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Approved Location Vandiir Consolidated Stadium - Home of the Geonosis Gnasps

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Zahori Denko

  • Intent: To give the Geonosis Gnasps a home
  • ​Image Credit: This site
  • Canon: N/A
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  • Structure Name: Vandiir Consolidated Stadium
  • Classification: Sports stadium
  • Location: Geonosis
  • Affiliation: Galactic Shockball League
  • Accessibility: The stadium is located in the middle of one of Geonosis' many barrens. Finding it is rather easy as it's a giant metal stadium in the middle of a sea of dirt and sand.
  • Description: Vandiir Consolidated Stadium, also known as 'The Hive' by fans, is a unique kind of shockball stadium. The buildings stands several stories high and covers a large area. The stadium is made with an advanced ventilation system as the owners are well aware of the heat that plagues the area outside the stadium and want nothing but comfort for the fans. The dome sports a retractable roof should the day be cooler than the normal for Geonosis, but is normally kept closed. It's made of glasteel for the natural lighting.
VIP Boxes - There are 30 VIP boxes across the stadium. They are located between the middle and upper stands. You can tell where they were because of their crystal clear glass and the men in flashy suits behind them. The VIP boxes are top of the line when it comes to luxury. The fresh carpeting and wood on the floor provides to ultimate in comfort and style. Several displays showing close-up views of the game from multiple angles hang from the ceiling. To top off the VIP experience, a full bar is within each box and a master chef droid to cook whatever one's heart could desire.

Owner's Boxes- The Owner's Box is only a slight step up from the VIP boxes. They contain all a VIP box does with the added luxury of a private spaceport solely for use by team owners and their families.



The Galactic Shockball League was quick to adding yet another team to their roster, the Geonosis Gnasps. Construction was rather odd for this team's stadium as building a stadium in the middle of a barren wasteland came with some complications that the GSL hadn't ran into before. However, before construction could start, a sponsor for the stadium had to be found. The commissioner managed to attract the attention of [member="Adrian Vandiir"] and his company. After the meeting between the two, he signed the contract that would give the Gnasps' stadium the funding it needed to be built.

The stadium immediately went under construction and, after several weeks, the stadium was complete and prepared for the start of the shockball season.
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