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Veni, Vidi.... (Kiskla/DragonsFlame)

The Charir Siksta. A gang that had been running rampant around Coruscant's undercity for months now. Obviously, someone had to take care of it.

For the last day or so, Jedi Masters Joshua DragonsFlame and Kiskla Grayson had been doing their research. Finding places they frequented, trying to figure out their crimes... What to charge them for... And what ways they would be able to best find them.

Josh had heard of allegations of slave trafficking, which of course was illegal under Republic law. There was also gang violence, which was a given, mugging of peoples walking around the undercity of Coruscant, murder, attempted murder, drug trafficking, prostitution, and other things. The problem is, they couldn't prove it. This is where the undercover part of their plan would come in.

Josh and Kiskla had managed to find one of their outposts. Not their headquarters, but it was a start toward finding it, that was for sure. Josh wasn't unfamiliar with busting gangs in this fashion. He remembered his time with "Cery", otherwise known to the Jedi as the late Asha Seren, where they had pulled a similar mission. He just hoped this would be as easy as the last gang was... Of course, rumors said this gang was much more dangerous then many that had been seen before, so this might not be so.

Josh looked over at Kiskla, while sitting on the bed of his dorm in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, which he sparingly used. They were just finishing locating the coordinates of the Charir outpost, and Josh sent Kiskla what he had found via his datapad. Once that was done, he started looking through dossiers... Typing in a name familiar to him. Finding it, he made sure that the dossier he was looking for hadn't been hijacked, or worse, removed in the case that someone had worked out that it was him.

A smirk crossed his face. Everything looked to be in order....

Jonathan Chadwick Siegner

AGE: 21
WEIGHT: 215 Pounds
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Black
SKIN: Fair/Caucasian

An orphan from Tatooine, Jonathan Siegner, otherwise known by his nickname "Jose", is a mercenary commonly located on the planet Coruscant. Reports say he lived in a Coruscanti Slums home alongside Cerenyi "Cery" Vaux, up until Cery's disappearance in November. Reports say that he has had ties to the Coruscanti Branch of the gang known as The Syndicate, alongside Cery, although both Jose and Cery disappeared when that branch was dissolved by two Jedi, by the names of Jedi Master Joshua DragonsFlame, and the late Asha Seren. Since then, the home has been vacated, with infrequent visits by Siegner. The last time Siegner was spotted was in an illegal podracing competition, which was won by a Jedi by the name of Gherron Vael. While no proof that he has committed crimes, aside from his supposed association with The Syndicate before that branch was dissolved, exists, Jonathan Siegner is considered Mild - Dangerous, and is known for his skill with a vibroblade. He is also known to carry a greatsword on his back, and his skill with it makes him a dangerous individual.

Good, he hadn't been found out. With that, Josh put the datapad away and fished out the kit he'd brought along with him. He walked out of the room, leaving Kiskla alone while he went to get ready...

@[member="Kiskla Grayson"]
Kiskla had only once or twice gone undercover, but the methodologies behind it all intrigued her. To be completely honest, it was difficult for a person like her to successfully intercept something undetected. Not only was she loud, but she had a tendency to draw attention; whether the reasons be right or wrong. Her agreement to assist her fellow Jedi Master could either be a hindrance, or an invaluable asset. She was confident it'd be the latter, considering her affiliation with brutes of this type in her youth.

"Talk about well informed," Kiskla muttered as she reviewed the transferred files.

Like a teenager, she sat cross legged on the mattress, scrolling through the datapad and basically absorbed in the compiled information the two had compiled. Kiskla was not an analytical person, so this part of the methods were exceptionally boring and tedious to her. She was concentrating, however, and was distracted by the rustling noises from her companion. Her light eyes hesitantly lifted from the final sentence of information, catching the flare of @[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]'s robe as he exited the room with something under his arm.

His disappearance sparked her curiosity, and she was intrigued instantly as to how he would return. Or rather, who he would return as. They had tossed ideas back and forth for some time, discussing clandestine identities and whatnot; it was obvious the blonde mistress of The Force was going to have to somehow conceal her tell-tale blonde hair although she hadn't been terrible involved in Coruscant's underbelly. The last time she had, her features had been concealed by a bulky leather jacket and a balaclava over her visage. Other times, she had sent her Padawans on a mission to unearth the goings ons of the underground.
Within a couple of minutes, a gloved hand was placed on her shoulder. "Boo" a rough and deep voice sounded in her ear.

Behind her was.... Well, it certainly didn't look like DragonsFlame. This man's jet black hair was a little longer, bangs over one of his eyes. The man had a bit of a rough, shaggy look, as opposed to Josh's slightly cleaner look. He was wearing a large black leather jacket, with a dark blue t-shirt under it. Actually, if he hadn't come out of the bathroom that Josh had just entered minutes before.


Below the belt, he was wearing what seemed to be trackpants, and steel toed boots. On said belt, was a vibroblade. On the man's back was a sheath, holding a rather large looking sword. How the man was able to hold the blasted thing on his back so easily was a mystery.


The man flashed her a handsome smirk as she turned. "Well, cut me pleasantly surprised. I show up and the first thing I see is a beautiful woman" he said, brushing the bang from his eye a bit. "What do you think?" he asked, with an amused grin, taking the hand clad in black gloves off her shoulder.

@[member="Kiskla Grayson"]
A familiar precognitive tingle down her spine warned her not to jump at the unwarranted touch. Her gaze moved from datapad to the now dark-haired Jedi Master behind her. Her face betrayed her placid reaction to his commentary, and she gave @[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"] a deadpan look.

"Okay," she stated, rising to her feet and rolling the hem of her sleeves as she considered the implications of this assignment. "What's your plan again, your position and mine?" She knew what they had agreed on, but it was essential they remained on the same page; especially if they were taking precautions to secure their identities. Something Kiskla did every day, even in this moment the Art of the Small was working in her favour to conceal her trademark tattoos that linked her blood back to Kiffu's royal family.
He smirked as she near no sold the dramatic change, and the joking flirt as well, but he expected as much. They had a mission to do. He cracked his neck as he considered their plan. Though it was similar to the one with the Syndicate, he wondered if they would be able to hold their disguises as well with a larger organization. Ample time had gone since the Syndicate branch's fall, Siegner had disappeared enough that nobody would suspect his involvement in the Syndicate's fall, perhaps thinking maybe he went into hiding when they were hunted down.

"We'll be pretending to join their ranks under new identities" he explained, adjusting his collar. "Simple, really. Might need to get our hands dirty depending on how badly we're being monitored. The plan here is to gain evidence of their crimes, gain their trust enough that we can find their real headquarters, and when we have the evidence we need, and the location we need.... This..."

He pointed down at himself. "Goes home. To a little place the Republic's set aside for me in the slums to use as a safehouse when I'm undercover, so if I'm being watched, I can go there as Jonathan until the heat dies off, before leaving through a secret entrance as Josh. We head there, we make sure we're not being watched.... Then make it look like they've gone to bed, and we exit through the secret entrance as Josh and Kiskla. We then storm the headquarters, make our arrests, and overall take down the gang. And if that doesn't end them right then and there, it'll deliver a blow so severe that it'll send them scattering. After that, it's only a matter of hunting down the stragglers so they can't reform the gang"

@[member="Kiskla Grayson"]