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The Quest For Knowledge


"I will be fine! I have been further than Roon before and returned to you in one piece. Besides, I'm not your little girl any more, it's time you let me make my own way." Truth be told, Sotir was becoming somewhat flustered with life on Kothlis. It had become oppressive for her, suffocating even, and she found she could not spend more than a week at the Palace without losing part of her sanity. As much as she loved her family, her place was not meant to be with them. They had a Planet to rule, and Sotir had a Galaxy to explore. "You have Ilmar and Fen to dote upon, the future of this Monarch... So please, please, just let me do this..." Sotir had never asked anything of her Father before now, most likely because she'd never had need to do so, but when he threatened to ban her from traversing CIS Territory she felt it was time to exercise that right. "What happened to freedom, to autonomy?" The girl finally breathed, throwing up her arms in apparent defeat. He was the King, after all, his word was law unto her.

In the silence that followed Sotir could swear the sound of her pulse was audible, the blood flowing through her body becoming a tangible feeling. The ageing man raised a hand and scratched at his snow-speckled beard, as though the largest decision the Galaxy had ever faced had been placed upon his shoulders. His expression was sombre, full of doubt, yet finally he spoke. "For the love I bear you, I shall grant you this. But know that Kothlis shall forever be your home. And one should never die too far from home." As ever her Father lacked hope, faith even, his cynical words cutting through the young woman... Yet at the same time an excitement grew within her. That meant yes, only she wouldn't inquire whether such was the case, after all she could not risk losing the permission. Stepping forwards the old man rested his hands to either side of her temples, and leaned forwards to place his lips against her forehead. "Go, with my blessing, Frija. I shall speak with your Mother."

And so it was that Sotir had left her home for what was possibly the final time. In the past she had ventured through CIS Territory, and sometimes further, yet everyone knew this time it would be different. It wasn't any old planet she was visiting, it was the world of the Templars, an organization she sought to join, and this would be a life-altering change to the Princess... That is another change I seek to make, to rid myself of my Nobility, if only in the eyes of others. Would she reveal who she was? She doubted it, Frija was the girl meant for Kothlis, not the Galaxy at large... No, to everyone else she would be Sotir, a girl with no past to trace, without a heritage, without presupposed expectations. The freedoms offered by the Templars would assist her transition, provided they accepted her at all.

When Roon came into view beyond the window Sotir's excitement grew. It was a beautiful planet, she had passed it several times before, always one to draw her attention and even managing to hold it for prolonged lengths of time. It called to her, urging her on, and thus she guided the ship down into orbit, and finally broke through the atmosphere. Down the ship glided, until it fell beneath the tree-line. There, in the distance, she spotted it. Her salvation, the place where wonders were made... Or would be made, provided she got past the front door. The Sanctum. Slinging her backpack over her shoulder, which contained minimal possessions, and sheathing one of her many blades, Sotir ventured forth from the vessel, and off towards the building itself, day-dreaming of what was to come.

As she walked the familiar lines of the Je'daii code flocked to her mind, forcing her to recall it, to learn it so that she might never forget its precepts. It was her mantra, her code, regardless of who it originally belonged to. The Je'daii were long since gone, replaced by the Jedi and furthermore the Sith. All that remained were the Tho Yor, the Temples on Tython and their Code. Virtually everything else had been obliterated in the destruction of Kaleth, the Temple of Knowledge. There is no Ignorance, there is Knowledge. There is no Fear, there is Power. I am the Heart of the Force. The Revealing Fire of Light. The Mystery of Darkness. In Balance with Chaos and Harmony. One with the Force. It had been several weeks since she last recalled it, and her mental recitation was perfect.

Smiling she made her way up the outer steps, to the main entrance. Raising a hand she beat a fist against the door, and waited to see who would come...

The Dark Templar

The Guildmaster of the Bounty Hunters Guild (Lawfu
@[member="Sotir"] @[member="Aluk Magar"]
The massive door opened and it was the sight of two-meter armed fellow that was the Guildmaster, clad in his heavy black spikey armor, his vibro-mace hanging off of his belt. The stench of deathsticks and Force Breakers may have hit her when he greeted her, perhaps even make her a bit woozy.
He stared down at her, from the eyeholes of his mask, in the holes all she could see was darkness.
Something of a growl or rumble emanated from his throat, the Guildmaster could seem both imposing and threatening to somebody new to the Galaxy, fully armed and armored, the massive armored hand resting on the door as he creaked it further open, allowing Sotir a better view of the hall behind him. And another being behind him.
Shorter than the Guildmaster, there was another fellow, also clad in darker armor, his face visible, scarred and pale, with a mane of black dense hair and sharp ears. He made a somewhat of a scowl when he looked at Sotir, he thought girls were icky.

