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We, The People - Dominion for the Commenor Hex

Dominion OOC: Commenor Hex.
Tier 3 - Dominion for Commenor Hex:
Story Arc
[member="Bradshaw Ku"] | [member="Kendall Ginn"] | [member="Darlyn Excron"] | [member="Lady Kay"] | [member="John Rakugan"] | [member="Macoda Haberon"] | [member="Darben Skirae"] | [member="Atheus"] | [member="Stardust Raxis"] | [member="Ardgal Raxis"] | [member="Thraxis"]​
  • Post Requirement For Completion: 150
  • Any Member Can Join: Yes.
  • Any Minor Faction Can Join: Yes.
  • Gains: Entire Hex
It has been a hard time for the world of Commenor. In the return of the worlds Lady President and the aftermath of her struggle between the Light and Dark sides of the Force heavily influenced by the Sith, a relative time of peace followed only to bring on a new era of criminality and violence. Following an attempted assassination on her life by an identity of unknown origin, out of fear for the safety of her people, [member="Lady Kay"] has since increased her hold upon the security of her world as well as all neighboring worlds in the system in collaboration with their governing bodies.

Reaching out of worlds within the Commenor Hex, a military pact has been called for in order to further secure the sector of the galaxy from rogue groups looking to profit off of the suffering of others. Many known criminal entities have passed through the system dealing in crimes ranging from slavery to murder, some influenced by a higher calling such as the force and fueled by a past history of the One Sith occupation that led to the devastation of worlds within it's former territories, others struggling to keep civil peace under failing economy. It is a time where governance in this sector has fallen short, backed not by the larger powers that be, the Queen of Commenor and the people working under her are pushing to enhance the standards of living for these worlds, while too making a bold statement to the rest of the galaxy that it is here where democracy will flourish.

Cato Neimoidia: Federal Investments.

In the past the Trade Federation has been well known for it's collaboration of worlds and it's droid armies, having a history dating back within the galaxy since long before the collapse of the Galactic Republic, Commenor has requested that a trade agreement be established between the two powers in order to fuel the mutual exchange of goods between worlds as well as open up relations between the Governments for future peace talks.

  • Make contact and rendezvous with the Neimoidians, representing the People of Commenor. Secure trade routes and open up talks for diplomatic relations to continue into the future.
Everyone has a price in the galaxy and the Neimoidians most especially love to make their wealth known to one and all. They have a reach across numerous financial enteprizes and for a world of trade such as Commenor, harbor great potential gain should they fall under the Commenori flag.

Talasea: Shocking Developments.

Once again the Rain Seasons have hit the world of Talasea and with the rain in such a high gravity climate, thunderstorms are once more plaguing the local populace and causing natural disasters across the World. While this is not an unusual occurrence for the time of year in Talasea, the world has taken a beating and the power-grid has been taken offline leaving much of the populace without sustenance. In the worlds general instability and under a flailing government, many of the populace of the world have taken to arms riots, taking what they can in the chaos of the natural plague and seeing to a significant rise in criminality there. The Government has requested a stronger presence not only in law enforcement but so too a call for engineers to help return control to the leadership of the main continent.

  • Engineers - If applicable, aid the Capital City in returning power to it's primary grid.
The Central Facility responsible for the power of the main continent has gone dark, it is suspected of being thrown offline by a surge in the area's electrical storms. Further investigation however will lead to the discovery of a criminal cell working to destabilize the governments control over the world. These people must be brought to justice, one way or another.
  • Security detail - Local Law Enforcement
Any able bodied may take up in assisting the local law enforcement in policing the Capital City, with the riots on-going and citizens in utter civil unrest, you can be expected to get your hands dirty here.

Terrijo: Assault on the Entourage.

A medical frigate of the Terrijo System known as the Entourage was en-route to trade supplies and offer medical aid to the world of Mimban before it was ambushed by a rogue group of space pirates. An Emergency distress call has reached Commenor and her neighboring worlds yet all further communications have ceased and the frigate is adrift growing ever dangerously close to falling back into the atmosphere of Terrijo.

  • Approach the wreckage and determine the state of the Entourage and her crew if possible.
First priority is the preservation of lives aboard the vessel. If at all possible, determine the state of the crew and then further plan to mend the situation without endangering innocent lives.
  • Arrest or dispatch of all enemy personnel and fleet.
Pirates and Mercenaries will still be in the area if not still on board the Entourage itself. The vessel cannot be secured while enemy personnel are still at risk of threatening the mission, neutralize them!
  • Find a way to keep the vessel from drifting into the reach of Terrijo.
Identify the damage dealt to the vessel and seek to move it away from Terrijo. If the vessel is left to drift too close to the world, the atmosphere will pull it down and the loss of life to the world below will be catastrophic.

