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The Work of My Hands


A rather large sum of time had passed since the Templar had last graced the streets of Coruscant with his presence. In fact, since then, the title of Chancellor and Grand Master had changed hands and countless changes came to characterize the Republic he formerly served. However, despite the fact that numerous things were different, so many things were still the same. The hustle and bustle of the Republic's capital planet was unchanged, the people were just as busy as ever, and for one who had felt as though literally nothing had changed. As he strode along, relying upon muscle memory to guide him to the structure he once frequented, nostalgia characterized his mind. To say the least, he missed Coruscant and he was glad to be back in a place he had once called Home.

The journey to the world was grueling however. Recent events had all but placed the Republic on high alert! While he did not know the entirety of the details, he did know that if not for the fact that the Confederacy and Republic were allies, he probably would not have gained clearance to land. Ah, the perks of being of some reputable rank...yet another one of the monumental changes that had occurred in the time since Josiah left. The day he departed the Jedi Order, he was considered a Knight amongst his peers and now he returned a Master. Sure, there were doubts that came with this title; was he worthy of it? Was he strong enough? And perhaps that was one of the reasons he had chosen to return to the heart of the Republic, so that he may see a man who formerly guided his footsteps as a superior, friend, and mentor.

His former Master, Darron Wraith.

At long last, the Templar arrived at the flight of stairs which led up to the Jedi Temple's entrance; and it was at this point that he lowered the hood which hid his face from view. T'was a habit he had adopted during his years growing up on Nar Shaddaa, but now was definitely not the time for the "shady look". With hands stuffed in the pockets of his hooded sweater, Josiah ascended the steps and entered the Temple. At first glance...nothing had changed; and that was a welcome sight to the Templar. Younglings still jogged about the main hall, following after a Master diligently instructing them in the day's lesson. Padawans and their Mentors walked briskly along, discussing training and upcoming missions. The Temple was very much still the Temple, and Josiah was delighted to see this.

Striding forth to one of the nearest Jedi, he posed a simple question.

"I'm looking for Master Wraith, do you know where he might be?"

@[member="Darron Wraith"].

Darron Wraith

Honor | Duty | Courage
@[member="Josiah Denko"]

Jedi Temple

"Master Wraith, do you need anything else? We can surely look at that burn on your arm, it would please the healers to help you." Her kind words were appreciated, and the Jedi Master came to a full stop in the hallway. The ancient woman before him gave him that tender, weathered smile he had long come to appreciate. Her name is Mistru, and she was one of the head healers of the Order. She had been one of the few to see Darron when he had been a boy, and the process of him growing into the man that he was today. Old age had started to rear it's head on her long before he had been frozen, and her age was still unknown to him to this day. Mistru had seen the various wounds he had been dealt with, and she had been on the battlefield a few times to aide those who needed healing. Wraith could remember the times he himself had been laying on one of the Temple healer's beds as she worked on the wound that took his forearm so long ago. Or the scar along his face, or all the other scratches and stabs that had been there since he had been 14 years old.

The one thing she couldn't cure, was his heart. That was something only he could fix, and years of training and all the hard lessons he had learned had helped with that.

"Thank you Mistru,but I am perfectly fine," he said as he reached over and touched the thick expanse of his upper arm and looked at the nasty burn there. Shrapnel from a terrorist's grenade had pierced his arm and some of the heat from the blast had reached him before his Force bubble had been fully formed. Thankfully, he had been the only one to take any damage. All civilians and hostages had survived that day, as well as those who had tried to do harm. "If it was something truly terrible, I would march myself up there and see you myself." The older woman chuckled at his words, "you mean like how you were brought in on a stretcher after the Battle of Roche with a lightsaber stab wound and multiple broken bones?" Another bit of laughter was swapped between the two, and Mistru laid her hand on the golden breast plate he wore. Her gray eyes looked up into his azure orbs, and she gave him a kind smile that his mother would have. "I knew both your parents Darron, and it's why I say this the best and nicest way that I know how." Her gaze fell to twin electrum hilts on his belt, and then went back up to the cortosis bracers he wore, as well as the gloves prosthetic forearm on his right arm.

