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The Ulúk Tgalieh Project (Looking for participants)


The Ruferalahuín are the only known sentient species to have inhabited Ulúk Tgalieh; though they are not the first. Long ago, nearly a hundred millenia into the past, an advanced race of unknown name and origin dubbed the Progenitors ruled the planet and its nearby systems. For reasons unknown, all traces of their existence simply vanished, and they were obscured from the annuls of time and history for all of eternity... or so they thought. In the early to mid 800's, a single group of explorers and excavators found the first ever traces of former civilization, shards of technology fallen from the old moon Nnaðuad'ritfe'fíl, buried under thousands of years of earthen rock and land changes. Among one of the oldest creations in the known galaxy, suddenly... the Ruferalahuín were not alone. However, only the horrors of their originators' extinction and their once thought erased constructs would remain. Unsuspecting of the locals' eyes.

I am really bad at advertising. I'm just... no. Too much work, can't concentrate in my current setting, gives me a headache.
I have been, for a while now, planning a little event, bouncing between ideas and concepts, figuring out what would be them most appealing for myself and others. Finally, it came to me, with the help of a couple of others who I will not name due to not wanting plot info to get leaked. Basically, this is an open mini-event for anyone and everyone who wishes to enter. It will be extremely unpredictable, with twists and turns at every stage. Each new Chapter will be not be fully known and understood until the end of the previous, where the events constantly unfold IC and new discoveries are made through roleplay. Without letting out too much, there will be a neutral meeting of fighters, scientists and officials of all walks of life and factions in a small prearranged fleet somewhere just outside of the system. Factions are encouraged to send some of their members to participate as there will be small rewards to reap in that aspect (later possible dominion of a planet notwithstanding), or participate as freelancers and enjoy the spoils of war all by yourselves! Friends may become enemies. Enemies may become allies. At every new turn, your loyalties and motives will be tested.
In the end, the victors... or survivors, will have not only a planet to themselves but all the splendors of the things once left behind by a valiant species. Free guns and tech and crons and planet leadership, Imeanwot?

There are but a few things I should point out:
  • Please do not join if you will not be able to participate for the long run. It is very odd having to explain how one gets lost in a hidden, faraway world with almost no [discovered] modern technology or ships (I'll get to that part eventually) full of things that want to kill you, and somehow magically ends up somewhere else perfectly in tact.
  • Expect there to be plot twists and unexpected occurrences throughout the campaign. I will not announce them ahead of time, this was meant to be a thing for those who truly enjoy surprises and challenges, and want to do so in a collaborative environment. Teamwork will be key in some circumstances. Just don't be shocked or upset when it happens to your group.
  • Ulúk Tgalieh is not a publicly roleplay-able planet, and will not be until after this campaign concludes. There will be several chapters that are all loosely but intricately pre-plotted. The endings may vary but the story is somewhat already written out in secret. Once over, however, anyone can do as they please; even run a Dominion or Invasion on it.
  • Be forewarned! The environment will get very hostile very quick after certain points. There will be a lot of challenges and a lot of very dangerous things. It may not be the best place for lone wolf apprentices, or ambitious civilians. You're more than welcome to participate, just be aware that if characters such as those do not make friends quick, they will face situations either PvE or PvP that may be very hard to get out of without powergaming... and there are no true hospitals or wards on this planet!

Want to join? Sign up below. Or just jump right in during the first chapter! Though I'd prefer an accurate and continuing head count here. If you are part of the Mnenchei Dominion, I already know which of you are interested and how many can possibly participate, so don't worry about it.


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