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Approved NPC Unaga Ike

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Baifa Monü Zhuan


  • Age: 73
  • Force Sensitivity: Force Sensitive but untrained
  • Species: Human
  • Appearance: Tall with pale skin, her hair is black and scented with oils. Her eyes are like small black pools and she is usually wearing a skylar kimono with ornate fabrics for her position within the Atrisian court.

[*]Skills: Deduction, Criminal Procedure, Intuition (latent force sensitivity comes off as highly developed sense of intuition for people or situations)
[*]Personality: Overly critical, passionate with a cold nature
  • Weapon of Choice: Jar'kai Blades
  • Combat Function: Normally not seeing combat without a squad of soldiers and investigators. Chamberlain Ike is a judicial investigator overseeing the police forces and so spends most of her time in an office rarely practicing her combat stylings from her youth. IN combat against skilled users she might last for awhile but age and moderate skill won't keep one alive for long.
Born into the Ike family of Atrisia, something special to some but seen as a duty to Unaga who was given the name of her grandmother to honor her.... a stronger family name that went back far longer then most knew. She set about in her life starting as most did by joining the military and the Yovshin swordsmen... Learning the skills of Jar'kai and warriors code of honor on atrisia.

Then she met who would be her husband, an official at court who fancied her family name and wealth.... Not a prude but not really interested she married him as it seemed a decent match and she wasn't one to care about.... relations. He wanted the wealth that she could provide and to bump his own status up.. she wanted a husband who wouldn't get in the way of what she wanted to do.

Eventually though her position and talents led to a small discovery, she was good at getting information but not a spy. More she worked internal investigations for the military... seeing that honor was settled in many cases and this brought her to some attention within the royal family. Seeing an old friend who had come to be the Emperor's concubine. She didn't use the position to get ahead but impressed with her skills.

She was named a chief investigator for the time and saw the rise of others, falling away with her family as many did when Atrisia's royal family was being wiped out and then taken over by a forgeign power with the One Sith. Unaga was careful and worked to protect others instead of seizing and claiming her own power. She continued to serve the emperorand his family ascending to a trusted position over time.

With the Galactic Alliance and Shoma Ike in a position her youngest would be able to properly handle situations while she continued to investigate and hold to court over becoming just an aging detective. Unaga has worked with her daughter Junko to ensure that things are protected and when her former childhood friend ascended to empress with the well disappearance of any pretenders she was able to investigate problems in Jar'kai.

Unaga has with time and the help of ones such as [member="Shoma Ike"] rebuilt on Atrisia after the unfortunate take over. The people turning against and working to cast out the pretenders who would and who had betrayed them all as soon as someone else. The yovshin and others were dishonored, sent away from the planet, Shoma being one of the GA"s diplomats proved helpful as they received news of where the false emperor had gone.

With that news they were able to engage in and build up a number of other projects. Rebuilding on the planet, she investigated Firemane and [member="Siobhan Kerrigan"] mostly determining and leaving them be. Despite them being a foreign presence on the world they were helpful, they offered help when it was needed and hadn't demanded a pound of flesh in return. THeir input for the future could prove beneficial as she reported to others.

Next came working with and finding some fo the clans like the Tagashi clan led by [member="Darkhold"], an ancient clan that was in the outer regions from the capital city. [member="Nine Lives"] and her clan a daughter of Atrisia who had reappeared and her clan had remained loyal in everything. [member="Kurenai Yumi"] of her house proved highly effective in defending the planet as well so restoration efforts would hopefully prove the most effective.

Her continued work with other members of the Atrisian court was important enough, she would investigate some of the regions for structures they could start to rebuild and rumors of dangerous situations or beings on the planet. Then call in the military should they require it. Reconstruction on schools and cities while they were trying to fix up areas that had been attacked with the destruction of the city.
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