A knowing smile crossed her face, and her last words were filled with melancholy. "You push too hard, and do too much. You are what every Jedi should aspire to be, and you're a good man above all else. Please just don't lose yourself to these things, don't be a Savior when you can just be yourself." The healer took a step back, and began to walk off before her ears picked up. "Someone just called your name down the hall, I think you might like seeing them." Both Masters bowed slightly, and Darron considered her words as he headed off to the front of the massive temple. How does she always know the root, and core of every issue with me? Darron wasn't prideful by nature, but he knew he was great at hiding any emotion he felt. If he wasn't, how else could he Master the one form no one else in the modern age could? She just knows my true nature from when I was a child, or she's more powerful than I know.

Those thoughts left his mind as his heavy boots echoed against the marble floors. The usual hush that accompanied him was disturbed by a small chatter, the Padawans were all staring at him. Especially in a day when most Jedi wore robes, his different attire and demeanour stuck out. Classic by nature, modern by need for protection, he was a walking example of the new Jedi...and he had been frozen for two decades. Known far and wide as the best warrior in the Order, and the only man to lose everything and still be fully Jedi, he would have been a hero even if he had never been the former GrandMaster who walked away from job after Roche. None of that mattered at the present as his gaze fell on a very familiar man. Years had only hardened that face he knew so well, and in Wraith's field of responsibility he could detect the change.

Josiah was a Master of the Force now.

Briskly closing the distance, Wraith stuck a hand out and took his former Padawan and a warrior's embrace before pulling back. "Speak of the devil, and he shall appear Josiah. How is my former Padawan doing, or should I as, how is a Master of the Templar Order doing these days?" Joy was laced in his words, and Darron didn't care who Josiah served. As long as the man was out doing good, that was all the Jedi would ever care about.
Despite the fact that a large span of time had passed since the former Grandmaster's student had seen his mentor, Josiah recognized the striking warrior right off. The moment he came into view, a smile immediately appeared upon the young master's face; and before long he was receiving the warrior's embrace. Upon pulling back, Josiah deposited his hands within the pockets of his hooded jacket, grinning with just as much joy as that which was found within his Mentor's words. "To be perfectly honest," he began, striding forth so that the two of them may walk and talk like old times, "I have been beyond exhausted Master."

"It seems that, with each passing day, I'm rudely awakened prior to the crack of dawn and sent on a mission somewhere. Either that, or I'm expected to lecture the Aspirants and act as a model example. To say the least, this 'Master of the Templar Order' is quite demanding...but the good I've done makes all the exhaustion worth it. You would not believe how much we've achieved in the South, Master! For the first time in...well, forever, the South is slowly becoming free from Slavery! And I'm helping with that."

He paused, looking upon his Master with a proud smile. Josiah honestly believed as his Mentor had taught him; that so long as he had hands, they were to be used for good. It mattered not if he stood within Coruscant, donning the cloak of a Jedi, or if he stood upon Bothawui, championing the banner of the Templar Order. So long as there was Light within his heart, and the work of his hands good...well, Josiah felt that he was doing his Mentor proud.

"What of you? How has life been treating you?"

@[member="Darron Wraith"].

Darron Wraith

Honor | Duty | Courage
@[member="Josiah Denko"]

"That's good to hear Josiah, I'm glad you have found the place for you." It was the earnest truth, and Wraith slapped his former pupil on the back in approval. The news feeds had mentioned as much, and the improving relations between the Republic and Confederacy were due in large part to the actions of the Templar order. What Josiah was helping with was quite astounding, and Darron chose to not even bring up the rumors he had heard of a few darksiders working in the Templar Order. Wraith could ferret out darkness better than most, and their close bond from the time of Josiah's instruction gave him an easier access to the core of the man. Goodness practically radiated from him, and it showed that no matter what, Josiah had kept that good head on his shoulders. "Come, walk with me and let's talk. There's much we need to catch up on, and you need to remember that you can send me messages friend. Just because we don't work for the same Order doesn't mean communication has to be so few and far between."

