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Totally harmless mission on a totally nameless planet

Totally Nameless Planet
Totally Nameless Old Sith Base That Doesn't Belong To Any Named Faction
Investigating old Sith bases wasn't a mission that Josh underwent often, but this assignment was there and he didn't mind. He and Asaara had been sent to a planet who's name he honestly didn't remember, to investigate and see if there were any artifacts left to find, or perhaps any information that could be useful to their cause. While it was possible it was lightly defended still, the chances of that were probably fairly slim. Either way, it was best that the two remained on their guard.

The Final Dragon would touch down on the planet, and Josh would step out just a ways from the ruins, an HK unit walking behind him. He would be meeting @Asaraa Vashe shortly before the pair would be heading inside. The risk was a bit much for a Padawan, he had thought, but with him there perhaps it wouldn't be so bad.
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Another day another dollar, another adventure and another Sith Base to clear out. It was business as usual, or at least that’s what the pink-haired padawan kept repeating to herself as she paced back and forth along the seats of the shuttle as the repulsors kicked in, a could of dust billowing up to meet the shuttle as the landing gear reached out to to the ground like arms reaching out for a hug. The pilot gave the young Padawan a nod before opening up the door. The man had been cracking jokes all the way down, perhaps sensing the nervous energy that filled his passenger. Regardless of the reasoning the girl gave him a grateful nod as the smell of the planet swirled into the cabin, steeling herself as she stepped out of the shuttle, boots tappings off the cold hard metal down onto the soft earth as she looked around at the temple before spotting the man waiting in the doorway. “Master Dragonshield? I’m sorry, I hope I didn’t keep you waiting for too long.”

[member="Josh DragonsFlame"]
"My calculations indicate that you find her cute."

"No. I do not."

"Yes, you do."

"You're just making chit up."

"My calculations also indicate that your temperature rises when she comes near."

"Can you even calculate that?"

"I can. You built me to."

"Your calculations are off."

"I assure you they are not, Master. My calculations have rarely failed once you actually bothered to finish assembling me."

"I might just dis-assemble you for-"

“Master Dragonshield? I’m sorry, I hope I didn’t keep you waiting for too long.”

He hadn't heard her approach, what with the present argument, and Josh would snap to attention when Asaraa would arrive. Well, this was embarassing, her having walked in on that argument. "No, not at all. We've kept well occupied."

"My sensors indicate your temperature is rising again, Master" HK would point out.

"It's not for the same damn reason."

"I doubt that, Master."

Josh let out a sigh and motioned for Asaraa to follow as he would make his way toward the entrance they had uncovered. "We decided to do some digging while we waited. The base is underground, and the entrance was blown to bits and buried some time ago. I've had HK here assisting me in making us an entrance."

"And what a waste of a good HK unit too. Query, did she just call you Dragonshield?"

[member="Asaraa Vaashe"]
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Asaraa’s aqua eyes danced back and forth between Josh and his droid as she tried, very valiantly, to surpress the smile that threatened to engulf her face as she tilted her head back to look up at the Jedi and his droid. Tried very valiantly…but ultimately futilely as a soft laugh escaped her lips, amusement twinkling in her eyes. “I’m sure such a capable and efficient droid would have no problem helping to clear out this debris for us right,” the young woman allowed as she straightened up, hands coming up to smooth down her top. “Ahh…umm a slip of the tongue because he’s so reliable and good at making people feel safe, just like a shield!” As the excuse came out her words gained in confidence until at the end she felt sure enough to flash a bright grin at Josh.

