member="Katrine Van-Derveld"],

Isarn Apis

Objective: Punish Judicial official/Cause distraction
Location: Courthouse

Opening his eyes Isarn glanced around the inside of the dropship, the light which had once been red flashed green, they were clearing him for jump. The hatch opened bathing the dark interior with the organic light of Stewjon’s primary. Isarn felt the warmth on his legs as the light stopped there. In the darkness of the dropship, all one would see is an immensely large figure and a glowing red orb where his left eye should be. Air whipped into the vessel as Isarn made his way to the edge looking down, a twenty-foot drop below. With his height, this was negligible at best. Taking a single step out Isarn fell the rest of the way to Stewjon’s ground. He landed with a loud thoom as his feet met the ground. Dirt was flung into the air and there was even a slight dent in the soil where Isarn had landed.

Feet crunching in the densely packed dirt at his feet Isarn made his way through the village drawing curious glances from the civilians he passed. Their eyes wide at the immense figure that strolled past them not even peering in their direction. Isarn wore naught but a set of thick leather pants, his chest bare revealing an array of artfully done tattoos and scars from battle. In one hand he held the hilt of his lightclub and the other was balled into a tight fist. He’d read the briefing, how they had treated the woman was despicable and reminded the Dravala all too much of his childhood, how’d he’d been left to die by his people, where they’d turned their backs on him after beating him into a near comatose state. His grip was so tight on the hilt that one could see his knuckles turning a shade of purple.

While the others were off rescuing and punishing others Isarn had taken it upon himself to ride a dropship down to the other end of the city, his goal was not the prison holding the woman but ensuring those who had wrongly judged her were punished. Ahead of him sat the courthouse, people milled about and two guards stood at the front blaster pistols apparent on their hips. Reaching the stairs of the courthouse Isarn began his climb up them, each step was enforced by the solid thud of his boots meeting the stone. At the pinnacle of the stairs, the guards stood their eyes glaring daggers at the Dravala as he approached their hands reaching to the blasters at their hips. “None are permitted within while trials are in process, it would be best if you turned back.”

Chuckling Isarn rose up to his full height looking down upon the puny humans. “And if I don’t?” His voice deep and booming. The guards didn’t waste any time demonstrating what they intended to do the one on the right jumped the gun raising the blaster pistol shooting point blank into Isarn’s chest. The bolt met the Dravala’s scales leaving a slight scuff. “How cute, my turn.” Rising up Isarn began to inhale and let all that anger and hatred build up within himself. Flexing the air sac that all his people possessed he leaned his head forward releasing an explosive wave of pressure that impacted the bodies of the guards lifting from their feet and flinging them into the door of the courthouse and into the chamber beyond. Stepping in and over the bodies of the guards that lay on the floor unconscious Isarn’s eyes locked on the judge that sat upon his pedestal eyes wide in horror.
Location: Stewjon​
Objective: To Help the Coven and CIS​
Items: Most are in signature, one single lightsaber, 8 blackroot potions, 8 Dathmorir Indivisibility Potions​
Minerva was displeased, very unhappy. A frown was adorned upon what was normally an overly happy young lady.

She stood there while the Night Mother spoke to people. She looked through the crowd for any sign. Any sign she could act upon and deal out the justice she believed should be done. Minerva thought differently in this particular case. She did not care for the idea the people who are guilty here getting a court trial full of talking and debating. If she had her way she would burn them all with the very thing they feared!

[member="Isarn Apis"] [member="Kalee Bladesworn"] [member="Anya Malvern"] [member="Gerwald Lechner"] [member="Cezar Alexandrescu"] [member="Alwine Lechner"] [member="Katrine Van-Derveld"]
The Golden Eye
Flew in on: Scarlet Phantom(

Wearing: Sasori Light Armor (Black Color) (

Armed with: Staff (

VT Sliid Gun (tranq rounds) (

The Scarlet Phantom streaked out of Hyperspace into the system of where her second major assignment for the Mandragora was to take place.

She was happy to help. She didn't charge for Mandragora missions. Plus, part of this was for once a simple extraction. Sure, she had been involved in those, but they usually ended with the target dead afterward. Fortunately that was not the case today. She was here to help save a fellow, beginner witch being tormented by an ignorant populace. Others could punish them if they wanted. She was here to stop a poor girl's suffering. Skip. Everyone was a Lupine. Everyone. Including Maple. Even this ship was a Lupine, albeit one flying on top of a doghouse, trying to shoot down an imperial Lupine ace. Skip. Keep it together, Maple. Thats not even close to whats actually happening.

