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What Used To be The Imperial Capital


Dromund Kaas
Dromund System - Silver Jedi Space
Stone and dust.

Thousand year old Durasteel and overgrown forests.

Swamps and storms, murky water and pure dark side energy.

But no more Empire.

No more Sith, no more Imperial Capital, no more war against the Jedi, no more Alliances and no more Emperor. Everything had changed so drastically, and Gaah did not like it one bit. The Galaxy he had grown up in was not the same one he stood in now, for it seemed much time had passed since he had seen it all for what it was. How much time had passed? A hundred years? Five hundred years? A thousand? He did not know, and he felt he did not want to know, for the fear of the unknown was upon him.

THe ruins he looked upon was supposed to be the Imperial Capital, Kaas City, where the Dark Council once sat in high power. He felt nothing but anger. Rage. Despair. This was all he knew in his life. This was all he felt could be the answer to his questions, what could have saved his mind from fracturing any further.

He screamed.

The Nagai fell to his knees and screamed with all of his inner emotions, the force combining with his pure anger and blowing a chunk of the forest before him to the ground, ripping through trees and smashing through stone and durasteel ruins.

The dark side energy permeating from him and the forest around him was like a beacon to the surrounding planet and space. The mad Sith would probably attempt to kill anything that dared approach him right now, his hatred emanating like a torch in a dark cave. This galaxy wasn't right. This wasn't right at all.

| [member="Zesiro"] |​
Zesiro felt the draw of the Dark Side on Dromund Kaas. This was what she lived for-Power, Knowledge, Strength. She landed her ship in what would have the space port of Kaas City and climbed out. Shutting the hatch, she breathed in the cold air and felt the calling of the ruins.

Voices from the past echoed here, her steps shattering the fragile sparks of life just starting to take over the port.

Her ice cold blue eyes looked over the ruined landscape and picked the direction that would lead to the center of town. Where the Dark Council used to run the affairs of the Sith. A time when there was a single Emperor ruling the vastness of the population.

She closed her eyes and not far away she heard the scream and howls of @Gaah. Smiling a cold grin, she walked to where the sound came from, feeling the darkness swell off the living corpse. His anger and hatred a fuel for them both.
"Venus. Do not land. Just pass by and retreat. This place can corrupt you if you stay too long. Wait for me in the atmosphere" "As always. My advice wont matter" "In this case, maybe you could talk me out of it" the AT-120 started the entry to the planet and once the heat alarm turned off, Acaleus opened the hangar door "Retreat. I´ll contact you for the pick up" the assassin jumped with a parachute, and Venus obey. In fact, the dark side wasnt strong enough to make Venus crazy, but it was for the better. Alright the truth would be that he liked to scare her off.

But of course. He place got him the chills. The last time he felt the dark side...well he never experience that. And even so, he was trained to be mentally stable, even with mind attacks. He always controlled his emotions, even when battleing against an opponent to the death. Even with scars or when he almost got his arm ripped out, Acaleus wanted to have a drink with his foe and talk about it.

After walking several hours, he found...not the thing he was looking for. An ancient tomb wouldnt be useful, as his search was all for any old technology that could help him in his design. The enviroment changed and he was in a forest, but at that moment, his senses turned on. A presence near, using the force. Acaleus extended his arm, creating a force shield. Second later he was the only thing that didnt move. The trees fell and break after hitting the force dome. Acaleus saw someone in the direction where that started "Yo! Try to be careful please!"

[member='Zesiro'] [member='Gaah']


A voice. An arrogant, proud voice that was begging to be mutilated.

Gaah turned to face the newcomer, a young man, dressed as if to explore. Perfect clothes to die in. Perfect clothes to die in. Perfect clothes to die in...

"PERFECT CLOTHES TO DIE IN!" he screamed aloud as he unsheathed his lightsaber, its crimson blade flickering to life and shimmering like a red/orange holovid. His eyes were bloodshot and seemed to shine with the dark side of the force. His voice was harsh to the ears, like the screams of a dying rancor. He stepped towards the newcomer with his saber extended, his footing jagged and movements almost inhuman. The Nagai snarled with the face of a wild madman as he sprinted up towards him, as of nothing else mattered but this man's death. That's all he wished.


There would be little in the galaxy as intimidating as him, despite his strange choice of threats. Truth be told, his broken mind could only piece such sentences in an effort to try to work.

Regardless, he was hellbent on slaughtering [member="Acaleus Thorn"], unknowingly being watched by another newcomer, [member="Zesiro"] ...
In his experience, when a someone or something started to get closer and closer to him, it was for murdering reason "For the lightsaber color and the force usage seconds ago you might be a Sith" said joking, stretching his shoulders. He was intelligent enough to know three things. The first was that they werent alone, a third presence was near, but he didnt know where. The second was that he didnt knew the strength of that Sith. Finally, that his addiction to smell burned flesh was bigger than anything

His right arm extended, ready to receive any strike. His other arm went backwards, palm open to use the force if needed. He needed to test his opponent power. The thought of burning flesh dissappear, only leaving voice of reason. The one that tell him to be careful "What the hell is a rahkghoul?!" the guy was getting close, but that gave Acaleus the seconds needed to think every strategy available. If the chances came, he would knock down the guy and put some shackles to him. That or have a great price in a auction.