Guiding Josiah towards the hallway he wanted to go down, Darron quickly sized his former pupil up with all of his senses. Master Denko as he was surely now called had grown quite powerful, but his humility was still intact. Most, when given the talents that the two men possesed, became enamored by their power. Darron reflected on this as their boots echoed off the marble, the Padawans moving out of their way and pointing at the odd pair of a Templar and Jedi walking together. Most would have stopped Josiah, but given his present company not one word was uttered against the former Jedi. He was in the company of a Council Member, and only one man had the authority to tell Darron to escort his former pupil out.

"Life has it's usual ups and downs,I can't complain. I am alive, and breathing and able to serve those who need my help. That is all I can ask for, and all I can do for those in need. What brings you here? I sense it's friendly in intent,but that you have questions. So please, ask away."
"I shall remember that in the future, Darron." remarked the young Master, walking in stride with his former Mentor. As they moved about the corridors of the Jedi Temple, Josiah racked his brains as to how to pose the question that had been slowly, but surely, eating at him. The simple fact was, the young Master was now a leader in an Order who opened its doors to a variety of wielders of the Force. As such, Josiah found himself noting the strengths of those who had entered...and the more who came, the more the young Master doubted. He loved the Light, he championed it with all he was.

But the Light was hardly a sword, in the face of Lightning, Fire, and Ice.

The powers wielded by the darker persuasion of warrior were mighty in nature, and whilst the young Master had been working diligently on means to protect himself and those around him, he feared that he may not be able to defeat the Darkness with that he currently possessed. He needed to know if there were additional ways of walking the Path of Light, ways that would allow him to harness the Light and forge it into a sword to cut down the darkness. So, when the question was posed about Josiah's intentions, he carefully worded his response.

"Master," he began, "I have been struggling lately. I have fought as a warrior of Light since before we met, and I still do to this day. Yet, I have seen the power of the Dark Side...and it is mighty and terrible. The Darkness can create terrible monstrosities, bend the Forces of nature...even melt a man alive from the inside out. I need to know if there is a way, well within the Path of Light, that I can combat these powers of the Darkness. I shall not, regardless of how the Templar Order is structured, allow the Darkness to taint my soul, so I must find a way to stand strong and wield the light effectively against potential masters of the Darkness."

"So I have come to you, Darron. You instructed me in the ways of the Light before, and I am seeking your tutelage now. Does the Light hold the power I seek? And if so, how do I utilize it?"

@[member="Darron Wraith"].
The temple was always somewhat of a beacon. For some time, Kiskla had been a remotely active member of The Republic -- well, active enough to receive funding and train some Padawans on the side. That had been a peculiar introduction for the young woman, who was constantly training herself. Turns out, she wasn't half bad at expending her knowledge. Who'da thunk?
Anyways, she had departed from the Republican duties from pressure from the Pyre, and her planet to return home and focus attention to the development of The Guardians there. As much as she could grow on her own accord, as she had done for years, there was an element of barrenness that she couldn't put her finger on when in the Azurbani system. The Force wasn't the strongest there, despite her immense prowess in it. The refreshed feeling she craved could not be satisfied with so many distractions, and so, when the opportunity to deal in business on Coruscant came up, she took it and allowed for enough leisure time to satisfy her void.

That would be why the slender young Master's heels were clicking as she walked through the temple's walls. Quite a few months ago, she had been on Tython feeling like a fish out of water. Since then however, she was feeling more confident and reconnected with her roots.

Which meant The Son was under control.

With much architectural appreciation, her gaze drifted aimlessly as she absorbed the serene energy of the Temple. Until, that is, her ever curious nature got the better of her, and a familiar presence caught her attention. As did some curious words.