Cyrillia: An Opportunity for technological Advancement and Trade.

A matter for diplomatic relations, Cyrillia is well known for it's trade of industry. With Commenor looking to increase on it's defensive and security capabilities, the government has set its sights on other worlds for new trade routes and deals strike that might mutually benefit both parties. This scenario is a peaceful one and made with the consideration for those looking to partake in some good ol' meet 'n' greet styled Roleplay, or otherwise perusing the market district of Cyrillia and doing some shopping! You never know what you might pick up while the rest of the galaxy is at war with itself.

  • Meet with members of the government here and secure new trade for the benefit of Commenor.
  • Go shopping, have fun. Live, love, laugh!
These Objectives are purely optional and all members are encouraged to Rp their own stories if preferred!
Everything was falling into place for the Commenori; the Knights of Commenor had been established within the Force Praxeum of the Illaria Woodlands, Veiere's personal endeavor to make himself busied while [member="Lady Kay"] led the government residing over the world. Outside of their reach, the Galaxy continued to turn in turmoil of itself as war continued to plague world after world, those who couldn't come to peaceful terms taking up arms and most often taking innocent lives in the pursuit of dominance. It was a harsh reality of their society, the war machine that spewed credits into the pockets of the embellished whilst good people died young for the pursuits of the arrogant. It was an even harder lesson to remain humbled when given such a wide view of discrepancies both within and outside of the Order, Veiere himself often struggling with his choices in life, that he could see so much wrong doing and yet was inescapable of becoming a part of it all. A Sith Lord he had encountered upon the Jedi world of Voss had pointed out his flaws, struggles that he had to acknowledge to be in some part truth; in fighting for democracy and the peoples ability to choose for themselves, coming up against other peoples, dictators and the like was an inevitability. While he thought his path justified for the betterment of their people, part of himself would always question his methods and hope that this would aid him in stepping out with the better intentions of others at heart.

He had entered Chasin City, the Capital of Commenor at the request of his Queen and soon to be wife; hitching a ride upon the back of one of the construction workers speeder supplying materials back and fourth between Illaria, he slipped off the side as it slowed at one of the intersections and lifted an arm to thank them with a passing wave before turning to head towards the Royal Palace. Kay hadn't mentioned the nature of this meeting nor whom else might be in attendance though it was the first time she would've seen him since his leave for Voss and assuming she'd heard of his return from [member="Darlyn Excron"], he of which Veiere had recently met with and helped work on his new lightsaber within the Praxeum, he doubted she'd be too pleased to meet him what with the fresh scar running from the side of his mouth and beyond his left ear. It wasn't pretty though he would argue that it could've been far worse.

To his mind there were still pieces of the Commenori Government that were out of place, or perhaps it was better to say that they were missing entirely. Kay's former associates were among them, people like [member="Ghorua the Shark"], [member="Ryn'Dhal"] and [member="Ultimatum"] of whom had earned Veiere's respect in their support of her return, though Kay at the time didn't see it that way. There were also key figures that worked in her employ, Einon of great political and strategic value as well as Terrac, the only pilot Veiere had ever really trusted to transport her around. Entering the Royal grounds, he neared the capital structure of leadership over the world, hoping to bring these people up in conversation in the very near future. Not at all expecting that his day would be once again consumed by the demands of politics for the brighter future of the world, and neighboring worlds within their system.


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Kay paced back and forth in her office, knowing that he was on his way. She'd been doing that a lot lately, especially after hearing of [member="Veiere Arenais"] ' return from Voss by [member="Darlyn Excron"]. How could he of done that? Why didn't he talk to her first? He could have died and they'd of never said goodbye! His estate was gone, destroyed by a new tormentor that seemed to fleece some information out of her as he had used Veiere's disappearance against her. In her mind she ran through all of the different arguments, lectures, and words of anger that she'd planned on spewing forth against him. He deserved it all for there was no doubt in her mind that he would do the same if their situations were reversed. And knowing that he was injured while he was away, having felt his pain, that made it all the worse.

Yet as soon as Veiere stepped in and closed the door behind him, Kay stopped midstep. She just stared at him in silence, urging her tears to not make an appearance. The scar running from his lip to what remained of his ear was still visible. But it wasn't his scar that she was looking at, she just stared at his eyes, holding his gaze while she let her range of emotions flow through their bond in the Force in waves.

