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Intent: To create a light walker for Protectorate and Independent use
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Corellian Arms
Model: Urban Recon Walker
Affiliation: Omega Protectorate / Independent
Modularity: Limited
Production: Minor Production
Material: Durasteel
Description: A performance review discovered a glaring hole in Protectorate deployments. Their deployment options jumped from troops and speeders to the colossal AT-SE walker. Needing a middle ground, the Urban Recon Walker was made. At more than half the size, the Urban Recon Walker was designed with both military and civilian interests in mind. Two common configurations are used. The first has a powerful repeating blaster cannon to shred infantry, though its power can be reduced for non-lethal fire. As well, it sports a TAG launcher, which affixes a target with a small tracking bug, useful for tracking fleeing targets or marking targets for artillery fire.

The second configuration sports only a simple dual laser cannon, but comes with a pair of unguided rocket pods for wide assaults. Non-lethal tear canisters can also be fired from the launchers, offering police and paramilitary forces a strong non-lethal option. Both configurations have com links and com link jammers, though the use of the latter prevents the use of the former. As a result, Urban Recon Walkers are typically deployed in hunter pairs on the battlefield. When loaded onto dropships for transport, the Urban Recon Walker assumes a 'crouched' position for easier deployment.

While more than capable of standing up to and repelling small arms blaster fire, the Urban Recon Walker is noticeably vulnerable to explosive weaponry, particularly around the leg joints. As with the vast majority of vehicles, it's also vulnerable to strong ion attacks and lightsaber blows.

Role: Reconnaissance
Height: 7.6 meters (Standing), 3.9 (Crouching)
Length: 3.9 meters
Width: 5.4 meters
Weight: 11.5 metric tons
Minimum Crew: 1
Optimal Crew: 2
Propulsion: Bipedal
Top Speed: 95 km/h

Prime Configuration:
  • Two A-Type Pods: Two Blaster Cannons
  • One B-Type Pod: One Heavy Laser Cannon & One Grenade Launcher
Configuration A:
  • Two A-Type Pods: One Ion Cannon & One Laser Cannon
  • One B-Type Pod: Two Heavy Laser Cannons
​Configuration B:
  • Two A-Type Pods: Long-Range Sensor Suite
  • One B-Type Pod: One Repeating Laser Cannon
Configuration C:
  • Two A-Type Pods: One Rocket Launcher
  • One B-Type Pod: TAG Launcher
Passenger Capacity: 0
Cargo Capacity: 200 kgs
Misc. Equipment:

  • Com Link
  • Com Link Jammer
  • Standard Navigation System
  • Standard Sensor Suite


Null Prime
I suppose a Locust is a good image for a Star Wars walker. One of the lightest and most spindly looking 'Mechs out there. Though, the old-school, unseen art might be better...

In any case, can you add something that describes the walker's defenses, such as an estimation of how durable it is?

Please tag me in your reply. Thanks!
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