The Guildmaster leaned down slightly, looking closer at Sotir with another rumble before finally speaking
"Ghrrr, well helloooo there, young miss, aren't you just an adorable little thingy."
Not exactly what was expected to be said, but alright, he kept going
"Can I help you? Are you lost or something as such? I am the Guildmaster of the Bounty Hunters' Guild, most just call me the Guildmaster or the Bastard That Won't Stop Shooting at Me."
He gave out a rumbling chortle at that, laughing at his own joke, the pale armored being behind him just rolled his eyes.

"And this is Aspirant Aluk Magar, one of the Templars."
He motioned back to the Space Elf Templar
Aluk said shortly, looking aside


"Oh..." Sotir remarked, tilting her head to the left ever so slightly in amusement, a tender smile appearing upon her lips. "Hello to you too, Guildmaster." Her voice chimed pleasantly, carried on the gentle breeze which billowed down from the south. Lifting her gaze, she took in the sight of the behemoth that was the Guildmaster ~ quite an imposing sight, all things considered. It was then that she realised there was another, and she turned her attention to pass by the man to see his companion, considerably smaller in size. "Aluk! A pleasure" she piped up, the smile growing to a grin. All things considered, Sotir was very happy with how things were turning out, even if she'd yet to pass the front door. She could, however, see into the wonderful hallway which had been exposed to her senses. It all seemed so beautiful that she couldn't quite believe her eyes.

"Oh! Sorry, I completely missed the question amidst the wonderful greeting!" She suddenly retorted, as colour rose within her cheeks, crimson with embarrassment. "I'm looking for the Temple Master!" By that, of course, she meant he or she who resided over the Templars... She did not know if they had a specific name for such, but likely she would find out soon enough. Her gaze lingered back to the Templar, "I'm looking to join your organization" ~ and with that the grin settled back into a tender smile. She only hoped that this would go as well as the rest had so far, and that the others were as welcoming as the Guildmaster seemed to be... Although if they were less imposing, that would also have been nice.

@[member="The Dark Templar"]

The Dark Templar

The Guildmaster of the Bounty Hunters Guild (Lawfu
"I'm looking for the Temple Master!"
The Guildmaster tilted his head slightly before realizing who she was talking about
"Oh! You mean the Grandmaster, my twin brother."
He was not really his twin brother, but he liked to mess with people
"It got really confusing during our childhood, me the Guildmaster, he the Grandmaster, anyhoo, I'm not actually a Templar, just visiting, buuut.."
He reached out to pull Aluk closer to them, so that he could not escape the grinning lady

"I am sure Aluk here would love to show you around, I was just leaving anyhoo, and he knows where to find the Grandmaster."
He slightly leaned closer to Aluk, hissing out
"Be social!"

Turning back to Sotir he laughed a merry, gruel, rumbling laugh
"Well, it was nice to meet you, little lady, if you would ever want a career change and you were looking into bounty hunting business, I lead the Bounty Hunters' Guild."
And he patted Aluk's back, forcing him to scooch closer to Sotir before the large armored being shuffled out of the Temple
And with loud clanking sounds he was off

Aluk Magar

The Dark Eldorai Renegade
Aluk did try to step back but he was caught unfortunately by the large armored Guildmaster who foiled his attempt at being anti-social and forced him into spending time with somebody.
"Be social!"
And now he was hissed at by that low-life hunter! The nerve! Aluk would love to throw a lightning in Guildmaster's way at the time, unfortunately, that was something frowned upon in the Temple. Aluk growled in Guildmaster's direction.
He looked at Sotir when the Guildmaster left, slightly scowling
Why is she smiling so much?
He thought to himself, motioning towards the hallways deeper into the temple

He was not someone who spoke much, he began walking in the direction he just motioned.


When the man seemed confused it had her wonder whether or not she had the right place, especially when he said he was not part of the Templars, but the misunderstanding was soon resolved, allowing the smile to return to her Qukuff-covered face. "Why, thank you!" she exclaimed, with an extra-beaming-grin for the Guildmaster alone. "I'll keep you in mind should such a thing be needed." With a slight inclination of her head she bid the towering man farewell and wandered along to where the other gestured.

Her eyes began to flick over the interior of the Temple, which she found very much to her liking, it was warm and welcoming, with high-vaulted ceilings that held many un-discovered promises. "How long have you been here, Aluk?" She merrily inquired, while they ventured further into the Temple. "And what's more, is the Grandmaster home?"

