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Noah Corek

Cocked, Locked and a Smoking Barrel
Factory Judge

(Right:Therma-Plast in a brick form,Left:Therma-Plast in a sheet form)
Intent: To create the Star Wars equivelant of C4 and Semtex.
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Various Arms Manufacturers
Model: Therma-Plast
Affiliation: Independent
Modularity: Do you want to blow you hand off?
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Baradium nitrate,nitroglycerin,nitrocellulose and acetone peroxide
Description: Designed to be lighter and more transportable than thermal detonators and be able to be molded in different shapes and sizes for different situations. It can be molded into anything and put almost anywhere that is a solid and stable surface,but Therma-Plast cannot be detonated unless an electrical current is sent through it and therefore you can just leave it and expect it to explode,which adds a amount of safety but it makes the user have to stay and watch. About .5 kilograms of Therma-Plast is equivalent to a 2 kilogram thermal detonator,making it 4 times more powerful than the baradium based thermal detonators.
Classification: High-Explosives
Size: Handheld
Status: Military
Length: N/A
Weight: N/A
Ammunition Type: N/A
Ammunition Capacity: N/A
Effective Range: 1 Kilogram has a detonation radius of 15 Meters
Made in collaboration with @[member="Haven Pryde"]
Become the Crisis
Would you be willing to tell me exactly what chemicals and minerals go into this? I have no problem with the sub, but if you're making an explosive compound that's more powerful than the most powerful canon explosives compound, I'd like to know what you've put into it, in order to determine if this submission should be approved or denied.
Not open for further replies.