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Thrash, Master of Illusion

Thrash, Padawan of the Jedi Order
  • Name: R'hith
  • Alias: Thrash, Nightbrother of Dathomir
  • Faction: The Galactic Republic
  • Rank: Padawan of the Jedi Order
  • Species: Croke
  • Age: 967
  • Height: 6'2" (Illusion)
  • Weight: 190 lbs. (Illusion)
  • Eye Color: Yellow
  • Hair: N/A
  • Skin Pigmentation: Red w/Black Tattoos
  • Force Sensitive: Yes
  • Voice Sample: Liam O'Brian
  • + Master of Illusion: Being a Croke, Thrash has the ability to project powerful, tangible illusions through the Force. It is through this innate talent that his identity as a Dathomirian Zabrak is upheld.
  • + Batman Can Breathe in Space: Also due to his being a Croke, Thrash has the ability to survive in the vacuum of space. It is through this ability that he was able to endure floating adrift in his derelict ship for so long.
  • + Living Forever is Awesome: Due to his Croke heritage, Thrash has a longevity that has spanned almost one thousand years thus far; and he is still considered young by his kind!
  • - Logical Weakness: Despite the fact that Thrash is able to project tangible illusions, he is still an anthropod at the end of the day. Damaged sustained to the portion of the illusion that contains his physical body will damage him and runs the risk of breaking his illusions.
  • - Despotism Justifies the Means: Thrash is driven by personal ambition and seeks to rule...simply because he can. He is ambitious to a fault, and said ambition can and will lead him down dark and perilous roads.
  • Raelyn: Affectionately named "Raelyn", this reprogrammed Sith Training Droid is a constant companion and failsafe of Thrash. Her duty is to liberate her master from the doors of death should his illusions fail; and look good doing it.
  • [Novice] Force Illusion*
  • [Novice] Mind Trick*
  • [Novice] Telekinesis
  • [Novice] Telepathy
*Denotes specialization
  • Pending

Early Life

Born just over a century prior to the Battle of Yavin, the Croke born to the name R'hith grew up as one typical of his species. For the initial portion of his life, he was simply a a sea of nestlings. By the culture that defined his people, nestlings were young, helpless, and as such required diligent care and protection; yet the unceasing doting sparked something within the young Croke. Some may call this feeling simply youth in revolt, whereas he would identify it as ambition...for he felt as though he were above the ceaseless protection lavished upon he and his fellows, and certainly loathed the fact that his "supposed" strength was looked over due to his being a nestling.

As such, as the years wore on, the seed of ambition took root in the form of a singular goal: a desire to rule. R'hith wanted to see the entirety of Crakull, the home of the Croke race, on bent knee before him...but as he grew even older, the seed of ambition grew into something much more immense. By the time he had reached his first century of age, R'hith had the clear desire in his mind and heart...he would conquer his people, his system, and then the entire Galaxy!

However, he recognized that, in order to accomplish this ambitious goal, he would require power far greater than that which he possessed. He would require mastery over the Force that could only come through tutelage at the feet of those terrifyingly mighty in it.

As such, R'hith left Crakull at his earliest convienience and set about attempting to make his goal a reality.

The first rung in the ladder was the procurement of funds. This was a necessity, for he could not expect to travel about the stars without a decent sum of credits at his disposal! Therefore, his initial years and travels away from home revolved around the utilization of his innate talents of illusion to adopt a variety of identities. Through these, he swindled, embezzled, stole, and gambled his way into having a rather sizeable sum of credits with his name on it.

For a brief span of time, it seemed as though the Croke had gotten sidetracked from his original goal...and indeed he was. However, a news report on the holonet tore him away from the growing assets in his bank account. T'was word that the Sith Order had supposedly returned, and that a notable Jedi Master, Qui-Gon Jinn, had been slain at the hands of a Zabrak Sith. This greatly intrigued the Croke and set him right back on the course he had originally embarked on, for his intrest was piqued.

Thrash, Nightbrother of Dathomir

Due to the fact that, despite the news report's claim of a Sith return, there was no finite source to turn to in order for R'hith to obtain adequate training; and certainly the Jedi weren't an alternative, for he was certain that they would not aid a greedy snail in his goal to conquer the Galaxy. As such, R'hith decided to utilize the clues which lay before him...the Sith was a Zabrak, and history told the tale of a world known as Dathomir to be ripe with perfect candidates for such an occupation.

As such, R'hith's journey began anew with a journey to the world. Upon first landing, R'hith did as he absolutely had to...and slew a Dathomirian Zabrak by the name Thrash. He did this in order to claim his name and identity; and due to the fact that this individual was a slave...there was not much backstory to worry over. As Thrash, R'hith toiled away in servitude to the Witches, and utilized this time in order to ask well-placed questions of the Zabrak he worked alongside.

Some rebuffed him, others embraced him; and among those few whom "befriended" him were a pair of brothers known as Savage and Feral. Their friendship was one that surprised R'hith, and was supposedly derived from some underlying history he was not aware of that had occurred between Thrash and the brothers...but he used this to his advantage and played the role incredibly well. As time passed, the thirst for knowledge the Croke had was sated, and the brothers revealed to him little by little the facts that were common knowledge for the Zabraks.

The Nightsisters held the might to empower him with the magics of the Dark Side...and it was through these magics that he hoped to gain the power to conquer his world. However, reality came crashing down upon his shoulders like a mighty weight, as he realized the fact that such masters of the Force would undoubtedly be able to see through his conjured guise. Furthermore, he did not desire to be squished by a planet full of angry Dathomirians...and so, the victory he had strived tirelessly towards had escaped his grasp; just in time for a Selection to occur.

