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Approved Location The Royal Academy of Bastion

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Sor-Jan Xantha

Certified Worst Jedi
  • Intent: To provide a school for my kitten to attend in the Sith Empire, as well as help establish some lore about the TSE school system, child rearing, etc.
  • ​Image Credit: The Hunger Games concept art by Marcus Collins.
  • Canon: N/A
  • Links: The Sith Empire
  • Structure Name: Royal Academy of Bastion
  • Classification: Sith Academy
  • Location: Bastion
  • Affiliation: The Sith Empire
  • Accessibility: Private Access Only.
  • Description: A Sith Academy with obvious Imperial roots, owing to the culture and history of the planet, the Royal Academy is Bastion's premier institute of higher learning for the "gifted" youngster -- that being, the Sith Empire's next generation of Force Senstitives.
  • Processional Way. A carefully maintained meditative garden surrounds this broad avenue, which connects the Royal Academy to the Pellaeon Gardens. A reflecting pool divides the center of the avenue.
  • Great Hall. A vaulted atrium forms the entrance to the Royal Academy, which is used to host announcements and programs by the school.
  • Dormitories. Divided into binary gender (male/female) for the students who are boarded at the Royal Academy.
  • Library. The archives maintained by the Sith caretakers. Includes a holocron vault.
  • Docking Bay. A landing bay used by school shuttles and visiting officials.
  • The Arena. A dojo-like training facility for teaching martial skills.
  • Research Labs. Science-oriented classrooms specialized for introduction to, and experimentation with, Sith alchemy.
  • Refectory. The school cafeteria has gone to the Dark Side.
  • Central Security Station. Staffed with security droids, the station is unremarkable but for the fact that the student's clothing is impregnated with a biometric tag that enables the academy to be aware of where its pupils are at any given time.

LOW. Security droids patrol infrequently, primarily at the entry points during the times at which school begins and ends the day. The Central Security Station being the only point under guard at all hours of the day. Aside from faculty, students and their guardians have access to the academy grounds. Those interested in enrolling their Force Sensitive are encouraged to schedule a tour beforehand but, in general, as long as there is a youngling with you the droids are just going to walk on by.

The Royal Academy of Bastion traces its lineage back to the Imperial Remnant, when Ravelin was the capital of the Empire. The school was forced to close during the Gulag Plague, though was re-opened some 400 years later when the Host Lord of the Primeval established Bastion as the capital of its Holy See. The school fell into disrepair after the death of Anja aj-Rou and the reign of [member="Zambrano the Hutt"]'s campaign of terror against the rival Primeval warlords, leading to the Holy See's collapse. When the Sith Empire was founded by [member="Darth Carnifex"] in 849 ABY, the school was re-organized into a Sith Academy for use in training and educating the Force Sensitive children identified by the Sith.

The Academy at Bastion operates as one half of the Sith Empire's school system, with the other being the Sith Academy on Korriban. As Force Sensitives are identified, they are sorted into learning groups at Bastion or Korriban, depending on individual evaluation and the availability of space.

Tuition is provided for Force Sensitives, with financial incentives paid to their families for putting their younglings forward. Those students who perform either adequately or above their peers are allowed to continue to the next year. Those who fall behind their classmates are "re-assigned".
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