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The Sacred Garden OOC - GA T2 Dom of Seltos and Lohopa II

Snake in the Garden - Seltos

A sparsely populated world of only 4 million in the Mulgard sector of the Mid Rim, Seltos was originally colonized with logging as the basis of its economy. Now its primary industries include agriculture, lumber production, and mining of valuable ores. But the true precious resource of the forest world are its sprawling nature preserves. The natives only occupying a small percentage of the planet's continents, much of the land remains wild and untamed, and it has become something of a cultural tradition for the inhabitants to keep it that way. The world's capital, Sommin City, is home to the largest surviving population of Tarro in the galaxy, their community numbering seven total. The majority of the population consists of humans, of both Corellian and Kuarian descent. Popular locations include Freedom Hall (planetary government headquarters) and the Star Hotel.

Objective A - The Rot: A small, tranquil world and inheritor of the Corellian tradition to work with and not against nature, it has been long since Seltos has known war or conflict of any kind. Over the past few months, all of this has suddenly begun to change for the natives of the garden planet. A mysterious disease rampantly plagues both animals and plant life of all kinds. Many develop sickly sores and growths, signifying the corruption has grown too thick and they are poisonous to eat. More naturally predatory animals, and those most deeply afflicted, have grown violent towards sentients and even begun roaming the edges of towns and cities and attacking the populace.

With their doctors and scientists baffled, and even off world specialists forced to admit they hadn't a clue as to the root cause, the people of Seltos have concluded that the only possible remaining explanation must be a supernatural one. Whispers of the work of the Force have spread like wildfire through the people, and there are even wild rumors about a Dark Side cult or the Sith Empire re-risen out in the deep forests of the preserves. At a loss for any other way to solve the problem, the planetary government has sent out a general distress transmission calling for any Jedi or Force Users of good conscience who believe they might be able to lend a hand.

Not ones to ignore a plea for help so close to their borders, the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances has dispatched a task force of New Jedi Order Justicars to watch over a delegation of Jedi Service Corps volunteers who believe they may help. Yet when they arrive on Seltos, they may find they are not the only ones who have answered the call, for the Seltos system is not so far away from Monastery, the homeworld of the Order of the Sacred Lotus.

Objective B - A Temple Raised: Grateful for such benevolent assistance and mindful of how little their world has in terms of material wealth to offer in return, the planetary government has granted a standing offer to any Orders that may send aid land rights and manpower to build a Temple in either Sommin City or upon one of the many breathtaking nature preserves Seltos has to offer. All that is left is to decide what type of Temple should be built, and how many. Not having a native Force sect of their own, there will have to be Jedi on the ground to direct the world's natives in the humble requirements of their Order.


Tunnel Snakes Rule - Lohopa II

A mining colony along the Harrin Trade Corridor in the Expansion region, Lohopa's primary exports are metals, minerals, and high technology. Recently, the once proudly independent world has experienced something of a large scale crime problem, and has reached out to the Galactic Alliance for help.

Objective A - We Are Tunnel Snakes: Once a peaceful little mining colony on the Harrin Trade Corridor, over the past several years Lohopa II has developed a serious problem among its people. Spice. Almost fifteen percent of the colony is now dependent on the dangerous and almost inter-galactically illegal narcotic, and the planet's hospitals are filled to bursting with overdoses and tweakers looking for a more legal substitute fix. The main supply and distribution nexus on the mining world is a swoop gang with a reputation for violence and terror known as the Tunnel Snakes. Known for their matching swoop jackets and slicked back haircuts, the gang has chapters all over the planet and has become something of a world wide menace.

Headquartered out of their bar in the colony's main settlement, the Viper Club, the narcos run their shipping and distribution operations more or less without fear of any interference from the corrupt local constabulary. At a loss for other options, the largest mining consortium on the planet has reached out to the Galactic Alliance with an offer. The mining world would join their trade consortium and produce for them, if the Defense Force got rid of the spice. Their one stipulation, no boots on the ground. The work must not cease, nor can the populace be panicked.

Sending in a mixed team of specialists from the Starfighter Corps, SpaceOps, and the Merchant Fleet on an undercover operation to scout out and if possible take down the Tunnel Snake leadership, the fate of Lohopa may very well depend on whether this crack team can make it through an entire evening without one bar fight.

Objective B - Stake Your Claim: Lohopa is a planet rich in metals and precious minerals. Many of the local mining and prospecting consortiums are profitable but ripe for takeover. With the real possibility of the planet's imminent membership within the Galactic Alliance, many corporations friendly to Federation interests have begun to turn an eager eye towards the untapped potential still just beneath the planet's surface.

And of course, as always for both planets, Objective BYO - Bring Your Own!

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