The bloody bullet that had once been Ursula Sandraven's Jedi Courier streaked into the Atmosphere, Maple careful not to let the Phantom's speed creep up on her...the Phantom had only average manuvering. Go too quick and don't correct properly...wham.

Maple exited the ship once it set down on Stewjon soil, She had landed close to the city jails the girl was believed to be held in, on a flat plain of grass a quarter kilometer away, but overlooking where she needed to go. Fairly tight security--couldn't have their witch escaping, now could they--Maple thought as she observed the compound through the scope of her Marksman Rifle.

She'd show them a witch.

She took note of the guard, eight men, on regular patrols around the actual perimeter, but she could see many more patrolling the inner courtyard.

Maple put her rifle down, took out her comlink, sending out a transmission through Confederacy encrypted channels. Skip. [member="Katrine Van-Derveld"] had just turned her into a puppy, and the Super Insects approved. All hail the Super Insects! Skip.

"All confederacy personnel, this is Maple Harte. Whoever's going to go for the girl, they'll have back up from me shortly. Eight guards on the perimeter, regularly checking everything in their sight. Vibroswords, slugthrower rifles. Two posted semi-regularly at the north east, the rest shifting on the rest of the walls. Inner courtyard has twelve. Six cameras pointed west. Three east. Two north. Heading in..."

Maple brought her staff and her tranq gun and began the relatively short journey from her position down to the secured jail. She moved slowly, the Sasori Coating kicking in and cloaking her as she did so...

Daxton Bane

Daxton stood as still as the shadows that surrounded him, cold and with eyes hungry to hurt, kill and maim. Silent like a statue, unblinking, unwavering, a coiled beast awaiting for the signal to strike. Why he was here was of little consequence, his meditations through the Force said this was where he would need to be.

A small bead of sweat crawled slowly down the side of his temple, tracing a faint line diagonally across his cheek. No obvious weapons save for the three lightsabers that hung omniously from his hip. Once more their hunger will be sated on the guilty, to spill blood and carve a path to remind people the terrible price for earning his ire.
Heir to the Throne
Objective One - Liberate the Angry Wolf

It took the official a few moments to get his bearing before he would follow the Nightmother. Her armor kept her face hidden, her chakram held against her back and her sword only a summon away as she moved, ignoring the following presence of the native. Gerwald had changed already, she wouldn't, letting her senses guide her to the captured Lupine. She was no doubt not the only one faced with her troubles though the fact that she was both a Lupine and a Force User put through this had made it far worse for the woman. Lead the way, she used the Force to instruct Gerwald. She could sense the Lupine but in his form, his own sense of smell was far greater.

Katrine didn't have to worry about the Knights Obsidian, they would administer justice where it needed to be. Her first priority was getting to the prisoner. It wasn't too long before a familiar voice reached her ears. Maple had scouted out the path ahead and informed them there were eight guards. Vibroswords and slugthrower rifles. Twelve inside. "Thank you," the Nightmother responded to [member="Maple Harte"] through the communicator. Cameras didn't concern her though. They could see. They could all see what was about to happen here tonight. It would serve as a lesson for all times for each and every one of them. "Let them see though. I don't want a single camera disabled on the outside." They all needed to see.

The building came to view soon enough, two guards passing through the front doors just as the wolf and masked Nightmather moved towards them. "Who goes there?!" One of them shouted out. Before she would speak, Katrine reached for her chakram, sapphire gaze taking a split second to note her surroundings before throwing it. The guards raised their rifles, startled by the fast-moving weapon. They had assumed first her aim was wrong as it flew to the side but it had only done so to bounce against an object before it would fly right for their rifles. First than the second one before, knocking it out of their hands before it would continue to travel further to the side, bouncing off a pillar before it would return to her, hand rising to meet it and stop it mid-flight. She couldn't smell any trace of Lupine on them though, they were just guards, set to protect the entrance, to make sure their prisoner didn't escape. "I'm going to walk inside and release the prisoner. You will either stand aside or you too will be punished for the actions of her jailors and judges," the Nightmother spoke, voice booming with the presence of the spirits, echoed with their words.

Instead of listening to her, they drew their vibroswords.

Katrine charged at, chakram in hand, the melee weapon meeting the first swing of the heavy weapon. She didn't call the sword to her now, using the Force instead, fueling her body before she kicked the guard in the abdomen, pushing him back. They were given one chance. First and last. More than that wouldn't be given today. The other one charged at her as the first one moved to stand, her free wrist turning as she activated her light-shield, letting it meet the vibroblade. Weapon and shield cracked against each other, two energies meeting. Her bracelet would short-circuit from the impact within seconds but it would be enough before she'd used the Force to send the guard flying. They hadn't missed the action, wiped-out and momentarily frozen. "Witch! Witch!" Both of them raged in a union. "Yes, I am," she responded, "And this is what a real Witch will do to you."