It wasn't long before it was finished that Kay ran over to him and wrapped her arms around him in a tight embrace. "Don't ever do that to me again. No word, no nothing, no goodbye. I was so worried..."
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For a moment there Veiere expected [member="Lady Kay"] would start throwing down at him, there was a build up of a range of emotions swelling around her in the force for the seconds that seemed to drag on far longer than was comfortable, yet she broke away from all of that and instead came it him out of both concern and relief for his return. He had a habit of doing this to her it seemed, distancing his role as a force practitioner and a former Jedi from his affiliations with Commenor and more significantly their relationship; it was so much easier to want to keep duty and personal life separate where it meant he could avoid heading into a battle not having the weight of her concern upon his shoulders. Still, Voss hadn't at all been expected and in Cillian's death, Veiere had stumbled in finding a place that he might center himself in the force, of not only to remain stable for the good of the Praxeum's development and organization of efforts there. Both [member="Stardust Raxis"] as well as [member="Atheus"] had come and gone, helping Veiere to run the place while too prioritizing their other pursuits off-world, for the most part the Praxeum ran smoothly under the guise of the government of Commenor, yet it had given him the distraction he needed to put off this reunion for a couple days...-Needing to clear his head and tackle the loss of his own way.

"I'm still very much here..."

He tried to calm her, his arms wrapping around her and holding her close to him as he spoke gently in response, glad to be back within her company that seemed to rival so much of the hatred out there in the galaxy around them. "I hadn't expected a fight, trust me...-I'd sought them out for diplomacy..." He tried to explain though fell short of a worth while sentence assuming that she didn't really care in the end so long as they were still together. He was relieved to see that while glancing passed her, there were no others within the room of yet, the meeting had sounded to be far more urgent than this; yet perhaps that too was a difference of priority that he put on his own life compared to the needs of the people there. He fell quiet, simply holding her until she were comfortable reassured enough that he was in fact still real, a slim smile playing upon him as she'd look to stand a little more at-ease, of which he would then take her hand in his and move to take several more steps into the center of the room having barely gotten through the door.

"Putting that business on Voss aside, I want to know how you're doing, what's been happening here.." news of the destruction to his home had been the last thing he had expected and the first he'd noticed, the charred remains of a building that he had put so much effort into tidying the grounds, a great deal of care into the gardens and the general decor of it all, it had filled his days where he had held nothing outside of exile and it had all meant a great deal to him, most especially as it was a place for the two of them.
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Stardust had fallen on hard times, not money wise she had plenty...but emotionally so. She had just come back after fighting with the mandos that had called for her to fight, little did she know when she headed there she would witness the death of her brother in law. This caused her to break and start rolling into depression...first gray was gone to...force knows where...then she realized just how much control she had on her watching her cousin blowing himself up to save her and others...

But time didn't stop and even if she wasn't in the best mental state she had things to do, she made her way to the planet of Terrijo more specifically the space above it, the medical cruiser entourage had let out a distress beacon that had reached out to commenor, the queen, and stars adopted sister, lady kay had found this task fit for stardust and let her know of it.

Imahalyans light wasn't being used not this time at least instead the kessels pride, the ship he skate brother in law left to her, was being used...beimg a freight it would be able to hold the supplies and people. The freighter came out as she checked a few things, her crew she had brought along took care of a few things, along them she brought a squad of raxis clan members, she spotted the entourage and had the freighter slow down and do a scan for pirate...then another on the ship

the ship still had life support systems however her engines have zero power and some area may be compromised..what action should we take

She thought for a moment and then turned as she put her helmet on

tell the squad to get jetpacks and oxygen gear ready, get a torpedo out of a tube and hold it...i have a idea

Her voice gave way that she was not herself...she sounded less...lively, unlike herself where she had enthusiasm it was just plain...

She got to the squad as she looked at them morning for them to gather

you may be wondering about the gear I called everyone to get, we are going to ride a torpedo to the ship, once the torpedo is over it we let go and fly to the ship...any questions

She got a collective no and nodded as they got gear on and ready, stardust hooked herself up as she let a breath out as she and the squad went to a hatch, it sealed behind them and they got out, the crew already had a torpedo ready. Her squad latched on and it was sent off...
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Objective: Shocking Developments law enforcement
Lauri and his squad patrolled the powerless streets of Talasea, guns ready. This area had fallen to gang warfare, and danger was constant. The young Commemori officer held his rifle at the ready, searching street after endless street. Nothing. An hour later, still nothing. Something was up. It was silent aside from the ten soldiers walking and breathing. Then, a blaster bolt. Almost out of nowhere, barely missing Lauri's head. All was still for a moment. Then the night was ablaze, with blaster bolts flying between the Commenori and the gang ambush. Lauri shouted at his men to take cover, but by the time they did, he had already lost 6 soldiers. Good men, all would be missed.