T'was the Selection hosted by Asajj Ventress, which the Croke utilized as a means of escape and regrouping. In the first Trial of the Selection process, R'hith took a fall and was promptly eliminated from the running. At that point, he adopted the guise of one of the Nightsisters and made his way back to his conceiled vessel in order to escape offworld. However, this was not before he learned of who was the final victor of the Selection: Savage...through the murder of his own brother Feral.

For reasons beyond the Croke, the death of Feral actually saddened him to some degree; but nonetheless, he would not be deterred from his goal. Through tailing his "friend" Savage, and his new partner Asajj, offworld, and carefully approaching him at the right time, R'hith was able to pledge his aide to his old friend and assumed an Enforcer role. It was meager, it was demeaning, but it was enough to earn him information that would contribute to his overall goal. He learned of Asajj's ultimate aspiration of taking down her Master, a Sith; which rekindled R'hith's hope that perhaps a Sith mentor was available...

So, with the ultimate goal in mind of meeting and enlisting the tutelage of a Sith in mind, he worked tirelessly alongside Savage in order to further his goals. As such, he participated in several engagements in the Clone Wars; some alongside the old Confederacy, some alongside Savage. All that mattered was a single encounter with the Sith Asajj sought to defeat...and after quite some time, this goal was met! Though it was not the Sith he was looking for...

It was his boss.

At the grand conclusion of Savage and Maul's campaign on Mandalore, to which R'hith took a minor, supporting role, the brothers were struck down personally by one Darth Sidious. However, rather than risk his life and limb to aid his fallen "friends", R'hith played it smart and spoke to the Dark Lord on bended knee. He revealed himself, his true name, face, and powers; then pleaded for a place in Sidious' service. And against all odds, the opportunity was granted...though it began with carrying an unconsious Darth Maul and a fallen, ancient lightsaber into Sidious' vessel.


Much to his disappointment, Sidious did not cultivate R'hith's force abilities as he so desperately desired. Instead, his abilities were put to good use in the form of infiltration and elimination. For years, he served in this role, tirelessly adopting faces in order to put down the enemies of the Dark Lord. It was the source of endless frustration on the part of the Croke, yet he dared not complain; for he had witnessed Maul's defeat firsthand and had no desire to end up like the fallen Zabrak.

As such, he worked...and worked...and worked some more.

And while off duty, he found out a peculiar fact out about himself. He had grown accustomed to utilizing his Thrash identity. In fact, it was his go-to form to assume whenever he did not have a particular face that was in need of adopting. This fact came as a surprise to R'hith when he sat down and thought about it; and as such it ultimately led to his changing his own name to Thrash once and for all. It was who he masqueraded as most of the time, so why not; was his rationale.

During the final stages of the Galactic Republic, Thrash then petitioned his superior for an opportunity to prove himself. Through this, he hoped to gain some form of training from the Dark Lord. His request was granted, and ventured alongside a cadre of Clone Troopers during the initiation of Order 66. Their target was a Jedi Master and her young Padawan. The Troopers made short work of the Padawan relatively easy, though it was the Master who came as a great difficulty.

Thrash nearly lost his life that day, and for the first time, his shortcomings were thrust into his face. He did not dare fix his mouth to request anything from the Dark Lord and realized that, due to his near decimation when the Master managed to wound him to the point where his illusion faultered, he needed to take precautionary measures to ensure his survival against such foes. This particular sum of caution was not fully exercised until years into the reign of the Galactic Empire, when Thrash managed to obtain a Sith Training Droid from Kamino.

This attainment was one of those things that only a Croke would be able to do, for he had to rely on rubbing a few elbows that recalled the fact that the Croke were a valuable customer long ago. He utilized this fact, and small promises of business, in order to secure the droid and have a small modification made to its anatomy and programming. Dubbed "Raelyn", the training droid was given feminine, fiercely loyal programming in addition to the incorporation of an air-tight hatch in her hull. This way, in the event of calamity, Thrash could simply crawl into the hatch and be born to safety; assuming the foe didn't utterly decimate the droid.

Shortly after this turn of events, Thrash continued his service to the Galactic Empire, but would ultimately never see his goal of training at the feet of Sidious fulfilled. This was due to the fact that, only months after his procuring of Raelyn, his ship bearing the two of them was rendered derelict during a battle against the Rebel Alliance. Raelyn was damaged, his ship was beyond repair and cast adrift in the Outer Rim; far removed from a Hyperlane to seek help.

And so, alone, in the quiet of space, Thrash drifted.

His mental fortitude was severely affected by this isolation, to the point where he was nearly driven made. However, liberation came in the form of a salvager descending upon his vessel several hundred years later. Once free of his prison, Thrash "convinced" the benevolent soul, through violence and intimidation, to inform him of all that had transpired since his unfortunate situation had occurred. He also demanded that Raelyn be repaired and that transportation be provided to him by the salvager to a world where he could regain his bearings and decide his next move.

As such, the Salvager set out for Raxus Prime; and along the way Raelyn was repaired. With her revival came access to the holo-net, and a long history lesson that boiled the Croke's blood. His ambition was rent to shreds by the New Order and the Rebel Alliance, turned Galactic Republic...and now, despite the fact that there was an Empire standing to suit his needs, his near madness demanded justice! He shelved his goal to rule the Galaxy and sought to become very...acquainted...with this Republic.

And so a new ambition begins.

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