A grin that turned decidedly impish as she stepped closer, almost hopping with excited energy as she tilted her head to the side and peered up at the decidedly taller Josh. “Your temperature’s gone up? Do you have a fever? I heard it’s going round, but you really do need to take care of yourself, and if you won’t then at least listen to the wise one over there.” The pink-haired Padawan nodded her head in HK’s direction, not even trying to hide the playful smile pulling up her lips as she pushed up onto her tiptoes and reached out a hand to rest it lightly on Josh’s head. “Yep, burning up. Don’t worry, I’ll protect you from anything that might be out to get you in the temple,” the Padawan wasn’t even trying to hide her amused teasing now as she rocked back onto the balls of her feet and grinned up unrepentantly at the man.
Josh was surprised by Asaraa's response, and his eyes lit up a moment as he began to laugh. "Asaraa, I could just kiss you" He joked in turn as he looked toward HK. "Well, you heard the lady, HK. You're capable, start clearing the debris and help find us an entrance."

"Your cruelty knows no bounds, Miss Vaashe" HK would respond as the droid would get to work without much complaint. That got a laugh out of Josh as well. "I think he likes you" The Jedi Master would joke. He didn't know Asaraa as well as he could, but those remarks made it pretty clear to him that they were probably going to get along just fine. But when she turned her impish ire toward him, he found himself caught by surprise. He had thought she was on his side! Regardless, he took her cracks as well as her checking his temperature in stride, laughing a bit harder in turn. "Oh, screw you" Josh cracked as he would playfully shove her a bit with his arm.

Josh took a deep breath then as he stepped forward, kneeling down and placing a hand on the ground, closing his eyes and reaching out in the Force to try to sense any signs. "I can feel something" He spoke softly then, as he twitched a bit. "I can't tell if it's a Sith artifact or if someone's in there, but I can sense something."

HK had just finished clearing debris from their projected entrance spot when Josh would stand back to his full height. Peering downward at the hole that had been found, he nodded his head. "Looks like we have our entrance" Josh would remark as he would step over toward Asaraa, gingerly placing his arm on her shoulder as he leaned down to whisper into her ear.

"If you end up being the one needing protecting, I'll be at your back" He teased in a playful manner into her ear, with a tone that almost seemed like flirtation. It seemed that Asaraa had gotten on his good side enough for him to be pretty confident with making these sorts of jokes. With that, he would head toward the entrance.

[member="Asaraa Vaashe"]
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The padawan blinked in surprised, staring at Josh’s back as he padded away towards the entrance that HK had torn into the entrance, the dirt piled up around the entrance, an unwelcoming dark hole. Shaking her head the young woman hurried after Josh, a smile dancing around her lips, “Well that’s fine then, you can stay right behind me and watch my back.” A laugh spilled from her lips as she hurried after the man, “Get used to the sight, you’re going to be staring at it a lot while I take care of you.”

There was a marked difference between the outside and the tomb, the darkness inside seemed cloying, almost overwhelming. Asaraa paused in the entranceway, resting her hand on the side of the hole as her blue eyes stared into the dark depths. “So…do we have any idea what they’re hiding down there? Cause I really don’t think it’d take all of us to clear out an empty tomb. Although,” she glanced over at Josh, “if you’re scared of the dark you could hold onto HK and we’ll protect you.” As she spoke she stepped through into the dark, her hand going to her waist, pulling out her lightsaber, the snap of the silver blade coming to life casting a long shadow into the depths of the tomb as she quirked an eyebrow at the Jedi Master. “Seems clear so far.”

[member="Josh DragonsFlame"]
Oh, she needed to be careful if she was going to play that game with him. He smirked in turn as he would walk behind her while the two walked into the tomb. Though not without him leaning over again so his lips were right next to his ear. He didn't need to whisper this time, though he still spoke softly, playfully, against her ear. "I just might... Thought keep talking like that, and you might just get spanked" He warned as a wicked grin crossed his lips in turn.

As she would activate her lightsaber though, he shook his head. "Asa, keep both your hands ready for potentially blocking or needing to grab. No need to use your lightsaber for light. Hands free till the need to use them comes." He spoke as he would hold out a hand. A fireball would shoot out, and float in front of them, giving them more light and remaining in place, only moving as Josh would move forward. It was acting as a floating torch of sorts. Of course, he wasn't done teasing her just because he'd gotten down to business. He would playfully loop his arm through hers for a few moments as the two would walk just a few paces, before he shot her a grin and gingerly pulled his arm back, going ahead.

