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Coruscant - Dusk
[member="Joza Perl"]

Anticipation was everything.

Often times the idea of something happening was far more than delicious than the event actually occurring. The natural build up, the press of it, the ever growing expectation that it was coming. That flowing river of excitement, that knowledge that something was coming. For most people it was enough to drive them wild, enough to hold them over even if what they truly wanted never came.

It was a beautiful, almost joyous thing to watch as someone writhed and revel within anticipation, to see the light in their eyes and fire of need within them. Slevin had observed it on more than one occasion, and it was a feeling that he had now instilled in all of upper Coruscant with the help of Miss Joza Perl.

Hand in hand with his beloved Natalia guiding them Slevin and Joza had brought The Senate District to it's knees. With the opening of their first club, Dawn, the pair had managed to enthrall Senators, Governors, Businessmen, everyone from rich to poor. They had all attended, watched and enjoyed the teasing sights of Dawn. Yet as the announcement came that Dusk would soon arrive anticipation began to grow. The idea of something else, the idea of the joyous sins that could be had, was enough to drive most of them wild with ideas.

Slevin had received an unending amount of holo-messages.

People were clamoring for their unveil of Dusk, offering vast amounts of credits simply for a first look.

All of them had been denied of course, sent packing to the waves. Dusk would open only when everything was crafted to perfection. Yet standing within the middle of it, watching the lights and gazing at the massive pool within it's center, Slevin couldn't help but feel they were nearly there. He smiled slightly, then half turned when he heard the sound of feet hitting the perfectly arrayed glass floors, light casting from beneath them.

"Ah." He said with a smile. "Now there's a sight."

As Miss Perl approached he couldn't help but wish Natalia was here, the two had yet to meet and his thoughts of entanglements had not yet come to fruition.

A pity.
Dawn had been something a bit out of Joza’s realm—a high class establishment. It was quiet, more refined and elegant than what she was used to, but she still enjoyed it. There was a certain ambiance to be had in a place like that, something that she couldn’t have achieved on her own, something that [member="Slevin Thawne"] and Natalia knew how to create.

Dusk, however, felt like home, and was something she felt comfortable adding that Joza Perl touch to. The sleazy aura was carefully crafted, not wrought out of laziness. The girls knew how to act, how to read customers and approach them. They carried themselves differently than the girls at Dawn, though. The night had its own special set of charms, one that the Zeltron knew how to milk.

The anticipation was building. Delicious, agonizing anticipation. Joza couldn’t wait until the multicolor lights washed over her, feeling the bass vibrate into the marrow of her bones. It was an addicting feeling of ecstasy and comfort all at once, given her upbringing. Oh, but the anticipation.

Slevin was already there, overlooking the enormous aquarium like pool situated in the middle of the room. It was a novel idea, and she was eager to see what it looked like in the lowlights of the club, accented with neon. The steady click-clack of her heels alerted him to her arrival, and she smiled at him when he turned to greet her.

“You’re talking about the club, right?” She mused, a bit of a coy edge to her voice as she gestured toward the aquarium.

“I can hardly wait for this place to open. The girls are excited to get off-world work, too. Especially in a district like this, on Coruscant.” Something about finding a sugar daddy, but she hadn’t really been listening.
[member="Joza Perl"]

"Of course not, Miss Perl." Slevin said as she closed the distance between them. "Compared to you this place is in shambles."

He smiled slightly as he gave the compliment, his eyes slowly crawling over her. He made no attempt to hide his gaze, the subtle clack of the pad of his metal fingers pressing against his palm sounding out, as if he had to resist tearing her off her feet right then and there. The Crime Lord stared for a moment more, then slowly stepped towards her, moving in besides her so that he could share her view of the massive aquarium like pool. The idea for the structure had been Natalia's, something he wasn't ashamed to admit.

It's function would be...entertaining to say the least, though regulating the water within would prove difficult. "Everyone is practically buzzing with anticipation."

The streets of Coruscant were crawling with rumors and talk of what exactly Dusk was. Most people had a general sense of it, but Dawn hadn't really provided much of a clue. That couple with their other projects and Slevin's rather hidden nature made them the talk of the town. It was a delicious thing, delightful beyond any comparison.

Slevin turned to her, his hand gently falling onto the small of her back.

"Care for a tour?" She hadn't seen the entirety of the club yet, not in it's near finished state. "I have a small surprise for you at the end."

He smiled at her, a gentle press on her back signalling that she had little choice in the matter.
Her lips curved into a small smile at the compliment, lashes batting almost a bit comically as if to say ‘who, me?’

