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Approved NPC Tytheish Royal Fusiliers

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  • Availability: Uncommon
  • Deployment: Minor
  • Strengths & Weaknesses:
    Long Range Combat: The TRF excel at long range combat and sharp shooting, though not elite snipers they pride themselves in the ability to mass skirmish enemy formations before the even get close to friendly lines.
  • Hand to Hand: Due to guarding duties the TRF are train in had to had combat with a saber and a simple version of Echani marital arts. Not masters in anyway but they are able to stand against most regular troops in this regard.
  • Loyalty: These troops are loyal to the royal family to the end with an unshakable will to see their mission through and moral that would seem super human to regular infantry.

  • Spotable: Due to their attire the TRF are often easier to spot then regular troops that may use camo, just remember if you can see them they can see you.
  • Short Range: Short range combat against shock troopers see the TRF at a disadvantage due to their training and equipment if not supported properly.

The flat open plains of Tythe make regular combat a little difficult for engaging armies as there is little cover to use unless opposing sides wish to wage trench warfare. As such along with the required guarding for VIPs and other peoples Chikako put together sharp shooter based combat unit that could undertake both role with ease, and if need be fight in closer quarters combat.

The resulting unit of the already present Royal Guard was called the Tytheish Royal Fusiliers. Also Chikako's request said unit is comprised 100% of female soldiers due to personal and that fact their role often involved guarding Chikako personally along with royal family properties.

While on Garud the TRF remain silent and stoic, only speaking when needed and following a strict adherence to rules and order as necessary.
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