"This is Lieutenant Törni, calling in. We are taking heavy fire, my squad already is down six men. Requesting immediate reinforcements. Over" the young officer had to yell into the radio to be heard above the combat. The three soldiers Lauri had left cycled popping out of cover, firing a burst to take down the ambush. Hopefully Lauri got a response soon.
Terrijo: Assault on the Entourage.

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Words spread fast on Commenor, especially since he enacted plan Alpha O-4#2 which consisted of a lot of truth serum being poisoned into a water supply and planting some 'foreigners' relay what information they had.It was a simple plan and one that most of all worked like a dream. He was hold up in the middle of a forest, a small Half Drive Fighter he had been constantly crashing onto the planet. He couldn't exactly be landing in the docking System, that would only allow Kay and her pets to know he was planetside. Though he expected rumours to be spread sooner or later since he couldn't exactly simply murder or abduct everyone that figured out who he was. He garnered that it was the voice, that was more akin to that of granite than it was to a person's voice.

With a shake and a grind, the ship flared to life, the engines sputtering like mad dogs as it tried to propel itself from the encrusted dirt. "Come on.... Just up yourself right ways round..." He groaned as he pulled the joystick up, he wasn't a pilot, and he sure as hell was not meant to be flying under any circumstance since it was his flying that drove him to constantly crash the damn thing. With a jagged arch, the ship fixed itself, dirt upturned underneath it as it started to dart and twist through the uppermost part of the canopy, ascending to the skies above as he relaxed a little. "Just gotta hope we timed our escape right... Otherwise, someone is gonna catch us." he sniggered as he looked as the skies turned from blue to black, as atmosphere tore asunder around his vehicle, burning to a crisp as the stars dotted the skies above with their eerie light, always switched on. never dimming yet never managing to illuminate the ever expanse of nature.

He flicked through a communicator, scrawling through names to see if he should get anyone's aid Than a name and a face from ages past appeared on his list. "Oh... Oh, crap is that Tiali? I haven't seen that dude in like, forever. I should give him a ring." Thraxis said aloud, there was no one to listen, but just hearing his own voice was soothing when listening to the sputter of the engine not too far behind him. He pulled out his comm, his fingers tapping the digital keyboard rapidly as he sent a quickly scrawled message over to the lad.

To, @Tiali Orazio
Yo, been a while. You, me. Gonna go take some prisoners. You know the payment. Or not. The point is we are gonna do it.
From, Thraxis

With the message sent he lazed a little in his chair, pulling our a large tube from behind his chair he began to suckle as the nectar that ran through his blood quickly drowned his body in its nourishing essence. Alcohol... Truly, the greatest gift to the galaxy. He groaned looking at the ship as he kicked a large red button, the stars trailed behind him, stretched on for infinity as he tore asunder reality itself, tearing through and towards the descending medical frigate.
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Kay wasn't sure whether or not she believed that [member="Veiere Arenais"] figured that diplomacy would work on Voss. That part of the Galaxy, and pretty much most places, have seen a neverending cycle of war. Peace was almost an illusion.

But here, it was different.

She kept close by him as they stepped further inside her office, holding his hand. Though she frowned slightly when he had asked about what had been going on. Kay let out a small sigh. "I'm better now that you're here. But as for what happened? I'm sure that you heard about the Estate....It was destroyed by some man. He tried to make me believe that he had you captive. He somehow knew of our engagement even though it hasn't been made public yet. I don't quite know what he was after. But he knew you. He described you well..."

The whole situation was....rather odd. At first she thought that it was [member="Thraxis"] playing his games, but then it wasn't. This was someone working on their own.