The first guard was already charging at her from proximity as her light-shield deactivated from the previous contact. Still fueled by the Force, Katrine's free hand reached out, using Force Choke with a speed she never dared, snapping the neck without any thought put into it. Dead, the guard fell. While the other one, momentarily paralyzed in fear before he would pick up the courage to charge at her. They should have taken her offer...

[member="Gerwald Lechner"] [member="Alwine Lechner"] [member="Cezar Alexandrescu"] [member="Anya Malvern"] [member="Kalee Bladesworn"] [member="Isarn Apis"] [member="Minerva Vessia"] [member="Daxton Bane"]​
Objective: Punish the Wicked​
Location: Courthouse​
The standoff began, the Confederacy on one side and crazed paranoid Nordic heathens on the other side. The Bight Mother started with a stamen and as the curious of voices began she slipped out of the crowed.

“You have no right to interfere”, one very large fat man with a huge beard spoke.

“Burn them all”, another tall Stewjon male said. This man was younger. Way more fit. He wore armor befitting of his culture and he pulled out a sword that was taller than a Jawa.

“Memoria Ambulate”, the lyrics of the song spell poured forth from Minerva’s pink pastel lips.

The Force Spell immediately started to assault the unprepared mind of the Stewjon warrior. The mental spell flowed through the man’s memories and attached itself upon Minerva’s goal.

The man’s jaw went slack as his eyes widened to his new truth. Memories of fear and pain resurfaced and it was amplified by a hundred times.

“GET THEM OFF”, the man began to slap and claw at something unseen on his armor. If fact there was nothing there, his frantic mind only believed it was there. “No”, he began to yank, pull, cut, and unfasten his armor.

The gathered crowd did not look on idly. The terror of the realization began to creep into their minds, of what was happening. Their terror only intensified as they continue to watch in shock and awe.

The man’s clawing began to trail up past his shoulders, as if following the growth of some sort of hidden parasite. Bloody fingers skipped the neck all together. Violently he then dug his fingers into his checks while screaming for help. Flesh from his face began to rip away. The morbid sound of tearing flesh could be over heard, even over the gasps and screams from the gathered crowd.

Up tell this point the only reaction Minerva gave while she watched, it was just a malevolent smirk. She held no mercy in her heart for this man.

“Anyone else care to resort to violence”, her delicate voice seemed so off from what she just did. Minerva was everything these fanatics heated. She was a witch that used the Force. What was worse is she could manipulate her mind.

“Witch”, one man in the crowd yelled out! “Demon”, another man cried out! “Burn it”, the fat man yelled out who might be some sort of town official.

The crowd in front of the court house fast became a mob. There were even several troches being lit. Minerva looked through the crowd for a pitch fork but she did not see one yet. Many of the angry men were pulling out swords, axes…well whatever weapons they had. A thought did come to Minerva’s mind, where was their women?

[member="Katrine Van-Derveld"] [member="Daxton Bane"] [member="Maple Harte"] [member="Isarn Apis"] [member="Kalee Bladesworn"] [member="Anya Malvern"] [member="Gerwald Lechner"] [member="Cezar Alexandrescu"] [member="Alwine Lechner"]
[:] A L P H A [:]
Objective: Free Alwine & give Ger as much grief as possible
Location: The Prison
Attention: [member="Alwine Lechner"], [member="Katrine Van-Derveld"], [member="Gerwald Lechner"]

Something felt wrong.

It had felt wrong since he’d woken in the hour just before dawn broke across the village, sweat beaded upon his brow, heart pounding violently within his chest. The predator at his core recognized that something was coming, but neither the wolf nor the man had any inkling as to what it portended. Sleep proved elusive afterwards, and dawn found him standing with coffee in hand overlooking the quiet village from his vantage point atop the family home.

There was a distinct sharpness in the air, that he could not account for as he descended to prepare himself for the day ahead. Mother was within, ready as she always was to lecture him on his duties to the family and as a Lupine. Varick remained silent as she followed him from room to room, her voice sickeningly sweet as she went through the litany of her complaints as if it were a religious sermon.

He turned, the last of his uniform being pulled neatly into place, just in time to catch a flicker of movement from her. Out of reflex, he caught her wrist before her claws could come into contact with his face, and his growl was, deep, rumbling, and it’s meaning absolutely unmistakable. He uttered it again as a warning to his father who moved to intervene as his mother did her best to play the victim.

