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To send a Letter[Fringe Leadership]

Jaxton Ravos

Mindwalker of the Outer Rim
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Jaxton had heard through various new sources, looking around to see if an old Zeltron Reporter was around, that not only had the Lords of the Fringe and the Galactic Empire merged, they were being invaded. Some news stations had even managed to get live streams of the battle, not that he'd wish to see the destruction and the needless lives lost. Then again, there was always the hope that the Jedi would realize their faults, stop their warmongering path. Though the idealist in him hoped for it, the realist knew that the organization would not turn their heels in a day, not after people had seen and defended Matsu Ike's actions on Metalorn and Ahto City. If any did realize the faults it'd likely be on a personal level, a jedi or two realizing what they had done was wrong, If that happened . . . well, he didn't want to force them to join him, but he felt he should let them know there was a place they'd be welcomed. So, he got on his terminal and he sent a message to the High Council members of the Fringe, save for one face he recognized as a Sith Woman who almost ate a child in front of him before Ember Rekali made an illusion turning himself into the Living Holocron. He didn't think she'd be the best to message, even if they likely wouldn't get it until after the war.

The Battle

I doubt any of you will actually read this, as this'll probably get picked up by a secretary somewhere and deleted, but I felt I needed to try, so here goes. My name is Jaxton Ravos, I was a Jedi Master a while ago and respected throughout the Order. Eventually I left, after politics and wars became too much for me, as I felt the Jedi Order had lost it's way. I wandered for a while, before I met with others like me, who left the Order and found no backbone behind it's teachings. If any Jedi managed to come to the same conclusions I did and you happen to know who they are, or where they are through surrenders, captures, or whatever you chose to do, I'd like to ask for the opportunity to speak to them. Let them know they aren't the only ones, and there's a place that they'll be welcomed. This is not a trick, and I wish for no harm to come to you, them, or anyone, I merely wish to increase people's understandings, freedoms, and peacefulness. Thank you for your time.

Hoping for a Better Galaxy
-Jaxton Ravos
The responsibility of High Council Leadership isn't something I thought I'd figure out in time to save what was left of my skin. Here I am in an office that somehow became mine and a letter comes up on my screen. Sure, not much is on my screen already, but this one hits me. It's more than come to my attention that the majority of people within the Fringe find their lasting abilities in the darker machinations of the Force. Here's a potential ally of a more bright and sunny disposition. I'm all for that right now.

Clicking onto the message, I hit reply.

Dear @[member="Jaxton Ravos"],

When and where? There are matters we can discuss.

Anders Sivas