A knavish grin graced her lips, and her brow quirked as she diverted her walk (not that she was on a particular path). It had been a while since she had spoken, let alone seen, the prior GrandMaster. At first glance, he was unrecognizable. Nevertheless, ever the confident individual, the blonde's frame soon intercepted the pair and she piped up.

"Fancy seeing you here," she greeted, as if there hadn't been months of silence between the two well-suited warriors. "Hope I'm not interrupting anything with too much gravity." She nodded in part to the other Jedi, semi-apologetically for not being able to control her conversational tongue.

@[member="Darron Wraith"]
@[member="Josiah Denko"]

Darron Wraith

Honor | Duty | Courage
@[member="Josiah Denko"] questions were ones Wraith himself had asked, but the times had been different. The Order had lacked the structure it did now, and Teferi Efreet no longer walked these halls. His Master was a diminutive creature, and a keeper of some of the more powerful secrets of the Force. Those lessons had been imparted to Darron, and he had used them to the best of his abilities. At first, they had proven difficult due to his temper. Years, experience, and loss had been the necessary teachers for him to finally tap into the light. It had been the long and narrow road, but it's fulfillment had been worth the work needed. "Yes, I actually know of several things that can be used to combat the dark. Believe me, if there is one thing I know how to do. It's combat that which we do not wish to become."

"First, let me say that many of the things we can use against the dark-side of the Force are things most don't think to use. Our words are the first thing, followed by our actions when dealing with them." All the while he was speaking, he kept point to his mouth, and trying to impart that he was being dead serious about this aspect of it. "I gained Ashin Varanin's respect at Roche and several times before then because I stuck to my beliefs when faced with adversity. Not compromising who you are, and not fighting their fire with fire is the quickest way to undermine anything they do. What is rage in the face of absolute conviction to duty? They are focused on the self, while you are devoted to the many. Your motivation to succeed is for life to survive, combined with working with the Force and not bending it to your will is a strength few can understand. You know how to empty yourself, brush everything aside is you for the greater good. This is where your power comes from."

Finally coming to the room he was wanting to be in, he simply walked in. Raised ceilings, and training weapons everywhere caught the eye upon entering. Training droids were on their chargers, and a Padawan training class was going on of the other side of the cavernous room. Their lightsabers clashed as the children went through their Shii-Cho exercises against one another. Lost in the middle of what they were doing, only those not currently engaged paid attention to the two Masters of the Force casually conversing near the entrance to the room. All they could see was Darron reach for one of his hilts and unclip it while twirling the harmless cylinder in his hands. "Or you could just fall back on your training and outlast your opponent or take advantage of a foolish move on their part." Patience was a virtue Josiah had in spaces, and Darron instead shifted to what he was really asking.

"Yes there is a power named Force Light, and I'm the only one around here who can fire off a full powered blast of the stuff. It will burn away the darkness, darkside constructs and powers. I nearly killed Velok with the power on Belsavis, but spared him because I wouldn't be a murderer. It can only work if you are fully devoid of emotion, and have pure intent Josiah. This isn't anything you can have leeway on and I will gladly show my former Pa-"

"Fancy seeing you here," she greeted, as if there hadn't been months of silence between the two well-suited warriors. "Hope I'm not interrupting anything with too much gravity." She nodded in part to the other Jedi, semi-apologetically for not being able to control her conversational tongue.

She caught him off guard, and the smile that came to his face had a bit of a slyness to it that wasn't present earlier. "Fancy seeing you here too, I thought you were too busy for the Order or the missions it required?" Looking between the two, he realized that he hadn't introduced them and didn't want to leave the Templar at a disadvantage. "Josiah Denko meet @[member="Kiskla Grayson"], Jedi Master and a good friend of mine. We did some great work together against the Sith." Now he was on shaky ground, but he skimmed over it smoothly before turning to face Kiskla once more. His hand motioning towards Josiah now. "Kiskla, meet Josiah Denko. He's a Templar Master for the Confederacy, and my former Padawan a few years ago."