Kay shook her head a bit. Time to switch her focus to matters of state. "I've called up a meeting, as you know. We have alliances and trade deals with far off worlds, yet we've ignored the worlds nearby. So I suggest that we visit them and build good relationships with them." She had already sent word for [member="Darben Skirae"] to join them. There were plenty of worlds to visit and she had two pilots to choose from; [member="Bradshaw Ku"] and [member="Macoda Haberon"] . Hopefully they would be eager to fly. [member="Darlyn Excron"] was notified as well, afterall he had to know of all if her whereabouts.
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Kendall ducked underneath a brown tattered tarp, stung across the two buildings Kendall now found himself between. The tarp shook violently as the rain pounded down on it, giving sufficient cover to the Weequay. The rain fell harder here than anywhere else he had been, every drop feels like a deliberate prod, and with some exposure quickly became a nuisance, as opposed to the soft pidder padder that was associated with rain on more acceptable planets. The rain on Chandaar didn't have impact, but it stung, burned with the chemicals and pollution that had developed in the neglected planet's thick acidic atmosphere. Kendall's mind wandered on to the dim light and dull feeling that came hand and hand with Chandaar's environment, so dark when compared to someplace like Commenor, but not dissimilar to the stormy bother of a night here on Talasea. He looked out to the street from his well covered alley, Different papers and fabrics had been abandoned in the road in all the chaos, and now drug along the gutter of the city street, slowly becoming bits of unremarkable goop diverting the water's path as it flowed down the road.

He turned to see further down the alleyway, it didn't open to another street buy a small clearing between buildings, it's pavement showing signs of under appreciation with cracks and divots littered across the opening, spilling over now as they were quickly filled with water in the storm. The city sounds were drowned out with the constant beating of rain drops on the ground, and the occasional crack of thunder, but Kendall could still make out the occasional vehicle moving by, or siren, or even blaster fire. As time went on the sirens became less frequent, as blaster fire consistently increased in rate. The law enforcement was doing a lousy job, as anyone would expect from a force without power. Kendall was here to fix that issue, as more and more scoundrels found the city's decrepit state as an opportunity to seize power. His interest in fixing that problem lies with Commenor, as Lady Kay has interest in pseudo controlling the entire region of space Kendall felt it most opportune to aid her, and while restoring power to the law enforcement seemed most pertinent, he is no engineer. Deciding to take an approach more close to home, Kendall is searching for those most responsible for the chaos ensuing in the capital city, the gangs. Of course there are far too many wannabee big timers to count in any situation such as this, so Kendall would try to make the most out of one. After all h-

A loud snap makes the Weequay jump and swing his head upward to catch the source of the noise, but his vision is quickly blacked out before he can discern any suspicious causes. His arms bat and swing as he throws himself to the side, he feels the rough edge of a cracked lump of concrete hit his lower back as he falls, clenching his teeth in pain before yanking the rough fabric covering his eyes. With his vision returned Kendall examined his attacker, a large brown tarp, flapping in the wind, a frayed rope laying on the ground. Kendall falls back a little bit in exasperation, and starts to laugh to himself, if any of these gangsters are as tough as that tarp he might have an issue, but no jacked up fabric has stopped the weequay before as he pulls himself up and starts to walk down the alley, popping his back after the blow it took form his graceful landing. The tarp gets caught by the wind, flying out to the street before flopping into the gutter.
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Mac walked down the hall somewhat quickly to [member="Lady Kay"]'s office, his boots thudding against the hard floor. In his hands were two large bags of credits contatining 100,000 credits each from his last job working with Miss Blonde. Mac had no idea how much a funeral cost, he had never had to pay for one. However he figured that 100,000 each should be more than enough for the funeral with the leftover cash going to their families. Mac, of course, kept the remaining 50,000 credits for himself. Working with Miss Blonde was dangerous and often disturbing after all.

Lady Kay had called a meeting and though Mac didn't know what the meeting was about, he intended to be the first one there so he could hand over the bags of credit to Lady Kay and therefore paying his debts. Would Mac leave after paying his debts? He hadn't figured that out yet. After all, he had promised to find Kay's long lost adopted daughter Rae-Anna, and he was going to keep that promise, whether it be that all they find is a tombstone. But in all honesty Mac would probably stay for he had no where else to go. He had friends that he trusted outside of Commenor of course, but pirating was hard work with little security. Here, he had both security and adventure when working on his breaks. Mac looked down at the bags in his hands.

At least this way I have the freedom to leave if I wanted to.

Mac soon came to the door of Lady Kay's office but he heard an unfamiliar voice coming from inside along with Kay's own voice. Mac decided to tuck the bags of credits inside his long trench coat and briefly touched his axes to make sure that they were there after hearing the unfamiliar voice. Mac knocked twice on the door. Kay could probably tell that it was him due to the causal power of the knocks and how high they sounded on the door.
After arriving by dropship, the newly promoted private found herself walking to her destination. Katrina's head was swirling with anticipation, thoughts and battle-plans that she would not expect to even be talked about, but it made her somewhat calm thinking of things in this manner before she shook her head to clear it as the door to [member="Lady Kay"]'s office came into view. The soldier stops short of the door before tightening her fist and brings it up, to give three heavy knocks to the door and before it is opened she begins to speak. "Private Vance, reporting to her Majesty, requesting to be put to use, Ma'am." her voice spoke with confidence, and the way she stood, with her facial expression, clearly showed she was here to prove herself to the one woman in the province which mattered.

