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 Vesta / Mori

Admittedly haven't followed much of Vesta's story, but I've always enjoyed what I've read of her. You put a lot of dedication and patience into your writing which is something I personally struggle with at times-- so when I see it done well, like in your case, I certainly admire it! Well done.

P.S. Your art style has always been on point.
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Real talk though, I’m a fan of reading Mori’s content and think she’s a very complex character that’s been developed well. The way she strives to truly be that which is Sith and the way she handles her emotions and various obstacles is very based. Keep up the great storytelling!

Edit: As Yula Perl Yula Perl said, your art is sick. Take photoshop commissions?

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Darth Mori Darth Mori

I enjoyed writing with you in the Jakku raid, even if I was in way over my head. You have a good style that conveys your character very well. I also recall seeing you around when the character's account was just called Vesta, and your playby was that guy from the show that Quinn Varanin is also from, uhhh, Sabrina? And I thought you stood out then too.

One thing I would say is that I don't see a whole lot of difference between Mori and Braith. They are mother and daughter, so some similarities are to be expected, but they even seem to have the same motivations and goals and way of doing things. You recently brought Braith back, so I don't know if you're planning something there, or if it's just a matter of you having a certain "type" of character you enjoy writing. But I tend to look at it as "if you want to write a character who is like Braith, why not just write Braith?"

Anyway, cool aesthetics.
they've already nailed it, complex and true to form 100% easy to bounce off of as a struggling apprentice with forming views. you do evil well without dipping into cliche or corny, its nice to write with.


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Starlin Rand Starlin Rand
Hey, I am glad you noticed that(The similarities)! I have actually established a very complicated (probably overcomplicated) storyline for Braith over the last ~6 years (she's a really old character) and her run as Sith!Braith & Darth Alekto were actually an alter ego of hers, and she was actually very different as a character from where she was before I decided to go Sith with Braith, so I wanted to explore the a story with a newer character (that I was making anyways) if they started out the way Braith had ended up as.

Regarding bringing Braith back, though, I brought her back as I initially started writing her, so she isn't some villainous personality like I made her out to be when I started veering her towards becoming a Sith, which has to do with the circumstances around her resurrection and the manner in which I brought her back the last time.

Here's the gist of it: I killed Braith back in ~2018 (i might be mistaking dates) to introduce another character (Irina Volkov/Darth Ananta) that was going to act as a way for me to acclimate to being gone from the board for about a year and then brought her back when I had a good idea of what I wanted to do with her, but the process in which she died there and how I brought her back basically split Braith into two distinct identities, one which was brought back and went Sith, the other (original) which stayed mostly dormant/dead with the character that killed her; she is returning now as the original identity, which is a witch lady that isn't really aware of how things work in the modern era and also isn't strictly dark sided and doesn't necessarily like Sith ideology or any dark side ideology.

tl;dr: Similarities are intentional, character models part of her behavior after her parents, but Braith is actually 2 people and the one I brought back is only vaguely evil, and that's more or less by association.
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I've always loved Vesta as a reader and interacting with her. The struggles she goes through and is dealing with feel so real. She's definately a character you want to root for/fall in love with/live to hate and all of the above. I enjoyed fighting her with Allyson and the interactions with Quinn from their romance to where they are now. Vesta has molded Quinn in so many ways and you've molded me as a writer just from interactions. Please never change and only continue to crush the aesthetic game and bbg mode :) Darth Mori Darth Mori