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Tobasu Blackout


Faceclaim/ Disclaimer: Gilgamesh Fate/Stay Night Series. I do not own any art and give all rights to the appropitate creators.

Let me tell you the tale of a valiant knight
"I would of done anything for that boy, no matter who or what he would become...Let's hope he comes home one day. I miss him"
— Hakuren Blackout, Mother.​
NAME: Tobasu Blackout.
Monikers: Currently inapplicable.
FACTION: Arcin Star Kingdom, Sith Empire, Shadow Sith.
RANK: Squire, Apprentice Equivalent.
AGE: Seventeen.
Homeworld: Dantooine.
Blood Type: AB+.
Starting Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
Current Alignment: Chaotic Neutral - Chaotic Evil.
Force Senstive: Yes.
Current Location: Currently on board the Shadow Sith ship the Judgement with his master.

He adorned golden armor and rode into night
"It was my fault he left, I couldn't provide like a father should. It's all my fault I just hope when he comes back, he will forgive me."
— Orion Blackout, Father.​
HEIGHT: Five foot five.
WEIGHT: One hundred and thirteen and a half pounds.
EYES: Unnatural, dark, dark crimson eyes that give off a distinctive glow; large orbs filled with dishonesty, hatred and passion...Tobasu evidently cannot hide the emotion in his eyes, a curse really due to the fact he is easily readable in terms of what he is thinking.
HAIR: Refined long golden silks, freely flowing with the only master being the wind. His hair blankets his appearance like smoke, an unnatural sight however just like the rest of his manifestation the child with the features of a man resembles the utmost astonishing beauty that has graced his generation.
SKIN: You could call the boy cold, yet if you touched his skin you could feel the passion radiating off him as heat. He is commonly referred to as a porcelain doll; with pale white skin, you would think that, Tobasu is afflicted with achromia (albinism), a common occurrence upon a select percentage of the human race. His skin shows lines of red and blue running throughout, veins popping out as if you could see through him — the only analogy you could give someone of such beauty, yet with such complexion like this would be to refer to him as a ghost or a very thin blanket sheet.
Body Structurte: Delicate and fragile, his body decieves people of his true strength, afflicted with hypercalcemia his body and bones are built up with excess calcium and iron causing the young male to have immense strength for someone of his size and stature. His body kept fit with constant lifting, running and walking, and of course fighting; this is the life of a smuggler after all.
Current Appearnce: "Face like the moon, pale and somehow wavering. You could get the gist of his features, but none of it stuck in my mind beyond an impression of astonishing beauty. His long, long hair wafted around him like golden smoke, its tendrils curling and moving of their own volition. His cloak — or perhaps that was his hair too — shifted as if in an unfelt wind. I could not recall him wearing a cloak before, the days of him leaving. The madness still lurked in his face, but it was a quieter madness now, not the rabid-animal savagery of before. Something else — I could not bring myself to call it humanity — stirred underneath his gleam." — Tetsuya Blackout talking about seeing his elder brother for the first time of age.

Although noble, seeds of corruption were sown through chaos
"I looked up to my brother, but now he isn't the same. When I saw him back on Dantooine, he was differnt. Something about him compelled me to find out, I'll fix you brother!"
— Tetsuya Blackout, Younger Brother.​
Personaility Overview ISTP:
  • Introverted Thinking - 30% - His domiant function, keeping all oppinions and views on others and the world around him to himself. He is considerd anti-social.
  • Extraverted Sensing - 25% - His auxilliary function, processing the world around him as information which he then makes judgements upon.
  • Introverted iNtuition - 23% - His tertiary function, often consulting his gut feelings and himself rather than logical and rasional decisions.
  • Extraverted Feeling - 22% - His inferior function, rather simplistic and easy to read, although chatoic, feelings are constanly changing.
Personaility: Like many other people. Tobasu is considered to be a ISTP, Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Perceiving type of person. His skills rather than creative are mechanical, and unlike others he doesn't present an impression of constant activity instead he is but a staggered mountain, going up and down. On the contrary however, he lies in dormant, saving energy until a task or adventure is worthy of time, and then he launches himself at it like a wild rancour, exploding out of the floodgates. This frenzied state is controlled by his emotions and passion, this shape yet inevitably ensures there is actually much more control than it would appear at first. In simple man's terms, he is always knowing what is happening to him and around him, knowing how each action or echo he creates can cause a bigger and deadlier chain of events and that is the feeling that excites this young man, knowing he can single handily change the galaxy through the use of one's actions. It is quite a paradoxical picture to an outsider and only someone like him can understand the incentives behind the motions.