“That’s enough.” He rumbled quietly, his hand squeezing until he felt the bones in her wrist snap and shatter beneath her flesh. His fingers flexed, grinding the shards against the tendons and muscles within, his temper having reached it’s breaking point. He released her, allowing her to stumble back, her wolf rising to just beneath the surface but not daring to emerge.

Varick smirked.

“That’s what I thought. Remember your place, woman.” He added, using the words she’d so often flung at Alwine over the years. His sister, who should have been lauded as the fierce warrior and wolf that she was but was held back by the prejudices of those who could not see past her gender.

He gave little further thought to his mother as she hissed at him, instead allowing his growl to deepen into a sharper warning than it had before, which forced her own wolf into submission and silence. Perhaps he’d not done it enough in the past, in order to protect his siblings as he should have, but it wasn’t until today that it had been so completely effective.

Change was coming, and his wolf knew it.

Once outside in the main street of the village, he paused, the echo of a howl reaching his ears and causing his hackles to rise. His gaze sharpened, a peculiar shine lighting his normally blue-green gaze. Head tilted back slightly, he breathed deeply, taking in the details of what the air current whispered to him. The howl had been familiar, but his brother had abandoned them months before and had shown no sign of returning, nor had he made any effort at contact.

Varick would have simply considered it a remnant of the nightmare that woke him, were it not for the scent carried heavily on the air. This was no old trace, this was new and lay heavy within the current that carried it to him.

Gerwald had returned, and he was not alone.

Rage burned in his senses as he stalked through the streets, people parting before him even as they seemed to rush to the center of the village. There were strangers in their midst, and the villagers’ voices raised in mingled fear and outrage. There were strangers who were unwilling to allow themselves to be put down, who stood tall, and strong, and fierce, without a care for the prejudices of the backwards villagers.

As his sister should have been able to do with every ounce of pride she carried within her petite frame. His heart tightened in his chest and he turned from the glorious scene on the Courthouse stairs, following his brother’s scent straight towards the prison structure. Though he remained in human form, there was little about him that didn’t scream apex predator and he didn’t bother hiding it as he usually did. It was part of what had allowed him to rise so quickly through the warrior ranks as he had, and now it parted the crowd before him even more so than it had before.

With a snarl that did not resemble a noise a human should have been able to produce, he physically threw the rushing guards out of his way once inside, fighting to reach the cell where Alwine was kept. What he found instead in an antechamber was a woman who reeked of Lupine blood and fought like violence incarnate, and Gerwald, his Lupine form unmistakable at her side like a pet brought to heel.

“So you remembered we exist.” Varick snarled at Gerwald, snapping the neck of the guard that attempted to maneuver around him into a flanking position.
Objective: Free Alwine
Location: Prison

Lead the way...

The words instructed Gerwald as the came to his mind. The voice was familiar to both man and wolf, and he did not wait. The scent on the air was strong, and as he neared the prison his nose told him what Katrine had been informed of. The guards stood ready to keep anyone from breaking the prisoner out. Had the instructions not been they were to only kill those who conducted the trials, Gerwald would have been tearing into their throats, but instead he waited. The wait for blood would not be long as the guards had been foolish enough to attack Katrine.

She moved swiftly and with aid of the force. While she did not need him to be her protector, Gerwald snarled at the others who would dare to move. While their slug throwers were something Gerwald did not want to have deal with in his wolf form, the vibroswords were another matter. Many of the guards had been trained by him, his brother, and others that he knew well. Gerwald knew they could not react fast.

As one guard fell dead, the other paused. He finally charged at Katrine, and Gerwald would not let her have all the kills. Leaping he latched onto the man' throat before there was any time to react, holding his teeth firm and steady until the guard breathed his last.

Before long they moved into the courtyard where there were another number of guards. Gerwald wasted no time in killing what guards he could. He knew that Katrine would handle the rest with a full display of her power. He could feel the anger inside her, and the demonstration of her power was given to make a point. Still, Gerwald could not help but smile inside every time she showed the galaxy what she was capable of. She was stronger than him in many ways, and while it should make him feel inferior, it did not. The only feeling he had was pride.

The air, it shifted...


“So you remembered we exist.”

Shifting back into his human form was easy. Bones popped and cracked, but Gerwald had become so practiced that it was second nature to him these days. Grabbing the pants off the larger guard, Gerwald covered his lower half, and picked up the vibrosword which was in the hand of guard he had just killed.

"... and have cursed myself everyday that has gone by that I had left you here."

It wasn't an excuse, it just was. He would not pretend that he had not made a mistake, nor would he pretend that he did not deserve whatever anger or resentment his siblings held toward him. This was a season to face the consequences of his choices so that he could repair the damage that had been done. Regardless of how much time it took, they had always been close, and they would be again. In fact, Gerwald expected the resentment to be strong because of how close they had been.

