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  • Intent: To create a central hub of lore for the Warlords of the Sith for new/current members to refer to when developing their character’s stories​
  • Image Credit: TBA​
  • Canon:​
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  • Organization Name(s):​
    • Galactic Basic Name: Warlords of the Sith
    • ur-Kittât “Sith” Name: Tsisajak Chwayatottoi
    • Direct Translation Name: Rule of the Sith Doctrine (Code)
    • Shorthand Name(s):
      • The Sith Warlords
      • Kaggath Warlords
      • Lords of Sepulcher
  • Classification: Feudal Kraterocratic Covenant of Sith Lords​
  • Affiliation:​
  • Organization Symbol: [See Historical Information For More]
  • Description:​
    • Warlords of the Sith are a Feudal Sith Covenant of several Sith Warlords bound by a common allegiance to the propagation, adherence, and veneration of the Sith Code itself above any Dark Lord or Imperial Doctrine.​
    • They are bound by a sacred Covenant of Blood to uphold the Sith Code in its every facet, even it's emphasis on kraterocratic adversarial rivalries - as they believe this breads stronger Sith who have attained their strength through earned power and not the inheritance of rank by Imperial or gifted favor.​
    • As an organization they are less a unified behemoth with an expansive bureaucracy and more of a decentralized feudal network of Sith Lords who work in tandem with their vassals; as well as a powerful and independent non-Force User political administration of Sith Barons and Sith Battle Chapter Commanders.​
  • Hierarchy:​
  • Concept of "Separate Powers":​
    • Within the Warlords of the Sith is the concept of the "Separate Powers" - the secular and the Sith​
    • The Sith Lords are overseers, shadowy, and detached Feudal Lords that control their domains of power via vassal allegiances under their purview​
    • However, unlike the Imperial manifestations of the Sith they are not in direct control with titles, ranks, and other decorations of Empire​
    • Instead the Sith Lords delegate these administrative functions to the separate sphere of power - the Sith Barons​
    • The Sith Barons, under the auspices of the Grand Executor are in charge of foreign and economic policy, policing, security, military administration, and political intrigue - they are the masters of their domain, the very machinery of the Feudal Covenant the Sith Lords over see​
    • This is done so the Sith can concentrate on being Sith and the Non-Sith are given their just place within the administration, instead of subjugating them as mindless cogs in destructive machine​
    • Sith Overlord:​
      • The Sith Overlord of the Warlords of the Sith is a hybrid position of elected power​
      • Both, Lord of the Warlord's Kabal, Master of the Sith Battle Chapters, and High Priest(ess) of the Sith Code​
      • Their power is gained through political cunning, power in the Dark Side, and coercive election by the other Sith Warlords​
      • Political Intrigue, rival machinations, and the threat of overthrow (as the Sith Code dictates) is a constant threat for those who become Sith Overlord​
      • As a result they are always watchful of the courtly feudal schemes within the Warlord's Kabal and the Baron's Court​
      • Shadow Hand of the Overlord:​
        • Perhaps the only true (if sometimes not) ally the Sith Overlord possesses is their chosen hand, the Shadow Hand​
        • The Shadow Hand is both Spy Master and Dark Enforcer, they watch the Sith Barons and the other Sith Warlords and report directly back to the Sith Overlord​
        • Such a position is coveted, as the holder of this office has direct ear to the Sith Overlord themselves​
        • But, beware, a hand in the shadows is oft hard to see...or control​
    • Warlord's Kabal:
      • Sith Warlords:
        • TBA
      • Sith Archetypes:
        • TBA
      • The Dark Brood (College of Sith Knights):
        • TBA
        • Sith Acolytes:
          • TBA
    • Grand Executor:
      • TBA
    • The Baron's Court:
      • TBA
      • Sith Barons:
        • TBA
  • Membership:​
  • Climate: [ Friendly local business? Czerka style intrigue? Are you at risk of expiring just by checking in at work? Describe what kind of feel your organization has from the inside. ]​
  • Reputation: [ How do people see this organization from the outside? Beloved? Distrusted? Wary or neutral? Describe your organization’s reputation here. ]​
  • Curios: [ Do the members of your group have any special item, marking or trinket that designates their membership? Something that only those part of this group would have access to or possession of? Examples are tattoos, amulets, rings, books of faith, etc. ]​
  • Rules: [ Most organizations follow some set of rules. Maybe the Resol’nare, the Jedi Code, etc. Does this group have any religious beliefs? Philosophies? ]​
  • Goals: [ What are the goals of this organization? Future plans for expansion? Collection of information? Providing education to those who seek it in certain skills? Supporting charitable works? For all intents and purposes, this is your in-character intent with this organization. ]​
[ Mention any notable PCs or NPCs that are part of this organization and their role/title/position within it - alternatively link to a blog post with this information if you would like to keep an active player roster. You may also request a sub mod to add/remove members. Link any relevant characters or NPC submissions. ]​

[ Include a description of the organization's history. Who started it, how and why it was formed, modus operandi, any events tied into its creation and existence, etc. ]​
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