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​Wanted a place for discussion on Season 1 of the Netflix Witcher series.

​I'd give it a 7/10. But, I enjoyed it a lot. There is a lot of good in this show, but the editing is a serious issue between the three timelines and the general pacing feels pretty rushed. We got through the first book and a lot of the second book in four episodes each. I think we could've spent more time, and made Ciri and Geralts unification feel more satisfying rather than lazy.

​The highlight of this first season was Yennefer for me, I enjoyed her arc throughout these 8 episodes a whole lot. She had ​an arc where as Ciri kind of drifts from spot to spot, but Geralt does more; monster of the week and I enjoyed that. However, episode 3 showed some potential I think is misplaced. The moral grey of Witchering, with incestuous Foltest.

​Hopefully, now that we've got the show off the ground we can have Geralt do more of that. Ciri doesn't need her own third of the show, she's a side-character. I hope season two and onward spends more time with moral dilemmas. Henry is a great Geralt of Rivia and I do like Dandelion. So, looking forward to S2.

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I think this is a solid foundation to build on and I wouldn't think there'd be anymore timeline hopping in the next season, at least not with the extent that they did it in this first season. If they do, it would most definitely be showing some of Geralt's background and the process of becoming a witcher. If they do, do that I hope they make it easier to figure out when we're in a different spot in the timeline.

Yennefer was definitely the highlight of the season for me. I wasn't very on board with her in the trailers and the promo images, but I was VERY pleased to be wrong about that when the show was all said and done.
Just looked it up, in the show they call him Jaskier, which apparently is his original name in the books. The more you know!

I was confused because the subtitles translated "jaskier" to just "bard", so I thought that was his profession. :p