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Approved Tech Utai Cuprate Reactor

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To boldly alchemize what no one alchemized before

A few Utai Cuprate Reactors


  • Name: Utai Cuprate Reactor
  • Manufacturer: Utai Magic Circle (alchemical treatment)
  • Affiliation: Closed-Market
  • Homeworld: Utapau (base crystal)

  • Production: Semi-unique
  • Modularity: No
  • Material: Alchemized cuprate
  • Classification: Crystal
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Resistances
    Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): High

  • Kinetic: Low

  • Lightsabers: Average

  • Other: EMP/ion: High

  • Other: Sonic: Low

  • Other: Electricity-based Force-powers: Extreme

  • Other: Force-light: None

  • Other: Disruptors: None

Color: Black

  • Superconductor
  • Ability to ground electricity-based Force-powers, such as Force-lightning, Ionize and Electric Judgment
  • Enhanced electricity-based Force-powers within 5m of the crystal
  • Superconducting
  • High resistance against energy weapons, such as EMP/ion and blasters
  • Can ground electricity-based Force-powers
  • Can enhance electricity-based Force-powers within 5m of the crystal
  • Brittle: it has very limited resistance to kinetic attacks
  • Its crystalline structure can be disrupted by sonic attacks, rendering it vulnerable to sonic weapons
  • Vulnerable to disruptors
  • Force-light: exposure to Force-light can remove its alchemical properties. If Force-light is used on a Reactor while the Reactor contains energy from electricity-based Force-powers, the Reactor will discharge that energy indiscriminately
  • Prolonged exposure to heat can cause it to lose its superconductivity until its temperature drops below its critical temperature
  • Force-nullifiers: The presence of Force-nullifiers can render the Utai Cuprate Reactor nothing more than an ordinary cuprate crystal.
  • Presence: Force-imbuement presence means that unless you somehow hide it, Force-users can detect the crystal.
  • Force-guzzling: With higher throughputs comes higher expenditures of Force-energy: it will effectively double Force-energy consumption when actively using electricity-based Force-powers within 5m of the crystal
The Utai Cuprate Reactor is borne from the realization that alchemy can be used to render a rare cuprate crystal, native to Utapau, capable of grounding electricity-based Force-powers, while simultaneously enhancing the wielder's ability to use electricity-based Force-powers. That ability comes at a cost: the crystal is heavier than the base crystal. When used in a lightsaber, the Utai Cuprate Reactor produces a black blade, which otherwise has the same geometrical characteristics as other lightsaber blades. Despite this, the Utai Cuprate Reactor has its load of weaknesses: kinetic weapons, sonic weapons and disruptors, to name the main ones that are readily exploitable, thanks to its brittleness. Plus there are other liabilities of the base crystal that haven't been addressed by the alchemical process: as a result of the alchemical process, there has been no change in its critical temperature (even when only cuprate crystals with the highest critical temperatures are chosen for alchemical treatment) above which it loses its superconductivity.

In addition, exposure to Force-light can remove the alchemical properties from the Reactor. Should the Reactor contain energy from electricity-based Force-powers when Force-light is used on it, the energy is then released indiscriminately around the crystal, potentially causing hazards to objects or people around it. And finally, as with all things alchemical, the Utai Cuprate Reactor comes with all the usual weaknesses of alchemy: Force-nullifiers, Force-presence, to name the main ones.
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