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Timber! [Dominion of Gallos]


My mum says I'm clever.
The planet of Gallos had a hellish reputation.

With a history that essentially pitted sentient life against the power of nature, Karin Dorn was already up against it. In terms of conquering the people it would be a breeze, Gallians who remained on the planet were scattered, primitive and didn't possess the technology to deal with the Sith. Of course, the Sith Lord had already planned for the fate of the natives, after all, who was going to clear the dense rainforests and mine the pure cortosis that lurked below?

Slavery was the new black after all.

The biggest struggle so far had been trying to find a suitable location to land. Any areas once cleared had long become overgrown, as nature strived to take back what was once hers.

The vegetation wasn't the only issue at hand, in fact the biggest challenge of the planet was going to be the local fauna. Acklay, panthacs and rancors, oh my! Those were only some of the native species too. If your talents leaned into beast mastery territories then this was going to be the planet for you, if not, please refrain from being eaten.

The small shuttle containing Karin Dorn eventually managed to land in a small clearing. Armed with a lightsaber and a head worthy of an encyclopaedia she strode onto the planet. The very climate almost made her recoil. That thick suffocating humidity, hot and sticky. Hopefully nobody had straightened their hair before embarking on this dominion.

It's was a peculiar kind of invasion, however. Not one that would be won by the conquering of peoples but rather the taming of nature itself, an interesting challenge to say the least. At least there would always be the back-up option of completely razing Gallos but Lady Dorn did not intend for it to come to that. There would be no resources wasted, every tree, every creature, it could all be used in the name of the Empire.

Her first priority was a bit of general pruning, being how difficult it had been to find a clearing to land in the first place. Others could have their fun, enslaving the locals, playing with the fearsome beasts that roamed but at this moment in time, Karin Dorn, Sith Master was to oversee a makeshift logging expedition. Riveting stuff!

“Be cautious,” she warned to anybody who cared to listen, “it is not difficult to become lost in these rainforests and even less difficult to get eaten by whatever lurks in the undergrowth.”

It's bad form to get eaten, you know?
| -GALLOS- |
| ~Atmosphere~ |

Lilith was once more going to participate in a dominion, but this time it was the Sith Empire's one. She remembered her first dominion. It had been Thisspias or whatever the planet was called. But it was during the Jedi years, so it was just a bad memory. This one had to be much better.

She didn't even know why she wanted to participate. Maybe she was just curious... Or maybe she wanted to have some fun? Slaves were always really cool and since it's completely legal in the Empire, she wanted to join people at it. But maybe she was just a bit crazy, because she was just an Initiate, an Apprentice and this planet was an extreme one. Staying alive here was difficult and maybe even impossible for Lilith. But she couldn't change her plans anymore. Because that's who she was. When she decided to do something cool, she did it, no matter, how difficult or how dangerous it is. After all, she is not a Jedi anymore. This carefulness is a Jedi thing.

She sat in her ship which was currently in the atmosphere of Gallos. And she waited for more people to come. A strange thought came into her mind, that everyone else is already on the planet, but she believed it was just a stupid thought which should be forgotten. But maybe it was true? Maybe everyone else was already doing something? Like... killing people, destroying nature or whatever else they wanted to do?

Just to be sure, she started landing on the planet.
Zahori Denko
"Please," Elani replied, "the flora here is like plains to me. I'll get through it all. Just point me towards the nearest rancor pack and I'm there."

This was Elani's first chance to show the people of the Sith she was more thna just the Emperor's daughter. Aboard a Zash-class Cruiser, Elani came to the planet with a platoon of Blackblades ready to follow her command. The ship was able to find a moderately sized clearing just outside of the jungle. It was there that the shuttles fromt he ship landed alternatively and from them came Elani and the Blackblades.
"Captain, scan the area for any trackings. There are plenty of wild beasts on this planet and I'd rather not let anyone else have their fun with them." Elani said to a Blackblade officer. She and her soldiers began scouring the jungle for any beasts they might be able to either put down or tame for war.

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Balaya Praelior

Balaya Zambrano, One of Many
@[member="Karin Dorn"]

Balaya stood off to the side while she had straight hair in a massive mane of fiery red down to her ankles and her weapons on her. The large beskad and her saber while listening to the sounds of nature around them. There was much going on here and the chance to get some cortosis wasn't beyond her notice while she moved to stand near the sith master who her master had killed. The first story he had told her and lesson after dropping her on Vendaxa was what it meant to kill this woman. A smirk came across her lips while she stood there and saw the jungle. "How much destruction would you like my lady?"

With a tilt of her head downwards to see the master Balaya bowed before brushing the strands of hair from her face and opening the cloak to push behind her shoulder into. Her skin taunt over the cybernetics and her hand pulled the large beskad to one hand. What was more a claymore for some people she could and would use almost single handed. It was only a feat of the cybernetics and her rage. For now taking the world for the sith master and her emperor mattered.

Cadden Blackthorne

This was Cadden's first dominion
There is a first time for everything,
Viroblade in hand, blaster in holster, Cadden was ready to die for the Empire, if need be. Cadden realized that he lacked the proper weapons to defend himself, so he would stay in the shadows of the Knights and Masters and even help if it was needed. People went off to enslave the locals, fight monsters of nature, etc.
Pretty easy way to get killed...

@[member="Karin Dorn"]
| ~Planet's Surface~ |

Lilith's ship flew towards Gallos' surface with an extreme speed. She was sure she won't survive the crash, so she decided to think about her life during the few seconds she has to live.

She crashed on Gallos.

Trees fell down. The ship crashed near another Sith Empire's ship. But Lilith survived. Her machine's damages weren't extremely, so she didn't get hurt very much. She still needed a bit treatment, but it had to be done only after they get back to a safer place. This planet seemed so dangerous, that it didn't look like she'll have time to aid herself. Maybe someone else could do it... when they were covered by a Sith Knight... or even better, by a Sith Master. But it was highly unlikely to ever happen.

She left the ship and sighed. Getting out of the ship was tough, but when she saw that it was crushed, she became really sad. It was her only ship. And repairing it would've been very expensive.