"Could be holocrons, could be a weapon, could be anything. Or could just be an abandoned hideout" Josh would admit. "What I do know is that they sensed something here. Something that's still down here."

[member="Asaraa Vaashe"]
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A fireball?! That was, well not what she was expecting. The lightsaber flicked off, floating out of the padawan’s belt to secure itself on her belt as her blue eyes flicked over to the fireball floating in the air in front of them as she shot the taller man a mock unamused look. “Oooook….so that’s a pretty useful power. Do you also do party tricks with it cause I bet it would kill.” One hand came up, feeling the burning heat roiling off the fireball as her lips quirked up ever so slightly, “Literally. Well, now I know what the others meant when they said you were hot stuff don’t I?”

Stepping back to stop next to Josh, Asaraa tilted her head to the side, twisting at the waist to stare at him thoughtfully. “You know, if you feel you want the support I don’t mind giving you a hand. Feel free to grab my hand or lean on me if you need,” she noted, eyes twinkling with laughter as she tore her gaze away, glancing down the shadow-filled corridor they found themselves in, her voice losing a little of the jovial mirth that coloured it just a moment ago. “You know, sometimes it would be nice to have a little more information before they threw us in the dark. I guess there’s only one way to find out though isn't there?"

[member="Josh DragonsFlame"]
She didn't seem to respond much to the spanking comment, though her continued teasing indicated that she had acknowledged it and was going to play this game even further. That was fine with him, really. If she wanted to keep playing this game, he could play it to the furthest. He just hoped that she was prepared for it. Though he couldn't help but laugh at her comments regarding the fireball, and it being a reason for him being "hot stuff".

"Well, there's other reasons... If you behave you might see for yourself" He teased back as he would bump her playfully with his side and shoulder. Not too hard, mind, as far as he knew she wasn't an Echani nor Mandalorian, and might not receive it well if he went too hard.

In response to her next tease though, he would playfully grab her hand. As he'd said to keep hands free just in case, he didn't do so for more than a few seconds, but for a few seconds he walked with her with his fingers laced between hers, caressing her palm with his fingers and pulling her in a little closer as he did. But easy come easy go, as he would gingerly let go after those few seconds were up. "I'll keep it in mind" He teased back with a smirk.

In regards to not having enough information, he shrugged his shoulders. "They just might not have known themselves" Josh would admit then. "I'd keep your guard up, either way. If they sensed something here, then it's very possible we're in danger."

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“Well, I have to say Master Dragonsflame, you do have a way of bringing a girl in to see the best places don’t you? And to think I could have been nice and safe in some training room in the temple instead of helping you around here and making sure that you stay safe.” Blue eyes twinkled in amusement, catching the light of the fireball like bright little diamonds as the girl shot Josh a teasing grin, twisting to return his hip-bump with one of her own, although she didn’t expect her's to be half as effective as his had been. “See now, I bet you’d make the best space heater if the temple here gets too cold and draughty, you know how those sith are, keep things as uncomfortable as possible for any visitor’s they might have.” The padawan shivered slightly as she glanced around, “you know, I’ve always wondered why they always seem to go for the dark and gloomy aesthetic, you think all the sith use the same interior designer? Cause then I’d fire them…or if we could catch them, think of all the information about hidden bases and traps.”

A silvery laugh echoed around the corridor as Asaraa glanced around, “well, we’re not going to get anything done by waiting around so…which way boss?”

[member="Josh DragonsFlame"]
The Jedi laughed at her remarks, and the following hip bump, not budging too much when she hip checked him but instead pressing his cheek against hers and grinning cheekily, before regaining his center of balance again. "Well, if you're so inclined, I'll happily be your electric blanket once we're back on the ship..." He would tease, firing her a playful little wink in turn. “I’ve always been told I’m a good cuddler.”