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"This is Lieutenant Törni, requesting immediate assistance! We are outnumbered, out gunned, and I'm already down six men! I need reinforcements!" Lauri shouted into his comm. he still had not received any word on reinforcements. The young commenori officer stood up, firing a burst, before ducking back down. The gang refused to give up. Törni's men were wounded, and they were getti tired. Lauri again stood up to fire a burst, but then fell back to the ground, swearing. A blaster bolt had torn through his left shoulder. Törni again tried to get reinforcements, this time accidentally calling into the the queen's comm channel.

"This is Lieutenant Törni, requesting immediate reinforcement. My unit is down six men already and taking fire. We are wounded, and pinned down. Again, this is Lieutenant Törni requesting immediate assistance. We need help or we're all going to die out here. Over."

@Katrina@Macoda Haberon[member="Kendall Ginn"][member="Lady Kay"]@Thraxis@Stardust Raxis[member="Veiere Arenais"]
  • Objective: Terrijo
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Darlyn sighed quietly, rubbing his head as he made his way to the Queen's office. [member="Lady Kay"] had called something of a meeting, leading him to force himself to get dressed. Naturally, dressed in this case meant his full suit of Desperado armor, helmet included this time covering his face as he went. He noticed [member="Katrina"] and [member="Macoda Haberon"] outside the door. He shook his head a bit and opened the door calmly, listening to the woman speak as he did so. Also in the room was the scarred [member="Veiere Arenais"], had he ruined a moment?

He almost hoped so, just for amusement's sake. He offered a half-hearted salute as he made himself comfortable, leaning against the newly fixed wall. "Hope I'm not late. We just received a distress call and I was gonna head out to investigate. Anything to get another 'vacation' of sorts ya know?" It was no secret Darlyn oft took jobs or tasks that took him off world just to do something else for a while. Nothing really was, and the look of his armor was even more obvious he had done something, somewhat less than the usual legality. Then again, who cared?

[member="Lauri Törni"] | [member="Kendall Ginn"] | [member="Thraxis"] | [member="Stardust Raxis"]
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Veiere was about to respond with a great deal of concern and interest towards the news of a potentially elusive and armed third party when [member="Darlyn Excron"] accompanied by both [member="Katrina"] and [member="Macoda Haberon"], came into the room. Glancing back to Kay he threw her a slight look, she of whom would pick up instantly on his concern though too his wish to discuss the matter in private; soon turning to wave the pair in that seemed to linger whilst Darlyn made himself at home. Smiling back to Kay, he gave her a brief nod and muttered under his breath "Time for that meeting, we'll talk later..." before he moved off to the side so to allow her to greet them all as the Queen and not influenced by their own personal relationship. Appearances and all...

Darlyn was really the only of them outside of Kay herself whom he was familiar with, the man of whom Kay had spoken to Veiere about a coming promotion would soon change in his position from being Kay's head of personal security. He was a figure that Veiere had come to rely upon and appreciate most for Kay's well-being, every in the pursuit of updates as to what Kay was getting herself into, he'd done an excellent job thus far and it would be interesting to have to let him go, yet his talents were called for in another sector.

Macoda and Katrina however, he expected Kay had dealt with in the past yet had no experience with them himself and thus the need for appearances. He of whom wore the attire fit for a Jedi, remained quiet and attentive, offering them both a welcoming smile in their would-be glances before turning his attention back to the head of the room, nodding encouragingly to Kay of whom he expected would get their meeting underway.
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Mac was soon joined by [member="Darlyn Excron"] and a young private who he didn't know. Not that it was surprising, Mac didn't really deal with any of [member="Lady Kay"]'s personnel outside of Darlyn. As Darlyn approached, he gave him a slight nod. He wondered how many people were called to this meeting. The door to Kay's office swung open and Mac saw a middle aged man dressed in formal Jedi attire. He sighed internally.

Kay, Daryln, [member="Bradshaw Ku"], and now this guy? I am surrounded by force users all the time.

