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Wanted Alive: Ra'a'mah Numare

Kainan Wolfe

Shadow of War
- Name of Bounty: [member="Ra'a'mah"] Numare
- Name of Contractor: Darth Tacitus, Shrouded Republic
- Bounty Price: 1.000.000 Credits
- Condition: Alive
- Exclusivity: N/A
- Additional Info: In accordance with the legislation of the Shrouded Republic, as set forth by the Assembly of Shrouds under the supervision of the Overlord, a formal arrest warrant is hereby issued against individual going by the name of Ra'a'mah Numare. This individual is accused of serious crimes against the Shrouded Republic and is considered an extremely dangerous Force sensitive. The charges brought against the accused, are listed as the following:
  • High treason
  • Conspiracy to commit treason against the state
  • Orchestration of terrorist and other subversive activities
  • Illegal use of state assets
  • Multiple counts of murder
  • Abuse of power in office
  • Resistance to apprehension by lawful authorities
This individual is believed to be operating from a base on Vjun. The bounty is set at one million credits and the condition is that the target be captured and brought alive before the authorities of the Shrouded Republic and the Overlord on the planet of Nelvaan, so that she may face justice for her crimes.

Karacan Rigten

[member="Darth Tacitus"]


What'd you do Kat

This is Ferron, President of Kuat Drive Yards. As an avid believer in Justice and Law, Kuat Orbital Array and Kuat Security will act in service to the Shrouded Republic for the apprehension of this Criminal. If we detain this Criminal, they will be questioned and adhered to only Murder charged standards of a holding cell. This is to imply we will not torture for treason. Once sighted, the Shrouded Republic will be alerted, and once transport is ready.... a small escort will be prepared, but assumed the Shrouded Republic will send additional Escort. Rewards are unnecessary for Justice.

Kainan Wolfe

Shadow of War
[member="Ferron Troste"] Torturing the prisoner will not be required. The authorities of the Shrouded Republic simply request that the wanted individual be apprehended and delivered to them, so that she may stand trial in a court of law and face justice for her crimes. Be warned that the individual is considered extremely dangerous and we advise precautions. Measures such as Ysalamiri or other Force dampening methods, may be required to contain her. Escort will include two Star Destroyers.

Kainan Wolfe

Shadow of War
[member="Braith Achlys"]

Feel free to have fun, then. Just bring her in a somewhat intact condition. I need her alive and conscious so I can make an example of her. Did I also mention she went from being Sith, to a Lightsider?
What does a sniper and artist have in common, deta
I've probably come to this way to late but if she is not captured by the first two I'll give it a shot [member="Darth Tacitus"]

Kuat Drive Yards

Driven To Excel
[member="Darth Tacitus"]

//Message sent to Shrouded Republic, authorized location
//Encryption: High

//From: Kuat Drive Yards
//To: Shrouded Republic

Attention Shrouded Republic, this is Kuat Drive Yards. Ra'a'mah has been located and detained. However, we are currently in Commenor Systems Alliance Territory. It is advised you do not cross over into CSA Territory during this time, as this may cause conflicts between KDY and CSA. To keep things safe, an Imperial II-class Frigate along with a small escort will meet you at the designated coordinates encrypted in this message. The coordinates are at the edge of CSA space. We will leave comms open for one response, but then we will go silent for safety precautions. If you hear from us before we reach the rendezvous, firstly authenticate it, and secondly it may mean we had a mission failure.

Kuat Drive Yards
Kuat Security Forces Ship Captain Alfred Comsky
Presidents Private Captain


//Message End

Entrance to the thread is legal. Interaction is restricted to communication with Captain Comsky. Physical interaction via ships into CSA space will incur CSA interference.


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
[member="Darth Tacitus"],

An encrypted message was sent out to the Shrouded Republic from somewhere out in the deep parts of space,

It was a recording from a perspective of a droid, showing a woman in force cuffs and a polymer hood being lead into a bleak room covered in armored dark walls and a large sarcophagus-like tube in the center. The woman would be unmasked, revealing Ra's visage underneath.

"Kainan Wolfe, known as Darth Traction or whatever it was,"

HK spoke up in the recording as Ra was lead inside the containment unit prepared for her,

"I have heard you placed a bounty on one of my old acquaintances, Ra. Unfortunately for her, you, me, and just anyone involved, it seems I have captured her first when she came to seek my aid, without realizing that hiding her nature as a Force User, and training from a Sith, is a very heavy crime within Droid Space. I understand you wanted brought her in alive, but punishment for such severe breaking of Droid Law, and my trust, is death. I hope you will understand then when I will say that in comparison to Droid Law, I consider organic law to be merely make-belief nonsense. May this recording of Ra's death, and her judgement before, bring you enough closure."

With that she would have been forced inside the tube by the droids who freed her from her restraints but stayed guard so she would not be able to escape. Ra would have said her last words and then her execution would be shown. It would have been a quick but painful process in which she was showered and covered in hot molten metal inside the tube, burning her alive and turning her body to ash as the metal clung to her bones.

"Darth Tracy, please welcome the newest addition to my court, the Lady of Honesty, I will keep her near me as a reminder about what happens to those who lie and keep secrets from me, and those who try to involve me in such trifle matters as low bounties of petty organic governments."

The sarcophagus was opened, her body shaped roughly by droid lightsabers and reanimated using an outer framework of hydraulic muscles and a droid brain that controlled her like a puppet. The recording would end with her being lead out of the chamber to be reshaped and augmented.

The message would also contain recording of Ra's trial and the judgement passed on her by the machines, starting with her entering the hall where the judgement took place, again from HK's perspective, and ending with her being knocked out and taken to the dungeons.

Kainan Wolfe

Shadow of War

The message has been received and the outcome was found to be satisfactory. We thank you for your contribution for the cause of building a galaxy that obeys the rule of law. The reward for the perpetrator's capture and execution has been wired to your account.