"We came as soon as we heard... These trials stop for everyone today, and you and Alwine are leaving Stewjon... today! There are others... more... we are not alone."

Of course that was obvious to Varick already. Gerwald had arrived with Katrine. She had been in their home the night before Gerwald left. They already knew there was another Lupine, but there were many more than just Katrine. Varick would no doubt blame the others for Gerwald's absence, or perhaps Ger would be proved wrong and it would all lie at Gerwald's feet. Either way, there was no time to waste on an emotional reunion.

Gerwald extended his hand, closed is eyes, and with a pull, ripped the massive door off the entrance to the wing of the prison where Alwine was being kept, killing two more guards with it.

"You can berate me once our sister is free... and after I have made the proper introductions."

Ger eyed Katrine, then turned his gaze back to his elder brother. There was not much time for discussion as the rest of the guards would certainly be alerted to their presence.

"Let's go!"

[member="Varick Lechner"] [member="Minerva Vessia"] [member="Katrine Van-Derveld"] [member="Daxton Bane"] [member="Maple Harte"] [member="Isarn Apis"] [member="Kalee Bladesworn"] [member="Anya Malvern"] [member="Cezar Alexandrescu"] [member="Alwine Lechner"]

Cezar Alexandrescu

Things that end in urple
Objective: Punish the Wrongdoers
Location: Ruling Class Home
Armor: Project GARUDA | Obsidian-type Strike Armor (Look)
Weapons: Purple Lightsabers and Mini-Gamorrean Axe
Tags: N/A

The list was not long of targets, and she found her's. Being fine with splitting from the group, Cezar went on her own little hunt. A ruling class member needed a visit from a Dathomirian that hated herself as much as she hated the witches from her world.

With messages coming across about the courthouse, it made the Knight more confident about her target. There was a scene happening that would draw eyes to and would allow her to move around a little better. As people went to respond, Cezar made it to the outer wall of a luxury home. Such a house that still made her awe about because Dathomirian clan she came from did not have such dwellings.

Cezar peeked around the corner to see who or what was down the other wall. Then turned around to check the other corner. She had to think of how she would approach this. Guards that she saw were just doing their jobs and just following orders. Although she did not like that might set because it was her female family members justified their treatment of her. It was not lost on her that she did a lot of wicked things as result of following orders.

"Oh, fac it..." Saying it to herself, people were going to die in the line of duty. So why change that pattern now? Holding her ax, she looked down at it. Was this the best way to handle it, or would sabers be better? Does the hum of the saber be an issue?

Well, the ax would work for now. Stepping back from the wall, she brought back the ax to ready it. Feet began to move forward with each step making her faster. She threw the ax into the first guy, getting lucky with hitting the side of his head and neck. This did not slow her down, and she kept moving faster. Grabbing the handle, she ripped it out of the man while lowering her shoulder. The armored knight ran across the path and plowed into the other guard. Tumbling on the ground, she buried the ax in the man's head.

Cezar slowly rose to her feet. Taking the ax, it was wiped on her armor. Then continued into the property. She used her ax to take down guards. Only using the force to make noises and surprising the person with her ax.

Once she felt like it was target and her, the knight moved into the main building. Slowly taking each step to suppress any noise she could make, the ax dripped witch each step too. Cezar was ready; however, she was not prepared to hear children. Her feet moved her back. She needed to rethink it now. Such an act in front of them would spawn trouble later. Same time, the action could inspire them never to follow down the same path.

Thinking it over and over, the death was ordered. It did not say anything about guards, and she dispatched them. These were kids, and she remembered all her trauma from those ages.

It did not matter at all now. The alarms suddenly went off. One or two guards were around still, and they found bodies. Cezar was upset with herself. That did not lead to the best decision, but it was only she could go with. The ax was released into the air. As it impacted, the man was forced back in his chair and took him to the floor with the ax making to the man's heart.

Calling on the force, the ax was lifted up from the body. The hovering ax had been called back to her hand while she spoke in her deep masculine voice. "Treat everyone equally and never kill a witch again... or I'll be back for the rest of you."

The knight darted out of the complex and ran hard as she could towards the courthouse to play backup.


Daxton Bane

The call came, unfettered by mere sound, it was more of mental caress, like the touch of familiar lover returned from a lomg journey. So it begins he mused to himself as he donned his reflective helm, obscuring his features and giving his victim one last look of their own terror before he ended their lives.

An aura began to form around him, rending the unprepared with sensations of despair and dread. The same clawing feeling in your guts when you know that death is coming for you. In a way, it was only fair, be uae when Daxton was around that would usually be quite literally the case.

