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Approved Starship Tython's Hope

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[*]Model: Venator-class Star Destroyer
[*]Affiliation: [member="Avoim Oeymo"] | The Rebel Alliance
[*]Production: Unique
[*]Material: Durasteel hull

[*]Defenses: Average

[*]Hangar: Extreme: 18 Squadrons

Other Ships located in Hanger:

[*]Maneuverability Rating: Average
[*]Speed Rating: Low

  • Primary drive engines (4 aft-mounted; 2 port, 2 starboard)
  • Secondary drive engines (2 aft-mounted; 1 port, 1 starboard)
  • Tertiary drive engines (2 aft-mounted; 1 port, 1 starboard)
    Maximum acceleration
    3,000 G
    Maximum atmospheric speed
    975 km/h

[*]Hyperdrive Class: 1.0 | Backup Class 15
  • Hyperdrive range: 60,000 light-years (effective)

Tython's Hope is more or less a standard Venator-Class Star Destroyer from the start of the Empire's reign over the galaxy several hundred years ago. Its original Identity and original IFF information was lost in its last battle some Eight-hundred years prior, where it was badly damaged and was forcibly abandoned by its crew somewhere in the Outer Rim. Master Oeymo found it after parting ways with his mother and his former padawan learner where he was able to restore it to a bare minimum working order. When it was found, its weapons were all blown out, its tractor beams still functioned. Eventually after repairing its engines enough, Avoim was able to limp it to the Rebel Alliance cell he had joined and with their aide managed to repair the ship, even upgrading its original main weapon batteries to something more recent with ISD class weapons. During its repair and refit, Jedi Master Oeymo had decided to build on one of its mid decks a large room designed for meditation and Lightsaber combat practice. The room in question comes equipped with several Marksman-H combat remote droids as well as four PROXY combat training droids.

Alric Kuhn

Handsome K'lor'slug
[member="Avoim Oeymo"]

To start us off, please fill out the "Affiliation" field of this.

Please do the same for the Hangar rating. It helps to have the actual rating number there :)

I'm also confused as to why your production says Mass Produced and then Unique?
Fixed the affiliation, as for the hanger rating: it had the actual number rating it said 18 squadrons with the 18 colored the same as the "extreme" from the template, but added the word extreme, and it said mass produced/unique because it was originally a mass produced ship, but changed it to only say unique. [member="Alric Kuhn"]

Alric Kuhn

Handsome K'lor'slug
[member="Avoim Oeymo"]


I think these changes make it alright. The Hangar is a large one for a ship of this size as the listing in the Template is actually closer to 2km ships having a hangar of 18. However, this is a Unique variant of this ship and already has other detracting stats with both it's speed an armament. I think that sufficiently balances the vessel and it makes sense to me that it would have more hangar space than even traditional.

Zef Halo

Good Ol' Scoundrel
[member="Avoim Oeymo"]

This ship won't work with the aforementioned affiliation.

Individuals can only field up to 500m long ships (see Table.1 here). As this is over 1km long it will either need to be affiliated to a minor faction and captained by a character -or- be affiliated to a Major Faction -or- a Tier 4 Company.
[member="Zef Halo"] Sorry, I was not quite sure if I should list it, but me and the Venator are part of the Rebel Alliance, edited it to reflect that in its affiliation.
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