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Approved Location The Shipyards of Dromund Kalakar

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The Two Who Were One

[*]Demographics: The organic inhabitants come from all manner of species and gender, though Pureblood Sith comprises the majority of the station's population.
[*]Accessibility: Several parts of the dockyards are open to the crewmembers of docked warships, but the majority of the station is access restricted except for workers and higher Imperial officials. Like any Imperial facility, security is notoriously tight.
[*]Description: The shipyards of Dromund Kalakar revolve around the gas giant's six moons and innumerable moonlets and nearby asteroid belts. The largest of these shipyards are situated in orbit above Kalakar Six, with the primary hub built into one of the largest moonlets in the system. Shaped like a half-circle, the hub digs deep into the moonlet to extract vast quantities of ore and other raw materials used in the construction of Imperial warships for the Sith Empire.

Mobile deepdocks were capable of assembling and repairing starships up to the size of a Harrower III-class Star Destroyer, utilizing mechanical appendages to rapidly assemble the support frame and outer hull while an army of construction droids built the interior segments.

Large mobile facilities called "Scourge-Docks" would routinely roam the multiple asteroid fields that lingered around Dromund Kalakar, seeking out the largest and most mineral rich asteroids and them breaking them apart with a combination of powerful tractor beams and molecular furnaces.

Orbiting the gas giant are bell-shaped starfighter construction facilities where the Sith Empire's overwhelming Starfighter Corps was designed and constructed. Inside the facilities, the Sith perfected the art of mass-production, rows upon rows of SI-TIE components parts moved along a magnetic conveyor where automated laser arms welded the vehicles together before they were transported to loading bays.


  • Dockyard Hub: The center of the Empire's production operations above Dromund Kalakar, this half-circle shaped space station is built into the side of a massive hollowed out moonlet orbiting Kalakar Six. Inside of its reinforced outer surface are refineries and manufacturing complexes that take the gathered resources from the nearby asteroid belts, moons, and moonlets and transforms them into material necessary for the construction of warships on behalf of the Imperial Armada. Around the edge of the hub are docking clamps for Imperial Star Destroyers.
  • Deepdocks: These mobile cage-like dockyards are the primary method in which the Empire constructs warships in the system. Utilizing a ferry system between itself and the Dockyard Hub, these Deepdocks can build entire starships on the spot in the span of several days. This speed and efficiency are accomplished by the use of modern construction automatons, guided by carefully constructed algorithms and tedious oversight from organic handlers.
  • Scourge-Docks: Modeled after the Leviathan-class Mobile Automated Factories, the Scourge-Docks are mobile collection facilities that strip down resource-rich celestial objects and convert those resources into building materials for the rest of the shipyard. They are commanded by a small crew of organic engineers augmented by robotic mechanics.
  • ST-TIE Fighter Construction Facilities: Resembling upright forge bellows, these installations are marvels of mass-production. Constructed around a spine of interlinked molecular furnaces, these bell-shaped orbital factories can churn out thousands and thousands of SI-TIE Fighters over the course of several months. Like the mythical hydra for every TIE fighter destroyed by the Empire's enemies, ten more are in production to replace it.

The Sith Empire that rose from the ashes of the Great Hyperspace War was the first to use the resource-rich fields around Dromund Kalakar to manufacture starships for their growing armada, specifically for the manufacturing of gunships and strike fighters. The shipyards would exist until the fall of the Reconstituted Sith Empire, where they were dismantled by the Republic in the aftermath of a devastating war.

For centuries Dromund Kalakar would be lost to the galaxy, its reputation vastly overshadowed by neighboring Dromund Kaas. However, its moon, Kalakar Six, would continue to draw the eyes of those who still revered the Dark Side of the Force.

Dromund Kalakar wouldn't become the site of an Imperial shipyard until eight hundred years after the Battle of Yavin, where the Imperial Warlord Antal Zsolt surrendered his fiefdom to the reborn Sith Empire that had emerged from the chaos of the Four Hundred-Year Darkness. Over the years the shipyards would gradually be expanded to produce not only starfighters and small assault craft, but larger warships as well.

When the Sith Empire collapsed, the Kalakar shipyards fell under the control of the Mandalorian Clans after they had sacked Dromund Kaas. However, they would squander the vast resources of Kalakar and would eventually lose control over the entire system. Many more governments would claim the system for themselves until it fell into the hands of the Silver Jedi, who quarantined the entire system in an effort to purge it of its Dark Side nature.

A fierce battle between them and a Resurgent Sith Empire would see the Pureblood Sith return to their seat of power, and the shipyards of Dromund Kalakar would again serve the Dark Side. When the New Sith Empire, led by the Dark Lord of the Sith Kaine Zambrano, absorbed the ailing Resurgent Empire into itself they inherited the Kalakar Shipyards as well.

Presently the New Sith Empire uses the Dromund Kalakar Shipyards to produce Harrower III-class Star Destroyers and their myriad of starfighters.
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