[member='Gaah'] [member='Zesiro']
Zesiro came strutting out of her hiding spot. Her cloak swaying behind her as she and breeze blew into her face.

"No, those aren't the perfect clothes to die in."

She carefully watched as [member="Gaah"] charged at [member="Acaleus Thorn"] with his lightsaber lit. He moved erratically and with no real coordination.

"Oh, you've never been to Taris, my dear? Rakghouls are basically zombies. Originally created out of Sith engineering in the hopes of everlasting life."

She shrugged her toned shoulders at the men and turned her full attention to Acaleus. Her eyes ice blue stared into his.

"Alas, the experiment failed, that Sith died, but he creations remained."

Drawing her own saber, she ignited it and held it upright at her side, waiting for Gaah to continue his attack. If he didn't, then the blade would go away.


The Sith held his lightsaber at an odd angle behind him, and sprinted low and hard straight for the Jedi. He was not stopping.

He heard the voice of another, but he showed little care. Whoever it was, he was going to kill them soon too.

His approach was halted as he slid to the ground, rolled on his side, and leapt into the air above the man who had approached him, landing behind him and moving in with a jagged right downward swipe with his lightsaber.

| [member="Acaleus Thorn"] | [member="Zesiro"] |
Blessed are the peacemakers
The world had burned. Tracyn had been there to burn it. He was also almost killed there. So needless to say, the years since the destruction of Dromund Kaas had been less than kind to the Jedi. He had lost a lot. And gained little. Tracyn however, remained a Jedi- albeit, a jaded man. And he remained here, amongst the dead and amongst the ashes. So the presence of the Sith did not go unnoticed. Tracyn held his blade at his side, and activated it. The Solari crystal within the blue blade gave it a faint orange glow in the center of the blade.

And he came forward, landing with a soft thud, facing [member="Gaah"] and @Zesiro. He stood in the Djem So ready, the blade humming for several seconds, speaking before him. He spoke in his soft Concordian accent after a while, speaking quietly.

"I extend my usual offer of surrender."
Zesiro could see [member="Gaah"] was not going to be distracted by her play. Soon enough he would be. As he began he fight with [member="Acaleus Thorn"], she heard a fourth join the party.

Ever so slowly, she turned first her head then her body to face @Tracyn. She lowered her lightsaber a tilted it at and a downward angle. Taking a few seductive, flowing and graceful steps in his direction, she gave him a calculating look at smile.

"But I surrendered long ago. Surrender to me instead."

Though she wanted to touch his body, to feel his hidden strength.
A jump backwards, feeling the heat of the lightsaber passing by, evading it. The good news about having his palm opened was an easy force push that send Acaleus at a four meters of altitude, with his feet landing steady. He took out his sub-machine gun, aiming with the grenade launcher, but he didnt fired. He kept his gun away, ready to deflect incoming attacks again, and another presence was near, adding problems to the equation. Acaleus needed to wrap things up before he had problems with another faction or clan. Having his investment being attacke by The Resurgent Empire was enough

"Do you speak basic? Im not your enemy" it was just taking a little of the dark side, not enough to get crazy, but to show the whatever it was that he was in his side. Not as a friend, just as someone who has a same objective. The feeling was anger, pain, sad emotions that he never need, but was strong to disguise his force into the one of a Sith. To feel like he should control the entire universe. It felt powerful, addicted..."I came here with that girl, because that jedi is preventing the reborn of a new Sith Empire" said lighting his wrist lightsabers pointing a the dead man walking. The assassin would always recognize a jedi. They always had light in their soul.

Acaleus mission was to retreive lost technology. And so he would get rid of any barrier with any means.

[member='Gaah'] [member='Zesiro'] [member='Tracyn']
While her physical attention was paid to [member="Tracyn"], she kept her ears tuned into the confrontation between [member="Gaah"] and [member="Acaleus Thorn"]. He claimed to have come with her and that was entirely false, she would have to address that later, for now though she would let it slide.

With a casual gesture, the used the Force to shove Gaah off his trajectory and end the fight before it really began. Both of them could be useful to her.

With that situation dealt with, her attention directed again at the older man nearby.

(OOC-I was given permission from Gaah to shove him around.)
Blessed are the peacemakers
He gathered the force into his legs- and moved forward. The Solari-infused blade came upwards in a fan-like arc to the left, to try and bat [member="Zesiro"]'s lightsaber up and away from her body- and promptly extended his right leg outwards, empowered with the force for both speed and power. He went to kick her in the chest, to send her flying backwards. By no means would it do any serious damage besides maybe knocking the air out of her, and shoving her back, but it would be a powerful opening move, at the very least unexpected brutality for a Jedi.

Tracyn carefully reminded to keep himself in check.
The sudden attack of [member="Tracyn"] came at her with surprising speed and force. His move succeeded in knocking her backward, but not down. The wind pushed out of her for a few seconds, she just looked at him with surprise.

Her blue eyes glaring only slightly and with no real anger in them.

"What did I do to you to deserve that?"

Having made no hostile move to at him, to her, his reaction wasn't an appropriate one. Zesior still had her saber lowered and it wasn't directed at him.

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