Leaping off the rooftop, he soared through the air like a primal bird of prey, his sabers obeying his mental commands so one flew to either hand while the third was caught in coil of one of his invisible tentacles, hovering like a stinger ready to strike.

The angry mob faced [member="Minerva Vessia"] blissfully unaware that death was about to come crashing down from the very sky above them. With an unnerving triple hiss his blades came to life as he landed on top of someone, the impact driving him ito the ground as he served as cushion Daxton’s landing.

Before anyone could recover, Daxton lashed out with vicious malice and in the span of two heartbeats there were six dead. The manner in which they were killed would give pause to even the most battle hardened of warriors, as their smoking carcasses fell to the ground with sickening thuds and an involuntary voiding of the bowels.

Blades at the ready, Daxton was prepared in case they would be too thick skulled to get the message. He hoped they would be, Daxton was in the mood for violence and mayhem.

Anya Malvern

Scarlet flame
back away!

She yelled at the mob, activating her saber as she looked among the mob. What viscous men? How dare they scream demon, when they themselves act like demons. Anya moved forward ready to defend her nightmother. Looking out among the men as she stood eyeing each and everyone with a gaze of hell judging their corrupt souls she turned to [member="Katrine Van-Derveld"] before she turned back to the mob and deactivated her saber and pulled her sword out

tear these heathen to shreds

The doashim spoke, Anya felt her veins light aflame with bloodlust and a wicked grin grew upon her face as she chuckled and then started laughing maniacally

it is as you command!

She stepped forward, then one foot she jumped over the crowd and behind them. She rose slowly as she grabbed the nearest man with the force and pulled him towards her running him through and then throwing him to the side....she took a breath savoring the smell of death and battle. However she knew she couldnt kill them all no matter what she wanted she was holding herself back yet lettimg them know there was no escape
The Golden Eye
Maple acknowledged [member="Katrine Van-Derveld"]'s orders. "Roger Roger, Katrine. Watch out for shotguns. I'd carry one in that place if I was patrolling the halls. They'll probably try to hem you in the closer you get to the girl's cell. I'll try and neutralize what security I can on my end of it. And Katrine? While the risk is low on them just killing her before you can reach her, they might try taking her hostage as a last resort. At least, that'd be my strategy if I knew a rampaging Nightmother was turning my men into diced ham. Mmmm...ham. With cheese...yeeeessssss...Oh! Sorry got a bit off track there...signing off!" Maple chirped. She had approached the jail compound from the other side, moving slowly to keep the cloaking effect of this suit up. It had been from her Marksmen days, a back-up she had never worn until meeting Matsu on Dantooine. Since then, it had just...sort of been with her ever since. It just sorta...happened.

As Maple approached the North-East perimeter, she saw that the two guards had set up a machine gun nest. Yeah. Right. Like that was going to stop a witch that could turn into a wolf. Or an insane bounty-hunter witch. Or all the others the CIS had brought with them. Maple almost felt bad for them, until she remembered what the girl was going through. Then she did not mind breaking a jaw or two. But while she had readily smoked pirates and cyber zombies and dark cultists on Katanos (Was there any other kind of cultist?), or blasted away at critters on Monastery or gutted yet another, smoky-barbecue flavored brand of cultists on Orenda, and then had reprogressed to killing Dark Force Users on Coruscant, those had been different, Here on Stewjon it was just ignorant people, not the previous brand of nut jobs and butchers she had put down without even really needing to think about it. But while she could decry these people for their ignorance and cruelty, vengeance was for others to deal out. Maple wasn't fit to pass judgment anyway with all the blood on her hands, at least in her mind she wasn't.

She crept past bushes softly, listening to them quietly argue whether or not they should run. She moved very, very slowly towards the nest, shifting direction just as slowly, her staff gripped in her hand. She had it unactivated. She stepped forward, still twenty meters away, watching as they started arguing louder. Maple kept a slow pace not going into an attack position until she was within four meters of them, having crept past the point where this part of the city terminated into the wilds, having gone through blacktop and a pathway for armored police vehicles to get directly behind them, splitting the staff apart with a loud click and whacking them across the face with both ends of the enhanced staff. She switched both ends to kill setting, carving a hole into the thin garage wall behind them, kicked it in and was forced to get immediately behind cover as several of the jailors opened fire with their slugthrowers. Maple went still completely , rising, moving slowly, letting the cloak hide her as she quietly took a step forward even as three of the defenders moved quickly to her spot. She shifted towards a shadow generated by a nearby pillar and stayed there. All the light were off save for emergency lights that cast an eerie red glow over the garage space.

