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Thrasher X3-14

Thrasher CC-314


Name: Thrasher CC-314
Age: 21
Species: Vong-shaped Miralian Clone
Gender: Female
Hair: Black; Dyed Red
Eyes: Bright Yellow (due to cybernetics)
Height: In Armor: 6"5'; Without Armor: 6"1'
Weight: In Armor: 170 lbs. Without Armor: 150 lbs.
Complexion: Lightly Tanned with a greenish tint
Build: Athletic

Thrasher isn't openly social with strangers. She'll keep things on a professional basis until she gets to know a person better. She has an average sense of humor, and enjoys talking about battle strategy more than anything else. Though, she will occasionally talk about her thoughts.

Physical combat (Hand-to-Hand; swords)
Marksman (Sniper Rifle)
Expert Battle Strategist

Longing to feel like a true sister

Thrasher was born in a tube like her sisters. She was especially skilled in combat and battle strategy, and was one of the more favored clones. While out on a mission, however, she lost her sight in an explosion. The scientists worked long and hard and finally managed to give Thrasher "New Sight". Unfortunately, the "New Sight" couldn't withstand the intense training Thrasher undertook afterwards. She lost her new left eye to a "native beasts" battle simulation involving a pack of Dire-cats. This time, the scientists instead gave Thrasher a cybernetic eye complete with a targeting system and a thermal detector system.

Thrasher was assigned to Titan Squad, as were her sisters CC-647 Nemesis and CC-215 Ani (Mandalorian for "whole"). Though she cares for her sisters and would gladly die for them, Thrasher has never felt very close to them in a friendly way. Nemesis is the tough, silent type, while Ani was too professional to really talk about anything except training or how to upgrade things. Despite their differences, however, Titan Squad is extremely efficient and successful with their missions.

Nemesis CC-647

Ani CC-215

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Hmm....How about the Dread Guard? They're ALL clones....
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