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Weekend Semi-LOA

the bedbound bard
Okay, so basically I'm off to my mothers this weekend, and while I have a lot of work to do thanks to college this weekend I'm not actually taking my laptop with me -- not seen the family in a while, I'd rather spend my time with them. HOWEVER I will still have my phone so I can mill around in the OOC sections, talk to you all via Skype, and maybe get a few of my less-demanding posts done (Sorry @[member='Tirdarius'] that's our posts out of the question 'til Sunday ;) )

If anyone is expecting posts from any of my characters, let me know and I may be able to prioritize them into my last few hours with a laptop. Otherwise, thank you all for being patient and I apologise! But... Family first.

Characters you may/may not be roleplaying with:
@[member='Saeldar'], @[member='Daux'], @[member='Jyn Sol'] @[member='Cassus'] @[member='Sotir'] and of course Asha Seren. The others aren't established in any sort of roleplay yet. If any of the above are part of group-based roleplays as opposed to one-on-one then feel free to skip over me and I'll catch up as/when I can.

Thank you again, Libby.