Wraith enclosed the circle a little while keeping his eyes on the woman he had worked closely with, they had been apart for a few months. She had seen him during an awkward time for him, but had helped bring him back. How she would react to seeing him as he truly was, he didn't know. "No, nothing too galaxy-shattering. Josiah is seeking to learn Force Light from me and other means to combat darksiders with the Force. So I'm going to show him, care to help?"
Even something about his glow seemed brighter. It wasn't just @[member="Darron Wraith"]'s physical appearance that had changed, but more beneath the surface.
The ebb and flow of The Force was curious. She really had no business being in the temple, let alone to casually stroll into the training area, but something had drawn her before her celestial senses had peaked. There was also a different affinity in his voice, a type of assertiveness that had been void before. An amused curl flickered on the corners of her pouted lips at his suggestion of her business. It was true. He knew she was deeply involved in politics, but had no idea she was the epicentre of a planet.

"Politics." She shrugged, before nodding at the other Master, @[member="Josiah Denko"] in true salutations this time around. That statement held more weight than revealed, considering her planet was under control of the Protectorate and her allegiance with The Republic.

Battling against soldiers of darkness was an eternal motivator for The Jedi. She would know, with the amount of darkness that coursed through her own veins. From time to time, the powers of Sith Spawn revealed themselves in her own actions, even if they were to accomplish something for The Light.

"Pleasure to meet you, Josiah. And if you can stand the intrusion, I will." Something yanked at her to delve deeper into the differences, but wisdom suggested they would be revealed.
Upon the arrival of the woman, a smile of warmth graced the young Master's lips and a polite bow was rendered. There was no verbal greeting yet, for before Josiah could open his mouth and stammer a proper hello, his former Mentor had begun to answer his inquiry. The moment Darron began to speak, the Templar devoted his undivided attention to his words. The diligence in his hearing was something that the former Grandmaster had literally had to beat into the young man's skull years prior, and new respect and diligent listening characterized him. He hung on every word, pondering them in silence.

And underneath that silence was a small bubble of excitement. It was as if a weight had been lifted from the young Master's shoulders. There was indeed a way to combat the Darkness, in addition to the means that his Mentor had outlined. "Force Light"...something that had the might to burn through the darkness to the point of nearly slaying a famed Sith? Yes. This was what Josiah sought, and this is what he would master. At the conclusion of the former Grandmaster's explanation, the Templar finally greeted the woman when he was properly introduced by his mentor. He spoke formally and with respect, as was expected and the norm.

"Hello Miss Kiskla, it's a pleasure to meet you. I would be honored and more than happy to receive any help you are willing to offer." he said, beaming. Then, to his Mentor, he said, "I am ready. Show me the ways of this...Force Light."

@[member="Darron Wraith"], @[member="Kiskla Grayson"].

Darron Wraith

Honor | Duty | Courage
@[member="Josiah Denko"] | @[member="Kiskla Grayson"]

"So, you really want to start it out with Force Light my old student?" Darron cracked his knuckles in his left hand as he walked over towards a dais sitting in the middle of the room. "You're in luck today Josiah, I was to destroy this artifact of the darkside anyways. I just had intended to do it privately after meeting with the Council." That said meeting had happened earlier in the day, discussing the very mission that had left the burn on his arm and the blaster marks on his normal sterling armor pieces. The fighting over this darkside crystal had been intense, and it's power was very much tangible even as he pulled it out of the patch on his belt. It's power was radiating out, despite the containment bubble that Wraith had surrounding it with his Force. Placing it on the stand, he walked a good five meters away from it. "You two might want to step back," he made sure to put emphasis on that given Kiskla's true nature he had witness a few months back.

She literally had God's working in her, and he didn't think the Son would appreciate getting his essence attacked.

