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To The End

I've been on the site for just about 2 and a half years, and over time I know both my ability to write and the way I write have changed dramatically from month to month and year to year.

And where everything good does, indeed, come to an end, I'd like to know how I have fared as a writer on this site, and would like one last critique before I fade into the obscurity of inactivity after this invasion.
[member="Braith Achlys"]
Before I start I will mention that I have not read all of your threads, though I feel I’ve seen enough to get an idea.

The Good:
  • You’re a good writer with the techniques of prose. Your threads are always nicely constructed and written.
  • As a writer you’ve been remarkably active and have been a great presence around the site IC and OOC.

The Bad:
  • I sometimes get a coldness, a lack of emotion from your characters. In some cases (like the droid) obviously that’s natural, but other characters often seem very inhuman at times, and that makes it harder to be invested in them.
  • A lot of your characters I have trouble distinguishing. Most of them seem to be of a similar type and to an outsider they seem pretty much the same. I guess that’s not unusual, but I feel it makes them less memorable.

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