Their partnership had certainly proved to be productive in this venture, that much she could say. Thanks to Slevin, Joza had managed to enter the world of higher entertainment without crashing and burning.

His eyes fell to her body, and Joza was no stranger to the sensation of being looked over—especially so considering how they’d chosen to seal their contract. That particular visit had been more satisfying than most of her business ventures, though perhaps she should be a bit more concerned with Mr. Thawne preying on her instincts.

For now, his hand found the small of her back and she looked up at him. “I’d love a tour.” The mild pressure at her back was not lost on her, but not enough to spike any sort of defense. His hand was not urgent—just steady with an undercurrent of insistence. So she would oblige, moving forward with him.

[member="Slevin Thawne"]
[member="Joza Perl"]

"They've done a wonderful job so far." He told her as they quietly began to move around the edges of the Nightclub.

The sights were a bit obvious at first, the varying plush sofas, the small alcoves hidden away within the walls, the walk-ways that seemed to cross over them leading all the way to the ceiling. The interior of the club was quite beautiful with everything having a quality sheen to it meant to reflect the bright neon lights that came from nearly any angle. There were dozens of speakers about of course, all either hidden or carefully placed not to attract too much attention. "Most everything has been perfect."

With the gentle press at her back he lead her around the main room, pointing out a few of the custom made sofas, showing her the uniquely placed slights, and of course displaying the bars hidden behind certain curtains to allow for momentary rest and quiet.

"We have most of the liquor already." He said as he pulled back one of the curtains. "Though we're still waiting on some of the specialty items."

He flashed her a brief smile.

Spice wasn't exactly illegal here on Coruscant, at least some of the minor variations of it. Ostensibly that was all they would have, though unbeknownst to the Alliance, and currently Joza, Slevin and Natalia had many other ideas of what would be served here within the darker corners.
This would probably be the quietest point in Dusk’s history.

Even during the day before the club would be open to the general public, staff would be buzzing around to get ready for the evening—and cleaning up the messes from the previous evening. The club’s design was appealing, and she noted the criss-crossing walkways above them with approval. Very chic. There were plenty of surfaces here for the multi-colored lights to bounce off of.

Curtaining off some of the areas was a good move too, it created a bit of a chill-out environment for when the heat of the club lights and the thrum of the bass became too much.

“Quite the selection,” Tilting forward, her gaze fell across the shelved liquor. “You have good taste, Mr. Thawne.” A bit of playfulness edged into her tone, but not enough to throw her cordial persona. Well, for now.
She met his brief smile with a quirked brow. Though certain strains of spice were legal here on Coruscant, she wasn’t the biggest proponent for its. Not that she hadn’t used it the past (during a darker time in her life, mind you), but felt that it made for a rougher, more rowdy crowd. Not everyone reacted to it the same way, and who knew what they were selling out there with some people making their own cheap versions with all sorts of strange ingredients.

But it was something he’d managed to sway her into during their last meeting. It wasn't the worst thing in the galaxy, right?

“And you’re sure that your sources for these specialty items are reputable?” There was still a hint of mild disdain in her voice, a little unsure as to whether or not it was a good decision.

[member="Slevin Thawne"]
[member="Joza Perl"]

His arm swept Joza forward, Slevin practically pulling her off her feet as he tugged her into his grasp. "I assure you Miss Perl..."

The move was extremely forward, and might have been too much if their last meeting had not ended in the thralls of passion. Yet he knew he could get away with it, knew that he could push her buttons in just the right way to allow him the embrace.

"I have the greatest of tastes." His other hand slid to her hip, resting there for a moment as he pressed her against himself and kissed her.

Perhaps she would strike him, perhaps she would throw him away, but the momentary flash of passion and emotion was enough to garner what he wanted. The second that he had after he swept her off her feet, that moment of distraction, the brief window after their kiss.

It was all he needed.

"Trust me." He said as his lips left hers. "I have only the best in store for this place."

He smiled at her, a confident, charming grin as a single thought passed through his head. and you.

Natalia would have laughed at that.
He had caught her off guard, this being a public place. A public place where they were alone together.

Of course.

Though she stiffened out of reflex when he’d swept her into him, Joza made no move to pull away. Partially out of curiosity. Well, mostly out of curiosity. Slevin seemed to be the type to guide things to his way.