He is difficult to understand, especially his need for personal space, which in turns has always effected his relationships with family and others. Tobasu needs to be able to spread his wings out so to speak, both physically and psychologically; this generally implies he is encroaching to some degree on others, especially if he has decided to make them his next project. He is one to be comfortable with the ideals and beliefs of being treated he treats other, causing very stagnate and one sided relationships that Tobasu has been on both the receiving and giving end of. Yet due to the fact he needs such flexibility to be as spontaneous as he feels he must need to be, he in turn can become inflexible and stubborn. When someone seems to be threatening his lifestyle (which is normally treated with vivid rage and passion, which contrasts his "dormant", impassive, and detached senses). He is territorial, one must consider these critical factors in being in some form of friendship, relationship, or even just exchanging a simple conversation with the young man. Communication tends to be the key downfall in his personality, since he is one to express himself through actions rather than verbal conversations; as the saying goes you can tell much about someone when they are in combat. When he does actually verbalize however, he is the master of one-liners, often showing a sadistic yet humorous sense of view on most tense situations, this results as him often being seen as tasteless.
Strengths Overview:
  • Energetic: Often seen to be an active individual who always seems to have something to do. He rarely gets stressed and prefers to go with the flow than plan ahead of time, although he can do the latter if need be.
  • Good at dealing with crisis situations: Tobasu does not mind tasking risk, although some see this as a weakness, he easily thinks on his feet, making snap decisions like that. Crises do not really scare him and thus he doesn't lose any sense of perception during them.
  • Very creative and practical: He has a vivid imagination, especially when it comes to practical or mechanical matters. Seemingly being able to find it easy to come up with ideas and do things in a way that no one has thought of before.
  • Relaxed: He lives in the present and often simply follows the road, not worrying too much about the future, he doesn't need to get hung up in the details of it. This is one of main reason he is one prone to becoming anxious, although there are exceptions on rare occasions.
  • Both spontaneous and rational: Being able to combine spontaneity with logic, switching from one mode to another, people see him erratic but in truth he just knows how to handle different situations.
Weakness Overview:
  • Can be very stubborn: Tobasu is not sensitive when it comes to conflicts and criticism, but he can become very blunt and irritated if someone tries to criticize his own habits, lifestyle or ideas.
  • Private and reserved: Surprisingly, he is rather difficult to get to know as he keeps most of his brilliant thoughts and ideas to himself, especially when it comes to private or sensitive matters. Trust is earned, not given.
  • Bored quickly: Finding difficult to remain focused on something extended amounts of time, unless they are caught up in the action. He is not one to be a book reader, he would rather watch the story in motion.
  • Insensitive: Tending to be very practical and logical, and he may often inadvertently hurt other people’s feelings by failing to recognize the importance of their emotions.
  • Commitment problems: He enjoys reviewing their obligations on a daily basis instead of committing to something for a very long time. This can cause significant problems in their romantic relationships. It also affects his alignment, doing whatever he wants to do, he is a free spirit, unchained.
Goals: Learn more about the force and how it runs through him.
Acomplishments: Currently inapplicable.

Now he searchs for answers, while seeds turn to trees
"I could see the passion in his eyes, the drive to accomplish his goals. It was admireable, and that's why I let him onboard, it was his choice to leave afterall"
— Ygol'Dataka, Lowlife Scum Smuggler, Captain Of The Squire.​
  • 1x Modified Vibroblade: A standard vibroblade that has been cut down to roughly eighteen inches besides the highet differnce it is still the same as any other vibroblade, the hilt is also dressed in golden silk. Often using this in close quater stiuation, opposed to using fistycups, Tobasu moves elegantly, as if he was dancing...In truth he is, using his outstanding flexbility to dance around his foes, although has had no prior combat training. He learns as he fights. Kept strapped to a hoister on his left hip.
  • 1x Blaster Pistol: Normally strapped to his right hip for quick access, Tobasu is an amazing gun slinger for someone of his age, then again he is good at combat in general. Normally opting to use his blaster pistol in times when he is of mid-to-long range compared to the person who was unlucky enough to be fired upon.
  • 1x Dark Cloth Robes: Lossely fitting robes, onyx black in color, great during the night, terrible during the day. Tobasu wears these for comfort thats it.
  • 3500x Credits: Money. Stolen or looted.
Ship: The Squire, although the ship is currently nonoperational as it has crashed.
History / Biography:
  • Age 0: Born, to Orin and Hakuren Blackout, simple famers on Dantooine. Father served in the republic for a total of 25 years, was accomdate numerous times. Mother grew up on Telos, was the heir appreintice to the family's fourtuane, thew it all away to chase after her first and only love.
  • Age 1 - 5: Showed exceptional signs of intelligance at a young age, was homeschooled early, father wanted first son, Tobasu to enlist in the republic too and was setting up contacts within the repulic fleets once again so when he become of age he would get the best training and education the republic offered. Upon inital intelligance testing, the child was presumed to have amazing leadership skills. Was a perspective future leader of the Republic fleet. Father however despised Jedi for unknown reasons, would never let Jedi contacts know of his son's brilliant mind.
  • Age 5 - 8: More testing, more education vauled his mother over father, had little to no friends due to the fact he was sheltered. Longed to see the rest of space, knew about it but could never experince yet. Made contacts with a local Duros boy, Tel. Became good friends and would be his only friend, Tel would pass away from a group of mercaniers coming through years later, Tobasu would of left Dantooine by then however.
  • Age 8 - 10: Brother was born, Tetsuya, Tobasu saw little of him as he was planning to leave, Tetsuya wasn't his real brother; Orion caught cheating with the neighbour, Hakuren being the amazing mother she was would accept the apology of her husband and father the second child as her own, Tetsuya would have no idea, Tobasu saw it all though. This drove him to leave, spoke to Tel's brother, a smuggler working for a lowlife crook.
  • Age 10 - 13: At 11, Tobasu would escape upon The Squire, pleading to help in return for safe passage. Agreed upon and a sum of 5000 credits would be marked on his life to be repaid. He would spend the rest of his young teenage upon The Squire, losing his innocence as he learnt he would need to man up or die. Choosing the Former, Tobasu casted away such childish emotions and focused on repaying his debt, at age 13 he would of paid it off through various contracts and operations. Learning how to pickpocket also helped.
  • Age 13 - 16: Although he haid paid his debt to The Squire's crew, Tobasu chose to stay onboard and earn extra credits, Tel's brother died a year before his 15th birthday and Tel himself is now deceased at this point in time. Became advisor to the captain, was his most loyal crew member, unknowingly to the captain however Tobasu was slowly starting manipulations of the other crew members. The goal in mind was to take over The Squire and becomes its master.
  • Age 16 - 17: First trip back to Dantooine, saw his brother for the first time. Decided not to see rest of family, left a day after arriving, the place still sickened him. Hatred of his family grew, unknowingly to Tobasu they just wanted to help him when he was of age. No stories could change his mind however, he was set in stone. He would find a way to get back at all his family. Upon leaving, Tetsuya who was always told good things about his elder brother would start plans to chase after him and bring him home.
  • Age 17: Currently in space, has a contracted job to deliver 'stimulant' packages to a small group of mandalorians on Telos. Although, Tobasu has speculations, something is wrong.
Kills: Currently inapplicable besides various unimportant NPCs related to history. E.g Smuggling jobs.
Bounties Collected: Currently inapplicable.
Family Tree:
  • Hakuren Blackout(Mother), 45, Alive, Dantooine - presumed.
  • Orion Blackout(Father), 50, Alive, Dantooine - presumed.
  • Tetsuya Blackout(Half-Brother), 9, Unknown, Unknown, last seen Dantooine alive.
  • Odin Blackout(grandfather), 76, Dead, Buried on Telos.
  • Mira Blackout (grandmother), 79, Alive, Telos - confirmed.

