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Approved Planet Umphathia

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The Black Flame

Name: Umphathia

Region: Outer Rim
System: Umpha System
Suns: 1 (White)
Orbital Position: Habitable Zone, position 3
Valko (The Hive) – The fractured prison moon of Umphathia.
“The Hive”

Goliath Asteroid Field – The scattered asteroid field that covers almost the entire space around the planet (caught in a gravity field between the moon, planet and sun.)
Goliath Asteroid Field

Mantoid Asteroid Belt – The ring of asteroids caught in Umphathia’s gravity.

Mantoid Asteroid Belt
Coordinates: I-17 (near Vassek)
Rotational Period: 126 Standard Hours
Orbital Period: 2,367 Standard Days

Class: Terrestrial, 4x the size of Earth
Diameter: 51, 024km
Atmosphere: Type I to Umphathi, Type IV to other species due to radiation levels
Climate: Dry heat covers the planet after massive radioactive meteors struck the surface. Radioactive dust storms and freak acid rain are common occurrences (radiation levels being so high during these events that even the natives are forced to retreat to safety).
Gravity: Standard
Primary Terrain: The planet is a mix of mountainous rocky regions and flat deserts (mountains being the greater of the two). Asteroid impact sites can be spotted in multiple places throughout the planet and are usually highly radioactive.

Native species: Umphathi (sole surviving species)
Immigrated species: none
Primary languages: Um’
Government: Theocratic Insectoid Caste System (ruled by the “Grand Collection” )
Population: 700 million (and rising)
Demonym: Umphathi
Major cities:
New Nest (Capital) – a insectoid hive built into a crater in the ground
Umphathos – An old human colony turned into an insectoid collection of surface and subterranean hives
Major imports: Food Stuffs, Medical Supplies, Life Support Systems, Neranium
Major exports: Cortosis, Bounty Hunters, Mercenaries,
Affiliation: N/A

The culture of the Umphathi revolves around productiveness of the individual and contribution to the well being of the whole. Due to the nature of their planets radiation, the species has had to rely on scavenging and other trades to make due. Due to this way of life, it became second nature for each individual to give back to the whole species even if they did not take part in operations planned by the paramounts. Even when an individual decides to break off from the rest of the species, the individual will return on a scheduled basis to give the species something from his exploits.

The caste system of the species is quite simple and easy to understand. The top of the caste system are the Paramounts, a physically inferior race of the species that composite with increased force sensitivity and high brain functions that make them near super computers. The second, and last class, is what are referred to as “subjects” in the culture of the Umphathi, but have been nicknamed “Jailers” by the rest of the galactic community. The Paramounts are able to process thousands of telepathic connections at a single time, while the average Umpathi is only able to comprehend handfuls at a time. For this reason, Paramounts organize operations carried out by the species while the Jailers do the hands on work. The Paramounts, who are in much shorter supply than the Jailers, come together in a hivemind like fashion when making decisons for the species as a whole or when dealing with diplomatic relations.

The majority of operations carried out by the Umphathi are based around scavenging, slaving, selling, piracy and their most famous endeavor, jailing. Individuals who go out to roam the galaxy alone tend to dive into mercenary work and bounty hunting but there is the occasional humanitarian or advisor. The species is not inherently violent or hostile by nature, but this stereotype has not seized do to their frequent choices of employment. It is hard for some to wrap their mind around the idea that the Umphathi do not care how collections and individuals choose to serve the species, only that they DO serve the species.

Technology: The planet has many technologies that are on par with the rest of the galaxy but recent innovations have been made in weaponry and environment suits that have yet to be seen by the galaxy at large.
Umphathia was largely unheard of before the darkness, not being colonized until the outbreak of the gulag plague despite its vast veils of green and blue oceans. When the first human colonists arrived on the planet, the native species was in an unknown (but presumably semi-sentient) phase of development. Due to the secluded nature of the planet and the fact that none of the colonists who traveled to Umphathia were infected, the planet prospered. For decades after the plague, the planet survived with its human immigrants creating large walled cities and multiple towns.

Good fortune would not last; however, as an asteroid shower came forth from the unknown regions and into the Umpha System. The first asteroid was also the largest, comparable in size to a small continent. Luckily for the planet, the behemoth asteroid struck the southern hemisphere of the moon, destroying the asteroid and fragmenting the moon in the process. The resulting chunks of debris rained down on the planet, or stayed in orbit, but were followed close behind by a storm of radioactive meteors and asteroids. For days the planet was pelted with mineral rich, but highly radioactive rocks. Fire washed across the surface and rock drove deep into the ground to create gapping radioactive craters.

In the end, nothing on the ground survived and the human colonists were dead from either the impacts or resulting radiation. Some cities still stood, but they would be left uninhabited for more than a century as radioactive climate changes ravaged the planet and killed anything that dare travel to the surface. When the dust settled and the climate had “stabilized”, the Umphathi emerged from their underground hives and into the world. What awaited them was now a dark grey wasteland, plagued by radiation and loss of the ability to grow anything of value from the soil on the ground. From space, large portions of the ground glow a mysterious colors from unknown radioactive materials from the asteroids.

Skipping forward, to after the planets rediscovery, we find it in the same state it was before. The Umphathi have tried to convince humanitarian projects to try and restore the planet to its former glory, but it is to no prevail. Instead, the species now hosts a prison out of the moon of Valko.

Nicknamed “The Hive” by outsiders, the prison was designed to contain criminals from other nations. What remains of the surface now contains multiple life domes that are purposely radiated to discourage escape and unauthorized entrance. Below crust of rock lies the first complex of cells designed to hold the “low risk” criminals. This complex is considerably nicer with slick chrome railings, grinded down rock, beds with mattresses and cells with working refreshers. This first layer also contains the agricultural facility that is manned by prisoners for prisoners, an electronics factory for the best behaved inmates to work and finally a cafeteria.

The next layer down are for criminals tagged as “dangerous”, “Violent” or “likely to attempt escape”. This level is reserved for the most brutal of criminals and does not contain any luxuries. The floors and ceilings are pure rocks and stone with no grinding, forcing criminals to have to practically rock climb to get from point A to point B. There is no cafeteria and prisoners are only allowed out of their cells two hours a day, with special circumstances able to reduce that time or cut it out completely. Cells contain nothing but stone benches with blankets and squat holes for refreshers that is only flushed out once a day.

Finally, what little is left of the core is reserved for force users. This part of the prison contains only cells that are 30 by 30 rooms. Each cell has a reinforced Cortosis door and is stationed along a large Durasteel tube that separates guards from both stone and the cortosis doors. This means that two doors need to be opened in order to access a cell (the tube door separating the guards from the cell door and then the cell door itself). Each cell has a holovid receiver and multiple vents in which fumes can be pumped into to either render the force user unconscious or disrupt his force connection. In the event of an emergency a guard in the security room (located on the surface) can use a code (changed daily) to open an airlock in the “guard tube” and then pick and choose which cells to open so that their occupants are sucked out into the void of space.

Notable PC's:

Intent: To create a planet for my new species and open up new and interesting doorways for RP. The lore behind this planet would be very exciting to explore IC and the prison system is something that can be enjoyed by all for new RP experiences.
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