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Thrune Commercial Combine

The Spacepiress of Chaos
Thrune Commercial Combine
Following a seizure by House Thrune of House Sorenn-Syrush holdings; the company formerly known as Sorenn-Syrush Zaibatsu - as well as other Sorenn-Syrush companies - has been renamed and reorganized.
Thus, the newly christened Thrune Commercial Combine is looking to repair the damages to its image and infrastructure due to the conflict involving the former owner.
The Thrune Commercial Combine is a Holding Corporation that offers the following services
Financial Services
Investment Services
Insurance Provider
With a headquarters on Arkania - it also has secondary offices on Bogden and Eshan

Jaster Awaud

Elder of Clan Awaud
[member="The Whispering Tyrant"]

The Fel Empire will need the financial support to open several new industries within the Unknown Region to expand our economic Influence. We would be more then willing to open relations in investments and banking services at this time.
The Spacepiress of Chaos
The Thrune Commercial Combine would be capable of providing you with such financial services and investment services. Likewise, they have access to additional banking services as provided by Zaibatsu Banking (a banking establishment on Arkania) and Sorenn-Syrush Banking (a credit union located on Cato Neimoidia) - The names of which will be changing in short order.

[member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"]