Though he didn't forget her first remarks, obviously, and quickly added something on in regards to a response for that. "As for bringing you places... Well, I suppose you're right that this isn't really the ideal place for a first date" The Jedi Master would crack wise. "Why don't you suggest a few spots? Could go to a nice restaurant, a carnival, my ship... Mmm, maybe not the ship right away, might be a bit too tight and intimate for an innocent little flower like yourself" He teased, shooting her a wry little grin. He was enjoying the back and forth between them, he could admit, and while he hadn't known Asaraa too long, it was clear that the two connected quite well, and seemed to have a natural chemistry that made their encounters enjoyable. He could kick back, cut loose and be himself and joke around with Asaraa far more than most others he knew. What with most people seeming to be damn stiffs, and all that.

He chuckled at the bit about Sith and their interior designers. “I mean, they gotta have something… Being chained up to a power only accomplished by being all angry and huffy all the time, nobody likes them, they probably don’t get any, they probably have tons of daddy issues, and daddy kinks on top of them... Why not let them at least have their big, bad, edgy fashion sense, aye?" He cracked, finding himself laughing at the thought.

"Oh and Asaraa?" The Jedi would then inquire as he would look toward her, a mischievous twinkle in his eye in that moment. "I wasn't kidding about the spanking, if you continue to push... Keep that in mind" He teased, sticking his tongue out at her playfully in turn. It was good for her to know straight up that he was wholly capable and willing to go through with any promises he made. But only if she pushed... Best she know ahead of time. If she wanted to continue to push that button? Hey, that worked for him, he'd make it a good one...

"Though considering how much you've pushed already... Fair warning, get too close and you might just get licked" He teased then, an exclamation point on their back and forth before he would begin to increase the pace of his stride. He appeared to have picked up and sensed something, and his expression changed as he would begin to make his way toward it. It could be a holocron, a Sith, or a false herring, who knew? But he wanted to be prepared for any and all cases.

[member="Asaraa Vaashe"]
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“Come to your ship, don’t come to your ship,” The padawan threw her hands up into the air in mock despair. “I mean come on Master Dragonsflame, I know as you start to get older and weaker the memory goes but you have to learn to make up your mind,” a playful grin danced across the padawan’s face as she shook her head at the Jedi. “I mean,” her finger came up to prod Josh in the middle of his chest, “I’ve always hears that electric blankets can be dangerous is they break down…so Master Dragonsflame, I have to ask, are you dangerous? Because lets be honest,” the corners of her mouth pressed down into a somber expression, “I have to admit your focus on wanting to spank me would make me feel yes unless…” The young woman let a smile blossom on her face, “Waaait wait one minute.” The Padawan held up both hands, grinning at the Jedi master as amusement sparkled in her blue eyes. “We already know you have a tendency to flip-flop and not say what you mean so.” An innocent look took over Asaraa’s face as she pressed her hands together to stare at him, “Are you saying you’d like me to spank you?”

Eyes still sparkling with laughter Asaraa stared past Josh’s shoulder at the dark foreboding architecture which seemed to go on forever into the shadows case by the fireball floating in the air near them. “I mean, if you insist, I guess I can let them have the dark edgy architecture if they want. I prefer something a little less prone to spiderwebs and dust settling. Besides, it’s all so fake, they could do with a whole lot more natural light, HK’s window’s a good start though.” Rolling her shoulders the padawan tilted her head to the side, grinning at Josh, “Well, I mean given how dusty it is here, if you[‘re offering to clear it all up for me…I mean if you like the taste of dust then…” she let her voice trail off as amused laughter glinted in the backs of her eyes.

[member="Josh DragonsFlame"]
Well, if she wanted to keep teasing, he'd just have to keep stepping up. But now it seemed like she was just mocking him. Well, if she wanted him to say what he meant, he could do that... He just hoped she remembered the old adage... Be careful what you wish for.

