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To Ilum We Must Go (Joshua DragonsFlame)

The quiet humid the hyperdrive engine was all that could he heard over the silence of the two Jedi. Both seated in adjacent seats, niether had spoken much on the journey here. Meta had remained almost completely motionless throughout the flight. Constantly in deep thought, more than likely he reason for his Masters silence. Meta had been thinking, a lot. He had frown far more respectful of the Jedi in his time in the temple, and had learned much and practiced rigorously.

He felt aged, as if he was newer, older and wiser from the experience. He had read over 30-40 books in that time, most of them detailing the history of the Jedi order, or rare a d unheard of force powers, a d most fascinating of all, the origins of the Lightsaber. The force saber, a weapo that could only be activated through the force. However; the technology surpassed Meta's understanding of the mechanics of a saber. The planet below was called Ilum, a planet that was tied to the jedi order massively, it had formed its traditions over centuries of hard and strainious practice.

Meta wondered what the planet would look like up close. His imagination sliding between the temple on Tython and Ossus as examples. Or, it may have been something new entirely. But, there was only one way to find out.

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Josh sighed. His Padawan may be a Knight now, but he still had much to learn.... But the least he could do after he earned his lighthood was show him the right way to make a lightsaber.... The Jedi way.

"You're ready for this?" he asked his former Padawan, turning to face him from his chair in the cockpit. "You know that Ilum is one of the coldest planets in Republic space, and one of the most dangerous, correct?" he asked. "I was here when we took over Ilum. There was this.... Almost goddess-like creature in the bottom of it's caves. How Asha and I managed to slay it, I will never know. But it's safe to say that the frigid cold rivals Hoth, and it's creatures, as dangerous as they are, still remain"

He cracked his neck. "I would have preferred to take you to Tython, but you had already set course for Ilum before I could stop you"

"Well, I want to do it here. If we're going to do it. We're doing it properly." He announced, taking in Josh's warning regarding the planet of Illum. The ship began to descend down into the atmosphere of the planet. It was an icy planet, snow devoured everything here. Apart from the temple, something unearthly protected the temple. However, Meta did not know what. He stood silent aboard the ship as it slowly began to move towards the surface of the ice cold planet. "I believe I am ready." He said in response to Josh's earlier question.

As the ship touched down, not a few minutes walk away from the temple. Meta grabbed a long thick grey coat, tucking himself in. He activated the ships landing pad from the controls of the ship. "We better get going.." He interjected once more, throwing on the coat. He began to make his way down the corridors of the ship; making his way to the exit. He expected his master would not be far behind, even as he reached the beginning of the landing pad. He could already feel the cold withering Ilum wind brush against his legs. It certainly was cold, and unholy.

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