She shifted to pull away just slightly, stifling the Cheshire smile that had started to curl her lips against his. Her inorganic hand wound slowly into his lapel, a sharp tug with unprecedented strength for her frame bringing him down a little closer to her. “Save that sort of thing for when the dance floor is full.” Full of spiced out kids who wouldn’t give a damn if they were dancing next to a couple taking liberties with each other.

Though, she imagined Mr. Thawne had a more private for them to negotiate. One where she wouldn’t mind being a Princess.

Olive eyes glittered with the hint of a challenge, though it was unclear as to whether she was trying to instill a threat or simply playing along.

“Grabbing a lady like that.” Pulling away fully, she huffed and smoothed her outfit out. This time, there was an overt teasing note in her tone. “Do you do this with all of your female associates or am I just that special?” A brow arched along with her half-smile, now she was absolutely teasing.

She wouldn’t be surprised if he did.

[member="Slevin Thawne"]
[member="Joza Perl"]

He smiled, allowing Joza to slip out of his arms as she backed away from him.

There was a slight twinkle of delight in his eyes as she smoothed her skirts, though it was tinged with the small bite of victory that he felt. Her objection to the spice, however small, was already forgotten, and Slevin had gotten exactly what he'd wanted. For a moment the Crime Lord lingered, then stepped back out from the curtain, holding it open so that she could step through. "Now now, Miss Perl."

Oddly enough the truth was she was the first that he'd approached in this manner, but that was only because Natalia was usually the one that did this sort of thing.

It was his beloved that handled the business negotiations, whether male or female. The Coruscant estates were his game only because of their work back on Zeltros was far more important. He was branching out here, and what he was doing to Joza was unusual even for him. Oh there was always manipulation, slight twists of the mind, but it wasn't with women of authority. Joza was an entirely different animal than the girls within the club. She wasn't Malie, she wasn't like any of the others.

Her will would be hard to break.

"There's only one other woman who gets what I give you" That wasn't entirely the truth, but was tinged with enough of it to sound like it. He smiled as she stepped past him, leaning in to whisper in her ear. "And she's dying meet you."

His hand slid briefly across the small of her back, a soft caress that told more of a story than any words could. Then he simply lifted his other hand, pointing her towards one of the double doors at the end of the room with a subtle gesture.
Part of her wanted to roll her eyes at the situation, at his brazenness. Yet she didn’t know Slevin well enough to know if he’d take it as a joke, and she valued their partnership enough to suppress any sassy expressions for the time being.

She did click her tongue, though. Perhaps at the way he’d addressed her.

Still, the Zeltron straightened with the grace and poise of a dancer, her natural height elevated a few inches by the heels she wore. Always heels, of course. Flats were for home.

The hot breath drifting against her ear and the hand brushing her back was enough for her to give pause for a short moment, if only to enjoy the sensation. Though she held herself far more firmly than most of her kind, Joza was still a Zeltron—raised in the Zeltron lifestyle—a hedonist at her core. It wasn’t something she denied, nor was it something she advertised. The pink skin did that enough.

“Ah,” A soft murmur. “Your Natalia.” Her eyes drifted to the double doors, following the movement of his hand. “Do I finally get to meet her today?” Slevin hadn’t mentioned anything before their meeting about that. Natalia was only a concept to Joza for now, given that she’d only heard about the woman and never seen. Truthfully, she was more eager than she initially thought to meet Slevin’s partner, and the little flutter of anticipation in her stomach took her by surprise. A good surprise, though. Another feeling she reveled in.

[member="Slevin Thawne"]
[member="Joza Perl"]

His hand lingered on the small of her back for a moment, his finger tracing up the path of her spine and along what he knew to be painted there. "Not today."

Despite what Slevin had wanted, Natalia was still rather busy back on Zeltros. She was putting together their other project, something that required a massive amount of attention. Malie was helping her all that she could, but everything still needed to be watched. There were a dozen different moving pieces, all of which could spin out of control at any one time. Working with the Syndicates was dangerous, and keeping them under control was proving to be more annoying than they had anticipated.

"She sends her love." He said as his fingers finally left her back and the two of them began to walk.

There was no irony to the statement, though a hint of a smile touched his lips as he said it.

Natalia, like him, loved only one other person in the galaxy. Yet his beloved was so much better at playing off of others than he was. Whereas he was brazen and brash she was subtle as a feather. Her skills lay here, within this very craft, and even from only his descriptions and a few security tapes of their time together in the Lounge she had plotted together exactly how they would convince Miss Perl to stay nice and close.

