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The Sith Ascendancy

Establishing their Headquarters at Bastion, the Sith Ascendancy seeks to re-establish Sith control as the Sith Empire once had, to instill order and discipline upon a Galaxy that seems to be coming apart at the seams. The Jedi engage in acts of atrocity in their bid to retain dwindling control, the Mandalorian Clans have fractured, and both the Galactic Alliance and First Order have been content to focus on their own battles.

Ruled by the Ascendant Circle, constituted by all of the Sith Lords within the Ascendancy ranks, they go forth with a single vision: to see the Jedi brought to heel, and the Galaxy ruled by a coalition of Sith unified in intent, rather than fractured by personal ambitions. The corruption of democracy must be swept away, order established, chaos confined only to those prepared to fight and die to maintain it.

The rule of law is concrete within the Ascendancy: obedience to the law demands service, those breaking it lose all protection of the law, and very likely their lives. A zero tolerance policy exists on infighting and murder: those opposed to each other must settle their differences through formal challenge (in the traditional Kagg'ath manner), or via arbitration via the Ascendant Circle. Decisions are final, appeals are non-existant. Should the accused wish they may demand Trial by Combat, but in the Sith manner, they must champion themselves or be forfeit.

The Ascendancy lacks the xenophobia of the old Galactic Empire, and does not discriminate between species, nor between those who can and cannot wield the Force, beyond participation in the Ascendant Circle - though Non-Force Users may be welcomed to the Circle if the Lords agree on a worthy candidate. With Ascendancy runs according to meritocracy: a person's background or heritage need not be an indication of their worth, and everyone is judged and advanced according to their ability, not their birth. A commoner may rise high within the hierarchy, while a being of noble birth may find themselves ruined if they have not the merit to rise higher.

The Circle invites all those who seek to see order return to the Galaxy to join the ranks of the Ascendancy. Let all others be prepared to fall in this footsteps.

OOC Notes

Designed as a natural successor to TSE and TSO, the Ascendancy welcomes all Sith and their allies. We seek those looking to craft a new empire, though one not loyal to any Emperor or single Head of State, but rather to the institution itself: the Ascendancy comes before all other considerations. Like-minded beings should come and join us here. NFUs are welcome, as are alien characters - we do not practice either xenophobia or Force User elitism within the Ascendancy. We always need Sith, fleeters, warriors, medics, strategists, diplomats, politicians, bounty hunters... All are welcome!

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