The Jedi would stop suddenly, taking Asaraa by the hand and pulling her in close, to where his nose was touching hers. Ordinarily he wouldn't stop when he could feel them getting close to a potential find, but Asaraa had driven him to it, so he would make an exception... Firing her a playful smirk, he would wrap one arm around her waist, and one along her back as he would tilt his head and slide his tongue along her lips, the hand at her waist raising and coming down with a resounding spank on her bottom. Hard.

"I think I made myself very clear" The Jedi would whisper against her lips. "Perhaps I'll even kiss it better if you play nice..."

With that, Josh would gingerly part from her and continue making his way forward, trying to get a bead on what he had sensed before...

"You organics are a strange lot" HK would comment from where he was walking a short ways behind them.

[member="Asaraa Vaashe"]
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The pink-haired padawan shook her head, shooting a quick glare at Josh’s back as she twisted her head around to give HK a wry smile. “Trust me, you have no idea just how strange we can be,” she allowed as she reached out through the force to tweak Josh’s back with the force. “Assaulting poor innocent Padawan’s after luring thing into dungeons? Does your depravity know no bounds Master Dragonsflame?” She turned a teasing smile on him as she started forward towards the depths of the Sith temple as she pressed forward in the force, using tendrils of the energy to stroke along the walls and floor in front of them, searching for any traps or tricks that might have been left behind by the original builders. “It looks pretty clear right now, but just be careful. I’d hate to have to explain the the Gradmaster how you neded up getting squashed by falling blocks, or sliced in two by a swinging blade.”

[member="Josh DragonsFlame"]
"Spanking number two comes up at the ship" He commented in passing as the three would continue on, stopping suddenly after a few moments. "Wait" He spoke as he would hold out a hand to stop her. "I sense-"

A lightsaber would stab through a fake wall and almost impaled Josh before the Jedi would quickly grab the middle of the lightsaber's handle, catching the Sith aggressor by surprise as he would pull them back toward him, and strike with a resounding headbutt that stunned them before he would use his hand, still free, to launch them back with a Force Push, throwing the fireball with his other hand as it would fly through the air and hit them before they even hit the ground.

"Told you, hands free" Josh would remark toward Asaraa, as he would allow his lightsaber to float into his hand as he would activate it just in time for several more Sith to show. Many seemed to be at the Knight or late-Knight level, judging by their clothing and the way their stances were aligned. HK would quickly arm his blaster and stand behind Josh, preparing to open fire within moments.

"Commencing combat mode, Master" HK would announce as Josh would smirk lightly. He was looking forward to a bit of a fight... But he had to wonder just what they were guarding?
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The Padawan took up a position next to Josh, her lightsaber floating of her belt and into her waiting hand as she flicked on the weapon, the silver blade thrumming to life throwing shadows down the corridor as she span the blade around her hand, a brief flourish as her blue eyes regarded the Sith opposing them. "You know, I have to wonder what it is with you and spanking people?" the girl asked conversationally as she twisted around to stand side on to the with, blade angled down to the floor. "What do you think HK? any lurid episodes from MAster Dragonsflame's past that you think might explain his obsession?"

Even as she spoke, seemingly ignoring the Sith facing them Asaraa's eyes had flicked up and down their bodies, cataloguing everything, from the way they stood to the way they held their lightsabers. It was obvious that these weren't unskilled opponents, but then if they were then this would be too easy. What worried her more than anything else was the fact that they had gotten this close to them without anyone realising it. If it hadn't been for Josh sensing something coming they might have been...wait a minute. He must have known they were coming all this time and not given her any sign since she'd been so focused on teasing him. Well, that was heartening. At least she knew his senses were better than hers, even if his sense of humour gave her cause for concern.

[member="Josh DragonsFlame"]
"Affirmation: No. It is very possible that you appear to be special" Came HK's reply.