"And asks..." Slevin trailed off for a few moments as he opened up one of the double doors, allowing her to step through to the other side. There she would find one of Dusk's side rooms, a huge dance hall whose interior had been decorated to appear as a planetarium, the walls, floor, and ceiling twinkling with distant stars and galaxies. Lights flickering as the universe folded and exploded in all around them. "That I bring a taste of you."

Slevin came up behind Joza, his hand floated through her hair, gently pulling it aside so he could whisper by her ear. "So she can better look forward to when you meet."
Stepping into the dance hall, Joza’s eyes were drawn to its spacious interior twinkling with iridescence as if to mimic the night sky. How lovely it looked, her expression reflecting approval. To hear that Natalia would not be joining them was a loss, but the Zeltron’s lips kept from twisting into a pout.

However they did part ever so slightly as Slevin’s hand drifted though her hair, giving way to the gentle caress of his hot breath against her ear. There was no denial that she enjoyed the touches, both big and little. While she wasn’t throwing herself at him just yet, she’d press a little closer against his wandering hands and revel in the feel of his lips on her skin. At her core, Joza was a Zeltron and craved physical intimacy.

Just, in a measured way. A deep seeded paranoia rested beneath steady hands and serene eyes thanks to years of careful self-control.

“A taste of me?” She turned almost completely to face him, deep red locks twining over the shoulder where he’d brushed them towards. Her expression betrayed mild amusement, as did the tone of her voice. “What cheesy holoflick did you pick that line up from?”

Eyes sharpened in curiosity as her head tilted down slightly, curious, almost prying with the way she looked at him. Slevin had caught her interest almost too well, but he still had it.

Natalia too.

"This underwear was expensive. I want you to replace it at twice the value."

[member="Slevin Thawne"]
[member="Joza Perl"]

Amusement flickered across his features, a small smile creeping onto his lips and mirth filling his eyes. There was a genuine sort of joy in him, one that was quickly apparent by the way his body sunk against hers.

His arm looped around her, one hand sliding across the small of her back and pressing her into him, the other threading through her hair to gently tease across her scalp. The metal of his cybernetic fingers would feel cool tot he touch, yet oddly soft as the laminanium floated across her skin. As he pulled her closer the hand at the small of her back slipped beneath the soft silk of her blouse, his thumb slowly stroking over the scars lining her spine.

"Oh?" Slevin asked as he pulled Joza to her tip toes.

The fingers in her hair tightened just a little bit, pulling her head back so that her eyes locked on his. The Crime Lord leaned down, his lips lingering for just a few seconds right before her own.

"Triple." He said before his lips finally pressed against hers. The kiss wasn't harsh as it had been within the Lounge, it wasn't controlling or dominating, instead it was a tender embrace. A soft guiding force as Slevin pulled her tightly into himself. "I only want the best for you."

He breather as their lips slowly parted.
She went along for the ride, leaning into his touches and shifting at his cues. And why wouldn’t she? It felt nice, and he’d apparently paid enough attention to know how she liked to be held. If anything, Joza was appreciative even as he forced her onto the balls of her feet.

It was fun, this dance. Subtle and bold at the same time. Then there was that distinct feeling in the pit of her stomach that told her she was playing with fire—something that she chased beyond gentle caresses and sweet nothings. The hand at her back, tracing the pattern of what she knew was there caused her to stiffen for a fraction of a moment.

Some things never change, it seemed.

“Triple.” There was a thread of faux disbelief laced into her tone as they parted, just a hint of satisfaction sprinkled in. One hand slipped around his shoulder, fingers ghosting along the hairline at his neck before drifting upwards to twine in the dark locks. “Why don’t you buy me a new wardrobe while you’re at it?” The other hand came to tease at the collar of his shirt, wandering down his clothed chest in an exploratory gesture.

[member="Slevin Thawne"]
[member="Joza Perl"]

"My my, aren't we being the demanding little Princess." Slevin mused with a smile on his face, his thumb slowly tracing the lines upon her back.

He knew that the scars pained her greatly, not physically, at least he thought not, but emotionally. They weighed heavily upon her heart and he could tell from the way she shirked form his touch and hid them that she thought them a poor memory of the past. For him however they were something entirely different. A sign of strength, of her ability to survive through adversity. They were not something to hide, not for Slevin, they were something she should have worn with pride.

Joza's scars bore no shame from him. "Well."

He began as he slowly leaned down, pressing his lips against hers as he allowed her hand to roam down his chest.

"I do like the idea of spoiling you." Natalia did too for that matter, in fact it had been his beloveds idea. From what Sleivn had told her of Joza, the idea had been a simple one. Spoil her, coax her forward, bring her attention and devotion as she had never felt before. It was something that Slevin was good at, he already heaped affection beyond belief on Natalia, giving it to Joza as well? That was only part of his natural being.