Looking at the object, he made sure to hold the bubble around it as the class stopped what they were doing. Not many living Jedi had seen what was about to happen, and they were all coming in closer to see what the Jedi Master was about to do. "Okay Josiah, what you need to do is focus on the empty cup concept. You must inhale all the pain and sadness, attachments, and everything that clouds our duty and hold it in." As he instructed, he followed the steps himself. All his failures, all his bias, all his notions of what he wished had happened were flowing into him with each breath. Even the things he wanted, all the things that could cloud his judgement and connection all came into him as his lungs filled. Finally, all the the failures that had taught him so many things seeped into him, everything that made him who he was essentially.

Then he exhaled and let it all empty out of him.

"You will achieve the state where the Force is fully flowing in you. It will be fully working through, and with you. This is the state all Jedi should aim for, and your empty cup will now be filled with the Force of light itself. It will be pure if done properly, and there will be nothing but what the Force wills for you next." Wraith's voice seemed the same, but the glow around him was noticeable as he let his sizeable Force aura truly show itself. There was no hiding, and he fully let himself light up in the Force. If those students near him where light bulbs,he was a Star in the center of a galaxy. "You will not be able to hide in this state of purity, but your foes won't understand it. Right now, even those not sensitive can see me for what I truly am."

A being of the light, despite everything that had happened to him.

"Now what you're going to do, is release the concept of you, and let the light out and fire it at the darkness. There will be no ill intent in this action, just the safety of those who can't defend themselves. I don't fire this for myself, and if the dark takes me, it's the will of the Force. You can't be selfish in this action, you must work with the Force and let it work with you. At first, your blasts will be small. I've had this power for a while, so it's effects are quite...devastating." He could only shake his head, remembering how he had almost destroyed Velok permanently but saved his life instead. "Now, watch what happens when you unleash the light on something tainted by the darkside. It will destroy and burn it away, if done on a living being it can hurt them. So you must be mindful of this, and be merciful or else you won't be able to use the light like this. It's a tool, not a weapon."

Focusing on the object at hand, he raised his left hand as the glow overtook him. His skin was nearly white with the light and his blue eyes shown even brighter. The energy built as he shined further in person in the Force and in person before a mighty blast of blinding light left his hand and hit the crystal full on. A shadow briefly appeared then left, and the blast stopped. The crystal was now a broken rock, and it's essence was forever gone. Turning to the two, he returned to normal before speaking. "Thoughts? Questions?"
Kiskla's brow quirked and she glanced in Josiah's direction. She had never seen @[member="Darron Wraith"] so confident about showcasing his abilities, even on Tython when teaching students. Perhaps it was because he was comfortable with who was learning. He had shared his discomfort with his present state when they had first met. Perhaps he was more a man of action than initially perceived.

As soon as he brandished the artifact he was going to use for his demonstration, the muscles in her lower left arm constricted. Calmly, the young woman took a deep breath and focused her centre on the light energy that surrounded her. The students, young and old that crept closer, their masters, everyone had a dripping desire for knowledge to be quenched. Their innocence and unknowing was rooted in purity, and the blonde Master harnessed that before any more of her metaphysical presence could relinquish it's hold.
Like a firm hand pressing against a tightly wound coil, the tremor of the displeased entity was soon squashed. It was an internal feat that took its time, but on the outside, looked like no more than a deep sigh.
With that much contained darkness present, she couldn't help but have a reaction. It was like putting a proton and an electron near to each other; there was an instant desire to be together. Especially if a certain part of that proton fathered a portion of said electron.

Intrigued eyes were on the former grandmaster as he shared his lesson with @[member="Josiah Denko"], and Kiskla couldn't help but get sucked in with the awe. When his brilliance burst, she squinted slightly, although never diverting her gaze. Partly credited to her own fascination. The only lightning she'd ever manipulated was not as unadulterated as what Darron was demonstrating. It was unethical and tainted.

Then the crystal's essence faded as Darron's exploded, and something inside of her squelched. Like a hot iron against flesh, there was a sensational burning along her left wrist. Again, she was forced to draw from her environment, thankful for all the students as the tingling sensation spread in a scattered pattern throughout her toned frame. She was well versed in exercising her control, but her nails were so firmly clenched into her palm that once she had control again, tiny crescents lined her palms.

