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Approved NPC The Wreckers

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  • Intent: To create a division of heavy infantry to work alongside other forces
  • Image Credit: Zeon-in-a-tree
  • Role: A heavy infantry division
  • Links: Gerosians

  • Availability: Rare
  • Deployment: Minor
  • Strengths & Weaknesses:
    Shock and Awe: The Wreckers are a group of heavily armed and armored Gerosians that are meant to be the vanguard in Confederate operations. They have the right gear to punch a hole in nearly any defense their enemies might have.
  • Enhanced: Like all the troops under General Azmodan, the Wreckers are cybernetically and chemically enhanced.
  • Lost In Translation: Due to the extensive cybernetics and genetic manipulation done on the Wreckers, they've lost their inherent force sensitivity and the ability to create illusions.
  • Small Numbers: While the Wreckers are strong and effective, their numbers are small and their deployment is very selective as they can only be deployed in offensive operations.
  • Ion & EMPs: The extensive network of cybernetics in the Gerosians make them heavily susceptible to Ion and EMPs.

[*]Description: The Geonosian Vanguard, or Wreckers as they call themselves, are a specialized division of the Confederacy army. As the name states, it's made of entirely Gerosian soldiers. General Azmodan saw the commissioning of this division himself and, as with all under his command, the Wreckers underwent extensive cybernetic enhancement which greatly increased their intelligence and combat effectiveness. The mission of the Wreckers is to be the vanguard in offensive operations. They charge in ahead of all other forces and break a whole in the defenses of their enemies, making way for their allies. Utilizing brute force and heavy weaponry, the Wreckers mow through their enemies with great effectiveness and no hesitation. The Wreckers are made up of several squads, each one 6 men strong. They have complicated designations so they have just taken to calling themselves Wrecker 1, Wrecker 2, so on and so forth.

Jairus Starvald


This looks pretty good already, but I wonder- considering these guys are heavily cybernetic'ed wouldn't it make sense for them to be vulnerable to ion and EMPs?

Also, after reading through the species submissions these guys have a lot of downsides to them, so that should be taken in account when using the unit.


[member="Jairus Starvald"]

1. Yeah, sure.
2. Most of those downsides were solved through the cybernetics except for the ones cybernetics can't really solve.

Zeradias Mant

Democracy Dies in Darkness

As the Devil's Boomstick item is Limited production, you'll need to either change the Deployment to Limited or you can swap the item for something set at a higher production level.
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