Of course his beloved did not mind, as long as at the end of the day he returned to her.
She murmured gently against his lips as they parted slightly, a smile curving against them. Joza was joking about the wardrobe, at least partially.

“Then there’s no issue.”

Joza Perl had a standard, fairy-tale rags to riches story. Except that she didn’t grow up an orphan on the streets, she had a roof over her head and a loving mother who worked long hours and was always tired. Except her ‘riches’ were making enough money to be comfortable and owning a seedy dance club in the middle of Zeltros’ grungiest district. She’d always appreciated a high-end lifestyle from afar, but at the end of the day all she wanted was somewhere safe and cozy for her and her baby. There was no much inspiring about a Zeltron who chose to stay in the entertainment business instead of breaking the mold, but she was content with her lifestyle.

For now.

A wicked grin slithered onto her face as her hand traveled up and down his chest at a leisurely pace, enjoying the contour of his muscle beneath her fingertips. “Keep it up and you’ll have me eating out of the palm of your hand in no time.”

[member="Slevin Thawne"]
[member="Joza Perl"]

He smiled at her.

Slevin could feel the slight relaxation of her body against him, the twirl of her fingers against the muscles of his chest. He and Natalia had spoken of this, how far and how fast he could push her, the fact that he had to show her adoration and affection, not control. His eyes slowly fell over her as she spoke, watching the grin spread across her face as she teased.

"Please, Miss Perl." There was no formality to the way he said it, but rather a healthy amount of affection. "When I feed you a meal."

He kissed her. "It will be off the end of a golden fork."

Slevin was laying it on a bit thick now, but the slight amusement in his tone showed that he wasn't actually serious about the idea of that, rather simply paying her another small compliment. His hands roamed down her body, fingers sprawling over her skin as if seeking to touch and feel more of her.

"You deserve nothing less." He said with a smile, his fingers tickling over her sides.
The lascivious flirting was almost making her sick.

In a good way, though. She certainly enjoyed it, but it was a bit too over the top for her—though from what she could tell, it was intentional and they were both just playing along.

“Oh, how flattering. Too flattering.” Her eyes darkened just a tad, vaguely malicious smile curling at the edges.

She allowed him to kiss her, parting from his lips with a soft sigh as the hand roaming up and down his chest was joined by its sister before traveling even lower.

To his hands, where they lingered at either side of her. “I know,” She murmured, hands at his own. “I’m a Princess, remember?” With deft, gentle motions, she pried his hands from her and stepped away to fix her hair.

“Now, where’s this surprise you promised me?”

Nimble fingers retrieved a cigarette from the valley of her cleavage.

[member="Slevin Thawne"]
[member="Joza Perl"]

He smiled. "Skipping to the end of the tour, are we?"

Part of him couldn't really blame her for that, this place was massive. There were five more rooms that like this one were themed in some way, then there was the upstairs and of cuorse the half dozen different places all around the club that one could consider hide aways for more...private events, though the word privacy only barely applied there. He mused for a moment, glancing at her before slowly beginning to wander back towards the Double doors.

"This way." He motioned to her. "I suppose I'll indulge you."

The Crime Lord said with a smile. "Though perhaps you'll have to do the same for me."

The slight tease rolled off of his tongue with no hint of sarcasm, a simple tit for tat which from their last encounter...certainly meeant quite a bit of fun for the both of them. Slevin stood in the doorway for a moment more, waiting for Joza to follow him.
The lit cigarette hung between ruby lips, smoke curling lazily from the glowing tip. A scarlet brow arched in curiosity as Slevin brought up indulgences.

“Do I have a choice?” She mused from behind the cancer stick, inclinations telling her that no, she did not.

Joza hadn’t wanted to pull away from him—she liked the way he handled her with confidence and loved to sink into physical contact. It brightened her mood and made her more agreeable, which he’d likely taken note of. Even if they kept their hands off of eachother for only a few minutes, the tension would be palpable.

They were two unabashed carnal creatures who would end up throwing themselves at eachother at some point.

The promise was there. Feeding off of the anticipation, letting it tingle up and down your spine was a thrill Joza never got tired of.

“I’ll only indulge you if it’s worth it.” She’d flash him a glimmer of pearly whites with an almost threatening smile, though the intent behind it would be clear to Slevin. As she spoke, Joza crossed the threshold into the doorway.

[member="Slevin Thawne"]

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