"Where is she?!" One of the jailors snarled, pointing his rifle where she had been not fifteen seconds ago. Darkness was her refuge. She tried not to think about Sawa's insistence that she was a child of darkness. The shadows were playing tricks with her mind. Besides, she was a wampa, and all the wampas had a peace treaty with Cyborg Count Dooku. No wait, that ain't true. It was a treaty for unlimited donuts...and PO-WAH!

Skip. Back to reality, which kindly fast forwarded through her sneaking through and inbetween the police vehicles, she reset her staff ends to heavy stun. Had she still been a Marksmen, she would have left them on kill. She really had not had patience where someone shooting at her was concerned in the old days.

She held out on stick in the cloaking field as a man checked inbetween vehicles. She jammed it against his leg and down he went, knocked out cold. She retreated back into the shadows between that section, watching as two others moved in. As soon as they had, Maple smacked them both across the face, knocking them out as well. Four left, spraying panic fire her way in the garage as she leapt behind a support pillar, which was slowly peppered with large slugs. Maple went slow, invisible again, moving only as quickly as she dared so as to not disrupt the cloak. Being forced to deflect a stray bullet gave her away and she enhanced her body with the Force, ducking and leaping over gun fire in equal measure, joining her staff together and deflecting a rifle round as she swiped the gun out of his hand, downing him with a blow to his chest, the stun dropped him. Three left.

Maple force jumped over swarms of rifle rounds, landing ten meters away and sprinting forward again to the last three shooters, deflecting as one by one her staff ripped their weapons away with it, even as they tried to retreat. But eventually, with a series of brutal flurries, she broke knees, arms, and legs. Nowhere near as well equipped as that death squad on Coruscant. They had gone down relatively quickly. Less trouble for anyone to deal with in the northeast section.

Maple grabbed cell keys and a keycard, using it to unlock the large circular door leading to other parts of the Jail, hopefully close to the girl.

Letting her cloak go active once more with slow movement, Maple creapt forward quietly...

Isarn Apis

Objective: Punish Judicial official/Cause distraction
Location: Courthouse

Standing within the courthouse Isarn cast a glance over his shoulder as out in the courtyard there was a mob forming, the Dravala hadn’t been intending to insight such conflict but it seemed that the others had a completely different plan. On the outside, the Knights Obsidian and Witches busied themselves with the mob and holding them back. It was certainly an impressive sight, to Isarn’s mediocre senses it felt as though the force had all been gathered right outside the courthouse, the sheer number of insanely powerful force users in the area sent a shiver of excitement down the behemoths spine. Back to work. Isarn thought as he turned to focus back on his own personal task. As much as he wished he could join those outside in completely dismantling the mob his task was to punish the judge.

No sooner than had he turned Isarn was struck by another blaster bolt, this one across the Dravala’s cheek. Once more the scales he inherited from his people protected him, there was a slight mark on his cheek where the blaster bolt had impacted before dispersing. Eyes narrowing and tracking where the bolt had come from Isarn spotted three more guards attempting to escort the judge out the rear of the court while the jury that had been attendance screamed ducking their heads. Exhaling audibly the Dravala began moving, it started with one step, then another, and with each subsequent step his footfalls became harder, faster. Soon enough the sounds of the mob were drowned out as Isarn each step was followed by a resounding boom. The marble flooring was crushed beneath his weight and within the span of a few heartbeats, his massive stride had carried him across the courtroom. Blaster bolts peppered the air flying to either side of the Dravala while others struck true once more leaving nothing more than blackened marks.

On his last step before the railing that was ten feet up separating him, the judge and guards Isarn’s muscles flexed. Knees bending, arms drawing in as his upper body leaned forward slightly Isarn kicked off the ground. The marble exploded outwards shards turning into projectiles that spread across the courtroom. Flying through the air arms rising above his head and clasping Isarn came down on one guard who stared unblinking at the bringer of his demise. Landing with a raucous crack Isarn felt bones shatter, organs pop and even heard a sickening squishing sound as the guard was crushed.

Not wasting time basking in the kill Isarn brought those clenched hands down and around striking the second guard in his chest. The blow struck true shattering the ceramic plating the guard wore and sending him flying off to the floor below. The last and final one stood his ground firing at the Dravala knowing his attempts were pointless. Each shot landed and Isarn simply stood there watching. He admired the man, in the face of certain death he chose not to flee or bow, he had chosen to fight. Yet a lesson was to be taught. Hand extending out and encapsulating the individuals head Isarn slowly began to apply pressure. Soon enough the man’s began to scream his feet kicking out and body twisting. The screams reached the pinnacle where even those outside would hear the guards final moments.