"Know what better be special? Your aim" Josh responded calmly. "May the odds ever be in your favor. May the Force be at your back. Now if you'll excuse me, it's time I do what people seem to think I do best..."

A small grin started to cross the Master's face as he would bring his saber back to clash with a Sith who had tried to strike him from behind.


Josh had sensed them a bit ago, but then again, he had been tracking their energies for some time, as Asaraa knew. It'd just taken him until recently to figure out that they were living beings and not dark sided artifacts, which he'd figured out when they began moving. Also to be fair, he had tried to warn her, in his own way...

HK would open fire, holding his rapid-fire blaster with both hands as the HK unit would cause them to scatter. Josh would promptly slam his shoulder into the head of his clashing opponent while holding his saber in a reverse grip, before back-kicking them in the ribs once the tactic had dropped them off guard. A swift slash across the side would down them, and Josh would move onto the next, as he could sense they hadn't learned their lesson about back attacks.

"HK, under and over" Josh would command toward the HK unit as he would duck, HK promptly opening fire over Josh's head and forcing the Sith that had been sneaking up to begin blocking and deflecting the bolts to defend themselves. Tossing his saber, Josh would control it with telekinesis until it slashed their their side as well, before catching the saber back on the rebound and flipping up to his feet. It appeared he had been programming tactics into HK on his spare time, and they seemed to be paying dividends.

He peered to his right to see how Asaraa was holding up...

[member="Asaraa Vaashe"]
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If it wasn't randy Jedi Masters and their homicidal droids then it was mysterious sith acolytes with lightsabers running towards them intent on cutting her in two. One might almost suspect that the force had it out for her, had decided to make the girl pay for some unknown slight she had performed in the past. It was almost enough to drive one to tears.

Asaraa might not have sensed them coming but now the acolytes were here this was a situation she knew well, a situation she could handle. The girl's lightsaber remained at her belt for now as she dropped into a combat stance, one hand held out straight up at her side, palm turned up while the other was angled to stand straight up, at a 45-degree angle towards the roof. Bouncing on her feet she let the acolytes close in on her, her eyes closed as she relied on her hearing and the force to guide her.

Twisting on on foot, Asaraa swung away from the blade slashing towards her, letting her hands drop down to balance her as she span around a foot driving into the man's side as the air was driven out of his lungs. She pulled her leg down, her entire body swaying to the left as another acolyte thrust his blade at her. She could smell the ozone burning off the blade as her hands came up, trapping his arm between hers and twisting, dragging a cry of pain out of the man as she was forced to leap back by a pair of twinned attacks. A push of her hand sent broken-hand into one of his friend's as she turned her attention towards the unencumbered opponent, ducking under his attack as she drove a palm into his chest, gathering the power of the force in her palm as her palm stuck his chest, sending him flying backwards.

Asaraa let her eyes flick open as she turned to face Josh, her chest rising and falling slightly with exertion as she braced herself for the next round of attacks, looking down with distaste as the lightsaber slash that had burned through her top. "You know," she commented conversationally, "I really liked that one."

[member="Josh DragonsFlame"]
Maybe they were after her because the Force had mistaken her for Sith Lord Lightning Faron and couldn't tell the difference.

Seeing that Asaraa was handling herself fairly well, Josh would turn his attention back to his own group of foes. Spinning himself and his saber around, he would be quick to block a red blade coming his way, letting out an exhale as he would hold out a hand, focusing his energy as the Sith's hand would suddenly begin to freeze solid, throwing them off their game and loosening their grip on their blade. Josh would take advantage quickly, spinning and slashing through their side and sending them crashing into a wall with Force Push.