It was certainly something that he would have to get used to. Mac walked up to the Jedi and outstretched a hand, "I am Mac, Lady Kay's pilot." Like with most people, he towered over the Jedi. He tried his best not to let the presence of this unknown force user effect his demeanor. As Mac walked over to the Jedi, the bags of credits jingled in his coat. He decided that it would be best if he just handed Lady Kay the credits now before more people arrive to this meeting. Mac didn't want too many people asking what the money was for after all. After he shook hands with the Jedi he turned to Lady Kay and bowed slightly. His tone became touch more solemn as withdrew the bags of money from the inside of the coat and placed them with a jingle on her desk. "My Lady, this was for the trip to Folor."

Mac made eye contact with Lady Kay, making sure that she understood the purpose of the money. His statement was vague enough. Darlyn, after all, knew full well what had happened. The private would not think anything of it. It was just another thing above her security clearance. As for the Jedi.... well... Mac wasn't sure about him just yet.


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Oh Kay caught that look alright, the knocks on the door interrupting their conversation not surprising her in the slightest. She did ask for a meeting, afterall. And when it came to [member="Veiere Arenais"] and herself, there wasn't a whole lot of time for them to be on their own.

She looked up to [member="Macoda Haberon"] as he had entered in first, giving him a nod and wondering if he'd recognize the Jedi robes that Veiere was wearing. Would it give him a slight panic attack? She wasn't sure. "Mac, this is Veiere, my husband-to-be. Veiere, this is Mac, a pilot and bodyguard for me." She noted the bags of credits that were placed on her desk. Her eyes met Mac's and she gave him a small nod of appreciation. Just how he acquired it so quickly, she didn't really want to know. But it surely wasn't easy. "Thank you, my friend."

Then came Private [member="Katrina"] Vance. Kay hadn't met her before, but it was clear that this was a new transfer, probably to make up for one of her guards that was recently lost. "Afternoon Private. Just keep by the door for now and be sure that no one barges in."

Her eyes then went to [member="Darlyn Excron"] as he made himself at home, as per usual. "A distress call? I won't keep you long then." Kay then looked to them all. "Now I've decided that we should extend our aid and trade agreements with the planets nearest to us. We've neglected them while we've grown strong. Outside of Cato, I don't even think that we've reached out to them at all. So I'm going to rectify that and perhaps visit a world or two myself. And no, I won't be going into anywhere hostile, nor will I be going alone."
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Darben Skirae headed for the office of the Kay, where he had been told to go by [member="Lady Kay"]. He had been asked to join them in diplomatic meetings, which meant leaving the planet surface. As well as not being fond of space travel, he was going to deal with it. With him he had Mute following along. She would serve as his assistant, and they had been working on communication to it's full potential.

Darben had sent a message ahead to Kay, telling her he was on his way. he had no idea that [member="Veiere Arenais"] and several others were already there. Once he arrived, he knocked on the door as if to request entry, to let her know that he had arrived. "You ready?" he asked to Mute. He felt a little shaky, anxious to be travelling. She gave a little nod.

[member="Macoda Haberon"] [member="Darlyn Excron"] [member="Katrina"]
As [member="Darlyn Excron"] made his way towards [member="Lady Kay"]'s office, she came to attention and gave a salute before taking a step to the side and making sure she was not in his way. After he enters, Katrina would enter slowly but remain by the door and observe the room, while she was somewhat expecting an over-run of useless nicknacks, something that she had expected to see within rooms fit for royalty, the young private was not so surprised to notice it's effeciency as an office fit for the Queen. As [member="Veiere Arenais"] gives her a friendly smile, Katrina returns such a kindness with a firm nod and returning to her standing position, still at ease for the moment before the Queen began to speak to her. "Yes your Majesty." she would say in return, before giving a salute and turning on her heel, and march swiftly to the door.

As [member="Darben Skirae"] gives his little nod, the door is opened by the private and almost walks into him, stopping mere centirmeters from the other. Katrina, while silent the whole time, allows her facial expression to show her split-second shock before relaxing a moment and slowly pushing herself out of the doorframe, closing the door behind her. The private then slowly stands at attention before adressing him. "What is your name, rank, and reason for visiting her Majesty?"

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I have been hired to suppress the rebellion of yet another minor planet. Apparently, this is the only job for which I am suited. I am beset by the ironies of my life.

What ever happened to the greater things in life, like fighting for people and the mentality of a greater hope? Once more my people are arming themselves for yet another land battle for someone else. Once more I have promised this would be the last time our men and women would be put on the front lines for fights that are not our own.

