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Verifying Check-Ins

Good afternoon all.

For this current and all future faction check ins, staff will be checking to ensure each and every character has been participating ICly either through RPs, training or development threads.

Characters who are deemed not to be active will not be eligible to check in and will be removed from the check in.

This is an additional requirement in addition to the others listed in that thread.

Verification will begin today. Factions have until the 31st to replace removed check ins with new members who qualify.


@[member="Tegaea Alcori"]
Uhh, just a quick note.
We've only been a faction for roughly 15 days to the check-in.
So - yeah, not everyone is exactly going to be doing stuff yet. :/ Our first dominion doesn't even start until the first week of next month.

I can personally vouch for and prove the IC and OOC involvement and contributions of the following members:
@[member="Javir Strilla"] - Making Armors, Undergoing Training, Participating in a Dev Thread
@[member="Black Phoenix"] - Undergoing Training, Participating in a Dev Thread
@[member=Jeff Solaris"] - Undergoing Training
@[member="Orion"] - Organized Fleet
@[member="Tahl"] - LOA
@[member="Jacques Cavill"] - Faction Staff, LOA
@[member="Gar Tanaris"] - Participating in a Faction Thread
@[member="Lyra Uporg"] - It's... complicated xD
@[member="Alachei Mnemenos"]

The thing I was most disappointed with was the thread in your faction where you basically created a thread so people could spam up to the 50 required posts.

You still have a week. If you get your people moving with some involved faction or public RPs we will look kindly on that and let them count towards check in.


@[member="Tegaea Alcori"]
I stand by the list of people I can vouch for for the reasons listed with proof saved for submission.
What disappoints me is how I've been encouraged, rather frequently, to post in the Games spam section to meet the requirement, so if there is a difference it is very vague. :/
PS: I still think it's not fair to be judged as the others are, with half the time the others had to do things that can be judged.
You were a faction before you came Major, @[member="Alachei Mnemenos"], and those would have counted had there been any.

We were perhaps at fault to put a simple post limit on, as it encourages people to do the minimum to reach the check in standards. Thus, this new verification. It's not aimed at any faction, but perhaps your thread just highlighted a concern.

So, as I said, you have a week. Get people into RPs and you'll pass the check in. Simple.


Yeah. The difference is we needed 3 people, of which I was one, not seven. But I won't waste any more of your time. I can try but a lot of people are on leaves, and others are doing what they can both IC and OOC. We're just not ready. Had we been given an actual month, probably... but as it stands currently, I am uncertain.

Ayden Cater

Grumpy Goat
I have to say, the timing of this is really poor form. There was no notice to its implementation, nor was there any spelling out the rules and expectations there in. This is as unfair for factions (particularly small factions) as it is for staff. If this is going to be done in the future, I suggest you ask for an example thread be posted at check-in. As it stands, suddenly dropping the load of verification on the staff seems unfair.

Next time, a little warning would be nice.


Disney Princess
@[member="Ayden Cater"] Sounds like this was something that came up during their voice conference today. I think we're just out of the loop. I guess somebody cried foul about something. *shrugs*
@[member="Ayden Cater"]

Check ins are to determine a faction's viability and strength. It came to our attention that multiple factions were being propped up by alts who had done nothing for their faction but post in the last check in.
Thus, here we are.

I will point out that several smaller factions passed these conditions easily. You still have a week to demonstrate increased activity.

@[member="Jay Scott Clark"]
It did indeed come up in the staff voice chat. The point being that there's no purpose in having a faction survive because people post once for the faction then vanish. We want to see all factions show they can be active.

We will grant leeway if effort is shown this week, but this is a chance for you to rally your people and spur them on.
I am experimenting. You have been given plenty of warning. Everyone knows we do monthly check ins.

Everyone also knows there's a huge amount of inactive characters that seem to only crop up around check-in time.

Alechai, your faction is to be granted an exemption from failing this check in, but I still want an accurate count of your actively role-played members.