He would recover just in time to get his saber up to block an overhand blow, the Sith in particular trying to get him from above. They had hidden their presence this time, and Josh had only managed to avoid it out of battling instinct and awareness of his surroundings. With how strong the dark side was here, it would be easier for their opponents to hide their presence in it, to blend into it. That made this battle far more difficult, but they would manage. The darksider that had gone for the overhand strike, with Josh's block causing another saber clash, would move their head past the blades as red lips would peer out from the dark hood, the opponent's heads touching as the Sith would lean in and whisper, trying to get him off his guard:

"Well, hello there-"


With eyes as cold as steel, a stoic expression unphased and a focused mind, the Jedi Master had reared his head back and struck with a hard headbutt that knocked the Sith back. The Jedi would leave his feet, using the Force to propel his body faster in a spin through the air as his foot would strike from high speed and velocity, the flying spin kick sending them crashing into the wall with the force of the impact causing many large rocks and debris to fall from the walls and pile on top of them. Rubbing his head a bit, Josh would look around to see if there were any others, as he would turn and walk over to Asaraa, noting her complaining that her top had been ripped during the battle.

"I know a tailor that could-"

Unsure if he was reacting through senses or instinct, Josh would suddenly arc forward and stab his lightsaber over Asaraa's shoulder, the side of his mouth pressing to her lip as he would lean as far as he could to get his arm forward to counter the attack of the Sith that had leaped from an open crevice in the rocks above them to go for an overhand slash on Asaraa. It would be the first time that Asaraa would see an expression and pair of eyes that she had not seen before, one that was a far cry from how he'd looked while they had joked around and flirted and teased. His expression was stone, his teeth clenched, his eyes were ice. He was as cold as the winters on Hoth, eyes forward, completely serious.

The Sith would fall from the stab into the throat, and Josh would peer downward, frowning. He had been aiming for their shoulder, but the suddenness of it had hampered his aim. It was an unnecessary death, but Josh couldn't stop it. It was better to kill a fiend by accident than let them kill your ally.

His eyes met hers for a moment, and his expression seemed to warm, that mischief in his eyes seeming to return as he would make a kissy face at her. He began to turn his head as if to make a move, but... He didn't. He backed away and began to stretch out as he would look around, trying to sense the next wave. He could have made the move, sure... But if Josh made all the moves, what would be left for Asaraa?

"I'll ask a tailor I know on Kashyyyk to fix your top if you're attached to it, when we return" He would speak calmly, letting out an exhale to get a deep breathe out and try to center himself before they possibly delved back into battle again. "You're not bad with a blade. Yuroic was your Master, right?" He asked the woman who, ironically, he would be the one to teach later. "He taught you well."

[member="Asaraa Vaashe"]
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"Yup, that's right," the girl agreed as she stared at Josh, seemingly unsurprised by the blade that the man had thrust over her shoulder as the smell of burnt flesh filled her nostrils. Reaching down with one hand she stuck a finger through the tear in her shirt, her finger wiggling through the damage as she grinned up at Josh as her own lightsaber settled in her free hand, the silver blade angled up behind her as the cultist behind her fell backwards, two holes burned through his torso. "I might just take you up on that, although you know this who damaged style is meant to be fashionable right?"

She knew it was odd, talking about something like this in the middle of a cavern, just after a fight but sell there was nothing about this situation that didn't appeal to her sense of whimsy as she shut off her lightsaber, resecuring the blade to her belt as she finally let go of her shirt, letting the fabric fall back to lie against her stomach as she rotated her shoulders. "He made sure I knew the lightsaber was only a weapon and I had other options ahead of me," she admitted, gesturing back behind her to the sith who lay groaning with hand or bootprints driven into their bodies. "And you know, given the...enclosed space we're in I figured it'd be easier to slam people into walls than cut at them with my lightsaber," she explained. Bending down the girl pressed her hand against the ground, sending out a pulse of the force as she grinned up at the man, "Well, and he taught me how to track." Her eyes seemed to get unfocused for a moment as she reached out through the force, casting her mind out further and further before she nodded, "Looks like we're still not alone though I can't really tell how many there are, but they're that way." her thumb jerked over her shoulder, "So, head towards them, or stay away?"

[member="Josh DragonsFlame"]