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The Slave's Inventory Sale

Have you ever wanted one of the many things I own? Think you could use them to better effect? I'm going to sell everything I have, because I don't write enough to feel I deserve them. So here I come, to give the items to people I think will use them with more ability than I ever could.

Heres a few things you could have, for the right price; and if its not mentioned here, just ask separately.

│ Starships │

│ Artifacts │

│ Holobook & Holocrons │

│ Companies │
[member="Xevek Rakama"]
Suppose you ain't wrong, but it might take more than that.

[member="Darth Ophidia"]
That's a negative, Ghost Rider. You know as well as I do that credits don't mean anything. Especially not to me.

Xevek Nekonis

From The Shadows
[member="The Slave"]

So, 10 credits isn't enough? Hm. I guess I'm going to have to, with great reluctance, dig into my emergency funds. What about 11? And a blend of Iridonian tea that Xevek enjoys? Does that sound good. :p
[member="Braith Achlys"]

Implying you'll even have children.

[member="Velok the Younger"]


[member="Koda Fett"]

That's sound reasoning, but the Darkstaff changed my opinion before I could give it to you.

[member="Darth Ophidia"]

Now we're getting somewhere.