Cezar Alexandrescu

Things that end in urple
Objective: Punish the Wrongdoers
Location: Another Ruling Class Home
Armor: Project GARUDA | Obsidian-type Strike Armor (Look)
Weapons: Purple Lightsabers and Mini-Gamorrean Axe
Tags: [member="Isarn Apis"], [member="Maple Harte"], [member="Isarn Apis"], [member="Anya Malvern"], [member="Daxton Bane"], [member="Gerwald Lechner"], [member="Varick Lechner"], [member="Minerva Vessia"], [member="Kalee Bladesworn"], and best for last [member="Alwine Lechner"]

Getting to the courthouse made Cezar realized an important fact, it was morning. Not everyone would be at work just yet. That meant the ruling class members could be like her kill. Still at home and getting ready to come in. Orders had to given and the two that could do it. Well, she knew from how it looked on the ship, the two that knew the world and leading the show were distracted. Any leader that was not mentally there should have stayed home. However, it was not her place to say before all this. After, she was planning to point it out with a passion. All the fights she was forced into and choose to be in that had substantial loses came from distracted leadership. Add in the fact they were few in numbers; it angered the Dathomirian.

Cezar opened her comms and announced to the Knights and the others. “All Knights… We need to check the homes of the ruling class. If they are there… they need to be executed with extreme prejudice. Check huds and datapads for the info.”

Looking at her hud in her helmet, she made sure the one she came from was off the list. Then choose another to visit. The courthouse was handled more than she knew. So Cezar ran from the location. There were more to kill to complete the mission. Hopefully, others will assist with other houses.

Coming up to the house, another luxury home. Such homes were awe-inspiring a Dathomirian that slept outside in the elements, but it still was making her sad. People should be allowed to live like this when another suffering.

There was no ax this time. Sabers were taken off the belt and ignited. Also, stealth was over because of the first home’s alarms and the courthouse attack. Guards would be ready and focused. However, this was her element. Charging up to the main gate, the guards ordered her to stop. She kept running and getting in range started to block shots at her. Dropping to her knees, she slid between the two. Her sabers went into them. They were cut in half.

Using that momentum, she threw her sabers outwards. They flew through the air at two other guards. Cezar did not stop and transitioned from her knees to feet again quickly. Back to running, she pulled her sabers back to her with the force. However, she did catch them. They did not reach her hands. She used the force to throw them in front of her. Causing them to spin, they went through the door.

Cezar crashed through the door. Tumbling into the room, she picked up her sabers up and reignited them. She had to scan the place. The area seemed too empty. She went from room to room looking, but everything was appeared fresh when she arrived in the kitchen.

The vehicle started up. A speeder out back and there voices. Cutting through the wall, she blasted the wall out with the force. The target was on the vehicle with guards, who opened fired at her. The driver accelerated the craft. “Oh great… why couldn’t this be easy?

Now Cezar had to go chase down a speeder, and yes she knew she was forgetting the others still in the complex. She had a target, and he had to die over the others. Running after the man, she tried to focus on summoning up all the force she could to boost her speed. One saving grace, her knight armor, and its hud. A small map was helping her to plot a path while following the vehicle.

At one point the speeder turned left, she cut down the alleyway before the turn. Feet were hitting the ground hard to push off even harder. She was pushing herself harder than she had in any battle before. Next thing she knew coming out of the alleyway was the vehicle was right in front of her. Were they doubling back? What were they doing? Questions she would asked if she was not going ‘Oh chit, oh chit.’

What came next was the most graceful moves anyone witness. She plowed right into the side of the speeder. The attempted jump only had her tumble over the edge and into the driver. Her feet were kicking people accidentally. Such skill and grace.

In the vehicle with tight quarters, she only managed to stab the driver. Everything else went upside down. The speeder flipped and went into a shop. Next thing she knew, she was back in the air and crashing into a shop across from the speeder crashed. The explosion of the craft launched a guard, the target and herself out. The others were not so lucky.

Cezar slowly got up. Oh, she was hurting all over. It was sure her last target before going back to ship. Leg even felt broke as she tried to walked. Sabers were who knows, and the other two were moving, but they were moving slower, a lot slower. Words that she hated left her mouth. Ichor began to form around her targets. She hated to do this, but she knew from the pain that physical action was on hold.

The Peacean words kept coming from her, and ichor rose. The men, actually everyone in the shopping area were frighten. It did not stop Cezar. With such hate, she summoned the ichor to grab and squeeze the men. Crushing them until they stopped screaming out in pain. Then she had it rip their heads off for good measure.

Turning to limp away, she had the ichor disappear. One way or another, she was going to make it to ship.