But back to the lesson. She blinked rapidly, recognizing the other blond master was still speaking over her millisecond of deafness. His words were thoughtful, and easy to grasp, learn, and more importantly: Inspiring. This was Kiskla Grayson's first insight into how Darron Wraith could have been a Jedi Grandmaster at one point in his life.

Seeing as this was Josiah's lesson (although quite a few saw fit to join in) she found it fitting to wait for his input before offering her own. But patience isn't a virtue, it's just boring. A wry grin crept across her pouted lips and she nodded in the Templar Master's direction, while using The Force to summon a nearby droid. It hung in suspension, waiting for the confirmation on call. This wasn't really her lesson, but Kiskla wasn't a wonderful spectator. Besides, her heckling had been invited by the two nieve Jedi Masters.

"I think it's your turn now," a small shrug accompanied the suggestion "Usually how this works."
The young Master absolutely, could not believe his eyes. He honestly did not realize that the Light Side of the Force, or his former Mentor for that matter, housed such power! Now, due to the fact that he had witnessed this power with his own eyes, he found surprise, disbelief...and hope filling his heart. Josiah could not help but feel a small smile claim the space where his expression of disbelief formerly was plastered upon his mug. Silence ruled him for a moment, until the point where Darron inquired if he had any questions; to which Josiah simply shook his head in the negative and took a shaky step forward. This was not due to nervousness, or a lack of faith in his abilities (though the growing audience was quite intimidating), but due to the sensation of the sheer power of the Force reverberating across the room.

There was no denying it, Darron Wraith was the most powerful being Josiah had ever met.

When it came time for him to try to utilize this ability, the young Master first took a deep breath. As he exhaled, he let go of the shakiness and centered himself; focus characterized his entire state of being. He then closed his eyes and took another calming breath, and another, and another; each time focusing upon the "empty cup" philosophy that Darron Wraith had both instructed him of in the past, and reminded him of in the present. Josiah allowed all that was "him" to flow away with each breath, recognizing his doubts, his anger, his fears, all that "mattered" in this moment was to empty himself so that the mighty tide of Light could come in. Before his mind's eye, he saw glimpses of each thing that he allowed to flow past as he attempted to gain that state of being.

And at first, obtaining that state was going immeasurably well...until he got into that part of his mind where all the pain was locked up.

The pain of Loss, which was preached to be let go and reared up like an ugly beast in order to impede his progress. He was reminded about the loss of his mother, his father, his brother, and all the years of struggle he had growing up. He was reminded of his failures to protect his people from the presence of the Empire. He was reminded of his failures as a Knight teaching his first Padawan. And finally, he was reminded of the pain which had caused him to leave the Order in the first place, the single event which had rattled the foundation of his entire world and had caused him to fall into the depths of confusion. Josiah saw her face, the beautiful, loving face of the woman who had claimed his heart. She smiled at him...he could hear her laughter in his ears...

But he had to let her go.

For the sake of the Galaxy. For the sake of combating the Darkness. For the sake of the Light itself, he had to triumph over the pain of loss. To those standing about, the turmoil within him could be evident by a single glance at his face; which had gone from expression of peace and concentration to an expression of anguish. This was a difficult task to achieve, but it had to be done so that he may obtain the Light...and so, with an inaudible whisper, he said, "I'm sorry." to the face in his mind. She smiled once more, then began to fade, until she too was lost in an exhale of calm. Then, for a moment, he was empty; devoid of all. He was the cup waiting to receive the Light of the Force...and like a thunderous tide it surged through him so much so that it surprised him.

Like his former Mentor, his skin began to shine; albeit, not as brightly. He glowed and illuminated the space around him with the light of the Force until finally he reached out with his right hand almost instinctively. His purpose was to be an instrument of the Force and to let it guide him in this moment; and it did, as pure intent as his Mentor had alluded to. The Light of the Force manifested itself as a wave of pure Light energy and leapt across the expanse between the young Master and the suspended automaton in the blink of an eye. Then, in a brilliant display of brightness, the Droid was impacted by the light and rocked within the air. Due to its inanimate nature, the Droid did not have the same results as the Master, but rocked about considerably against the telekinetic grip held by the Jedi Master.