Authors Comments and Notes Below[OOC]
Character Development and Story Wants:
  • Jedi or Sith knight, master or someone who can train others in the force to stumble upon Tobasu, feeling the force through him and offering to teach him how to be great. More likely to be corrupted by sith early, although a Jedi could make him see the light in protecting others, since he is not one for that currently. Thus saying if he would be trained to become a Jedi first, he would eventually succumber to emotions and make his way towards the Dark side, how long that takes though is up to debate.
  • Upon taking The Squire for himself, Tobasu will be looking for a small crew to either begin his own smuggling adventures or bounty hunt, depends really all I know is Tobasu will have a ship that he can piolt and free space, maybe will offer transport for credits or favours.
  • A republic solider noticing Tobasu, knowing his father somehow either through first or second person (e.g father's friend) and noticing the resembulance; thus begining an arc where Tobasu will eventually go back to his home and confront his family. Currently Tobasu would in cold blood kill his father for cheating on his mother, and locking him up as a child, Tetsuya (either PC or NPC, undecided as to yet if ill make another character or if I want someone else to play him but for now he is a NPC) will try and stop his brother, Tetsuya also force sensitive would be the good, Tobasu the bad. A battle of brothers, many battles finally one dies.
Notes: Important Notes are colored Orange, less important but still important are colored a lighter color.
  • Sorry if The Squire is the name of someone's ship already. I wouldn't of known and will change it if someone tells me.
  • Also sorry if the Face claim is being used, again will change upon request.
  • Also will be joining a faction at some point, as to which one is unknown still.
  • Will update history to paragraph form when I can fill in the blanks myself, for now use it as a guideline.
  • I currently have to buy what's called credit for my internet, basically I might go inactive for like 3-5 days randomly due to having no credit and I apologize in future, however I will try my best to be on once a day.
  • I also work monday, tuesday and thus wont be on till late my time, if you want to catch me just message me via PM, I do have skype mobile etc will be easier but ya know just in case you role-play with me and you can't contact me.
  • The character is based on an old friends character who I use to roleplay with, I hope I can live to Matt's dream of the character he wanted. Of course this character has been changed, modified to fit my style as well as the forums style, I just felt it was fitting to include this little piece of info.
  • I can't post from Monday - Tuesday for the next 26weeks, Uni and charity work from 7am to 10pm. Will be exhausted, sorry if this delays people.
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Judas of Vahl

Beyond Broken

Very nicely done! I must point out that unique ships to the Star Wars universe must be submitted to the Factory for roleplay use. Don't worry so much over it, as long as it isn't too powerful or has any extreme strengths, we'll approve it before you can say "Yay!"

And again, sick looking character sheet. I look forward to seeing you around the board!