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This Might be a Bad Idea...

Chupa La'Roi

I'm planning on ramming a ship into a planet as part of a thread idea I've been having. Is it feasible to do so without, like, being called out for putting people in an inescapable situation?
It's Real to Pretend
"And they were not on the planet when it got impacted..." As long as they're either on the far side of the planet, or in orbit when you crash, no harm, no foul, @[member="Chupa La'Roi"]


Disney Princess
Ramming a Starship into anything at is totally doable. Just keep in mind the gravity well and magnetic field won't allow for you to jump to Hyperspace velocity whilst planet-side. A dazzling spectacle that. Oh, and the prescience of an atmosphere will also require that your ship still has shields operational when entering the atmosphere at sub-light speeds. Otherwise you'll burn up on re-entry or possibly deflect off the sphere completely like a stray particle of solar radiation. Lol. If there is air present too, heck, you might even one hell of a fireball. Undiminished by the vacuum of space.

I like it. :D


Eater of the Dead
*totally did this in Dark Harvest Finale*

*after solo taking the ship*


Eater of the Dead
But does a crazy person know they are crazy?

I mean I know I am insane. I know when I am eating finger foods taken from the hands of school children at the orphanage while sitting on my beanbag chair naked that I am karking insane.

So if I am self aware does that really make me a loon?

Speaking of which we must have Kaelin and Shinju meet up again I have been learning all these new pretty things I can do to people.