Then, just as quickly as it had begun, the Light was gone, and Josiah was left dumbfounded once more.

"I...Well...Wow....Did I do alright?"

@[member="Darron Wraith"], @[member="Kiskla Grayson"].
Kiskla watched with a raised brow as @[member="Josiah Denko"] reacted to her encouragement, and @[member="Darron Wraith"]'s display. It took courage to follow up an act like that, and she admired his work ethic. He was keen to learn, even if he were to fault in front of an audience.
After a moment of preparing himself, Josiah didn't fail to impress, and Kiskla's raised eyebrow was replaced by raising the corners of her lips. Not bad.
"Well I don't know Darron's expectations of you, but that seemed on point."
Briefly, the blonde wondered if she too should try her hand at this. Rarely was she unwilling to showcase her talents to an audience, but Master Wraith had mentioned that this was the summoning of purity. There was nothing pure about her. Not anymore.
When she had initially been invited to The Jedi, she had been a pinnacle of purity, inherently good to the core. Now, though, as much as her presence was still the same there were two others that fought to tangle themselves up within her. They were eternally under her control, and due for an exercise. Without any more Sith artifacts to destroy, Kiskla considered she could take The Daughter, the entity of the Light, for a spin.

Kiskla was an emotional person. She was tight lipped most of the time, and quick on the draw for a malicious quip, but her temper was eternally fiery. She had earned her callsign, Wildfire, because once she got started it was difficult to douse her flame. But, to earn her title as Master, not only did she have to experience unity with The Force itself, but also herself. It took her longer than most to reach that contemplative state of calm, but seeing as she was in charge of balancing two Force Entities, she was also adept at balancing herself. Even if that meant total eradication of her internal squandering.

"Mind if I try?"

Were those her words? Of course they were. As mentioned prior, Kiskla was a terrible spectator and a spectacular showoff. Besides, if it came to harvesting bias and emotions, she had a little demon working on her side, and he was starving for some material. There was no objection from either of the Masters she was speaking to, and the younglings obviously wouldn't deny another lightshow. Their eyeballs were about ready to pop out from the expulsion of power in such a controlled form. Totally something to aspire to.

Kiskla had used Force Lightning before. But the kind that Josiah wished to oppose, rather than use. This would be something new, delving into a different faucet of her arsenal. Going from the memory of what Darron had just said, Kiskla stepped forward, the entire time working to whitewash her expressive internal tumult. Flashes of her first dance with the darkside roared across her mind, and everything else that she had been holding onto throughout her personal journey. Both good and bad memories were jogged before she reminded herself of balance. Balance. Equilibrium. Kiskla herself was cleansed within minutes, but she could feel the Force siblings vying for action, and so, at the same time, she released them to their separate memories. The Daughter worked furiously to harvest on the light, joyful recollections and The Son did the opposite. Working in tandem with herself, Kiskla's physique also hummed with a physical glow. Although it was as bright as Josiah's, the colour itself was not as saturated. Kiskla was not pure, and her efforts would not be either. Trying to use a technique that fed on her blankness meant that her first attempt caused a spark to jump from her hand, not a tendril. She was nearly horrified.


Poise was her game. And she needed to remind the imprisoned entities of this;

If you two don't mind.

She reminded herself of the use for this. Defense. She was a defender, not an instigator (supposedly). In this brief scolding, The Son recoiled and Kiskla took the opportunity to twist her wrist and let a belch of electricity jump froward in the direction she had intended to channel it. Of course, the lightning, like her glow, was not as brilliant as the other two, it was effective for the purpose. But, like everything she did, it was tainted.

But as far as actually being able to execute it? That had almost been embarrassing.