When will the bloodshed end? At what point will we find ourselves a home of our own? For over 200 years we have been a people living out of ships, ever roaming from one job to the next. My family is nothing more than the men and women next to me in armor. We never know which deployment will be our last--or which of us will return from our deployments. There will be a day when this ends, a day when instead of awaking on the deck of a ship, we will awake on land that is our own. We are strangers in a strange land, sojourning for something greater, something beyond.

Perhaps one day we will beat our swords into plows and cease to wage war for arutiisi. Perhaps one day we will fight for our land instead of someone else's. Until then, we will continue to gather wounds, mourn our dead, and fight the wars of foreigners. Not all of us had a choice what we were born into--and some of us never had a choice what we were created into. Perhaps. Perhaps.
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"Beep Beep" The sound of a thousand demons screaming fills the compartment, "Beep Beep" A painful groan escapes Tiali's lips as his eyes seep open presenting the cold metal floor as his personal morning sunrise. "Beep Beep" his hand slides off the floor grabbing his head squeezing it tightly hoping it give any sort of relief. But the unfortunate truth Came out in the open fast "BEEP BEEP".

His crackly voice releases a frustrated "Oh for God sakes!" Planting both hands on the floor he pushes himself into an upright position with a grunt. "BEEP BEEP" Taking hold of the wall with one hand he pull's himself onto his feet, as his other hand rubs his eyes. Stumbling at first he begins to make the push towards console, his feet scraping along the metal kicking empty bottles of alcohol and rubbish on the way. "BEEP BEEP" Upon arrival he slams his hand against the Console trying to shut the noise off "BEEP BE" Finally turning it off he releases a long sigh of relief, his eyes squinting to trying to see what all this fuss was about.

Thraxis? huh what a surprise, Tiali reads through the short and sweet message. Afterwards he grabs his aching head thinking over the proposition, eventually coming to the conclusion Why not? Slow with slugish movements he types up a digital response into the console.

To [member="Thraxis"]
Sounds good, Send the coordinates over and I'll be there soon.
Reguards Tiali

"What was that about?" A quiet voice from behind him peeps up from what seemed like out of nowhere, making Tiali jump slightly "Holy.. w..who are you? You know what better question, what are you doing on my ship?" Coming into sight Appears a Twi'Lek immediately giving Tiali A confused look, she nervously responses "I'm Kar'soha We met at the cantina, you invited me into your ship." Tiali Raises a brow "Oh...Did I?" He Pauses for a moment in deep thought, his hand instinctively scratching his beard. "Well um... I gotta go so can you...You know... Get out!" Anger stretches over the twi'leks face in disgust "You're a Arsehole!" Tiali simply gestures her to the exit "Well that's just not nice, Like come on I have feelings." Rolling her eyes she walks out the exit shaking her head.

A curious look hits Tiali's face as he looks around wondering if there was anybody else hidden away. Pfft who cares shrugging it off "R9 you Around? set course for the rendezvous with Thraxis" the ships engines splutter to life as the astro droid gets to work, Tiali Releases a heavy sigh sliding his hand down his face in frustration. Step 1: shower. Step 2: Get some cloths and armour on. Step 3: Get to Thraxis. See three easy steps, well kinda easy it's time to get to work.


тнє ναмριяє ℓσя∂
​Location: Enroute to Terrijo
​Objective: Assimilate the organics
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​The beacon of distress flayed across the channels of any nearby vessel, and for the Cyborg Queen, this was a chance to assimilate more organics for the Metal Lords. Reading the transmitted call again, she put the coordinates in her temporary ship's nav computer; then slammed a button on the overly bright console; making the small jump through hyperspace.

Opening a secure channel to the Metal Lord's hidden base, the cyborg said, ​"An opportunity has presented itself to me. I plan to seize the moment" ​She quickly cut off the link, for there was no time to deal with their protests. The Lords were already divided about the proposed crusade, and she was not really in their favor. She didn't care what those wholesome droids thought, if they wanted to remain hidden in their base and let the galaxy pass them by, so be it. She, on the other hand, wanted to jump start a crusade of technological domination, where the droids and the cyborgs ruled the galaxy. Here is where the Lords feared her superior programmed thinking, were she had already surpassed those rusting buckets of bolts and poorly crafted circuits; she was the epitome of everything they could never achieve. Until, of course, they let their faulty programming reroute itself and come to the understanding she was right.

​When her ship fell out of the hyperspace lane, she commanded the small freighter to halt it's advance. The beacon would undoubtedly draw the organics with rescuing hearts to the frigate that was floating like a dead husk through space. Where they wanted to save the survivors, if any existed, she wanted to turn them into something more glorifying; and in the process steal whatever worthy technology from the ship.

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