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Approved NPC [UNIT] 212th Attack Battalion

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  • Intent: To provide Avoim Oeymo and the Rebel Alliance another ground based unit.
  • Image Credit: Wookiepedia
  • Role: Elite Ground Troop Corps
  • Links: [member="Avoim Oeymo"], The Rebel Alliance

[*]Ground Vehicles

  • Availability: Unique
  • Deployment: Minor
  • Strengths & Weaknesses:
    Loyal: This unit is loyal to Avoim Oeymo and the Rebel Alliance above all. They are comprised of only the most loyal troops in the Rebellion.
  • Efficient: The standard training of a Rebel soldier is streamlined and made more efficient in this unit, training them in multiple different combative techniques that the average soldier does not need.
  • Aging Armor: The Armor design is ancient, whilst it the unit had the option to upgrade, they chose to stay with their fore-bearer's clone armor style.
  • Young: This is a relatively new unit with no real battle testing to them, though they are chosen from the elite, there is still some room to grow.

[*]Description: This unit was reformed by Jedi Master Avoim Oeymo following his entrance into the Rebel Alliance. He saw the standard training as adequate but knew that there could be improvements, after scouting out some of the best in the Alliance the Jedi Master put together a training regiment for them, which they still use to this day. The unit functions in several layers, with an air component, and a ground vehicle component in addition to their typical ground units. Air Unit is named Hawkbat Unit and the Ground Vehicle Unit is known as Foxtrot Company. All vehicles have the Orange stripes on them denoting their affiliation with the unit. Avoim chose to rebuild the 212th because he had read history books of their strength during the Clone Wars and sought to rebuild that and hopefully make their name as legendary as it once was again.
  • Hawkbat unit is the battalion's dedicated air wing, transported alongside the 212th in the Tython's Hope, they utilize the fighter craft aboard the Hope to support the ground element in two main ways: Close Air Support and Transportation over long distances. These pilots also tend to work with the standard pilots aboard the Hope to provide Fighter support in all other situations.
The Golden Rule
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Hello there,

This battalion is written as being a unique elite unit with enhanced training, so I'd like to see the deployment level reduced to minor.
The Golden Rule
[member="Avoim Oeymo"]

Thank you for the edits.

Looking through this again, I see that the unit has some starfighters (X-wing, Y-wing) attached to the unit. Is this for a dedicated air group within the battalion, and if so, then could you expand upon their role in the description?
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