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The Red Sand And Red Horse

[member="Darth Ophidia"]

Melkor had spent the last week travelling the planet of Korriban accessing its security and reminiscing on his past there. There was a slight sadness as he saw yet another great rebirth due to the fires of rebellion, It seemed almost to be the curse of the home-world of the sith.

As he sat in the pilot seat of his ship as it flew over the red mountains and blood soaked valleys he thought to himself that he would not let this happen again. As he Approached the majesty of the great temple a plan solidified in his mind. He would become her protector and he govonor Setting his ship to auto pilot he pulled out his holo pad and began to type a message to Darth Ophidia.

"My world has changed, twice I have been forced from it and twice have i returned, and each time, TIME has worked its wonders of rebirth. It is my time now, to safe guard this corner of the empire, and make sure that this place never falls the the republic. In exchange for being the govonor of my home planet of Korriban I will raise a base and a planetary defense system with the Sith Empires backing, along with bringing in my own private army to defend and police her as the Dark Lord see's fit. Is this agreeable?"

His finger hovered over the send button with a slight bit of apprehension as he though of the magnitude of his decision, then chuckled as he remembered how the tribe that he ruled has once run these fields and pressed the button with a smirk.
Success or Death.
[member="Darth Morgoth"]

"This is the last crate, sir. It's all accounted for." A mirialan handed his superior the datapad with the inventory "Good, soon we will be able to make our move." the human skimmed through and looked at her subordinate. "They will rue the day they set the undead on your family." "At last, vengeance"


The dark violet hue of dusk filled the room as the long sabre ignited out of seeming nothingness. A shiver went through them both, heat dropped out of the room as the presence watching from the shadows became suddenly evident. The Soulsaber's hunger was palpable as it radiated with menace.

The tip was immediately plunged through the mirialan's throat, burning through the spinal cord on the opposite side and choking a yell into a mere hiss. The blade then whipped to the side, burning its way out of the neck. The human woman reached for a blaster at her side, fingers curled around the hilt, but the blade was quicker. With a swipe it burned its way out of the side of the mirialan's neck and intercepted the human's wrist. Effortlessly, the blade cut through the lower arm, the hips and spine, and out on the other side. The two bodies fell like the beats of a drum as the power crawled its way up Ophidia's ashen arm.

A vibration on her hip made her aware of the message sent to her. Taking out her holocom she read the red Sith's message. As she read it, the soulsabre extinguished and slipped into a holster at her back.

"Hm, about time."

She put her holocommunicator down on the floor, took two steps back and started a recording.

"My Lord Emperor." "I have intercepted a weapons shipment for the League of Voss" A low moan sounded from next to her and Ophidia's hand quietly covered the human's mouth with her palm. "I will make sure the weapons they do get are... something else." She made a moment's pause. "And another matter: Darth Morgoth is making his move to establish himself as the new Governor of Korriban. His campaign is focused on its defence and his nativity to the planet has made him somewhat popular among the red sith there." "His statement is attached to this transmission." "I will await your response."

The recording stopped and sent off to [member="Darth Carnifex"] . Meanwhile, Ophidia looked down into the mutilated human's green eyes. Metal claws affixed to the pale's fingertips dug into the pink skin as she started to read the memories and siphon the information she desired from the woman's mind, slowly tearing it asunder and eating it up as she went.
The Two Who Were One
It wouldn't be long before the holoprojector chimed with the alert of an incoming message from the Emperor's personal channel, a call with which none in the Empire were allowed to decline. Upon its activation, an image of the Sith Emperor's face and shoulders would flicker to life above the device, bathed in a cerulean haze.

"Queen of Shadows, I have received your message. You serve the Empire well in intercepting these weapon shipments, hamstringing the supply lines of our most tenacious foe. Glory does not even begin to describe the laurels that will be placed upon your brow for such achievements, but I am certain I can reward you with something befitting your nature."

The Emperor's voice was slow, articulate, and menacingly authoritarian. He was a being that brokered no acts of disloyalty, for those who had committed such acts of treason against his person and against the state in which he ruled were punished by the cruelest minds imaginable. The knowledge of such horrors have been tactically filtered down into the populace of the Empire, ensuring that every citizen was in some way aware of what fate would befall them should they even think of acting out against the Empire. An Empire that had so benevolently brought order to their lives, and kept the horrors of anarchy at bay with durasteel and plasma.

"And as for this Lord Morgoth, you may relay to him that the Emperor approves of his initiative. But do remind him to keep his ambition in check, lest he oversteps his bounds and provokes the ire of the Empire he now serves."

[member="Darth Ophidia"] | [member="Darth Morgoth"]