@[member="Aluk Magar"]

Aluk Magar

The Dark Eldorai Renegade
"Not too long."
The Space Elf replied shortly, his pointy ears poking out from beneath black strands of his hair.
"And I am not sure."
He commented then

He lead her through the Temple, the grandeur structure and architecture, in some of the rooms they passed through Aspirants were rehearsing drills and training combat, in others they were listening to lectures on the Force, social studies and such. Temple was busy, trying to raise a new order of Force Users.

Aluk glanced back slightly to Sotir, she was still smiling
The radiance of her happiness is almost strong enough to burn my skin
He grumbled in his inner monologue
As the Aspirant and the potential recruit wandered about the halls of the Sanctum, so too did one of the Order's Knights. T'was a man by the name Josiah Denko, to be exact. Thus far, his day had consisted of an early-morning session of saber training against a multitude of training droids, followed by a wonderful meditation session, and concluded with the procurement of proper sustenance. At this very moment in time, he walked the halls with no set destination in sight; simply enjoying the views of the sea of Roon, the breathtaking architecture of the Sanctum, and the savory sweet taste of the puffcake within his hand.

Ultimately, his walk about the Sanctum would have him come upon a pair of individuals he did not know especially well. The first was an Aspirant he recognized from the events which had transpired on Melida/Daan...and the second was a new face entirely. Ever the gentleman and hospitable individual, the Templar strode forth with a warm smile upon his face and stopped before them. "Good morning," he began, "I don't believe we have met."

The statement was addressed to both of them, as he literally had yet to speak to Aluk up until this point. So, he thought it proper to make decent introductions to the pair that he had yet to encounter before; and perhaps make some new acquaintances out of the encounter. "My name is Josiah Denko, Knight, how are you both doing today?"

@[member="Aluk Magar"], @[member="Sotir"].


Well, the little old elf didn't seem to appreciate conversation very much, nor her smile, so Sotir eased up on both accounts. All the same she radiated a warmth which was both welcoming and in many ways unintentionally alluring to many... Except for this Aspirant, of course. Instead of conversing the young lady took the time to marvel at how beautiful the Temple was, a smile becoming fixated upon her lips as she allowed her eyes to linger upon every little intricate wonder, from the ceiling-lights to the stairways. Each new corner brought about fresh sights to delight the Kiffar.

And then, in the distance, a figure could be seen, the first individual she had met aside from Aluk and the Guildmaster. When they were at a close enough proximity the male began to speak, and Sotir's grin returned to her lips, radiant as ever. "Why hello, Josiah" she began, with a gentle inclination of her head. "I am Sotir, fresh in from Kothlis, and this... This is Aluk" she gestured across to the Elf, figuring he wouldn't be in the mood for conversation, as he hadn't been up until this point.

"I myself am well, but seeking the Grandmaster of the Templars?" She made it into an unintentional question, after all he had just stated being a Knight of the Templars, which meant he might be able to assist her in finding the allusive Head. "How are you today, Master Denko?" She added, quickly remembering her manners. Never did her smile wane, and there was a sincerity surrounding it that suggested it was not in the least-bit feigned.

@[member="Josiah Denko"] @[member="Aluk Magar"]
Now here was an individual who was the definition of warmth. Her smile was bright, her words were genuine, and it seemed as though she radiated an aura that added longevity to the smile the Knight wore. Simply out, she was a stark contrast to the Aspirant who stood quietly beside her. Josiah took a moment to indulge in a savory bite of his puffcake, chew it over, and swallow prior to continuing the dialogue between them; for what could he say? It was a decent puffcake for once!

"Kothlis you say?" He said, "I've yet to meet anyone from that particular world. I'm from Nar Shaddaa myself..." Then, the Templar broke off for a moment, as he had to think as to where the Archon would be at this point in time. Ever since the change in leadership, it was not merely as simple as striding into the Archives at any given hour in order to find the leader of their Order. Now, Josiah had to grow accustomed to a woman who actually had a schedule to keep and places to be! Now, while these things were wonderful in of themselves, it simply made answering the "where might the Archon be" question difficult.

"Let's see...if I had to guess, Archon Mason is either in the infirmary, her office, or possibly the cafeteria getting some breakfast. Of you'd like, I can show you to where those places are and see if we can catch her...And I'm doing fantastic this morning, many thanks for asking!"



The smile never lingered, while she nodded her head encouragingly. "Yes, Kothlis!" She began to move again, this time with Josiah and Aluk both, before tilting her head to one side. "It's beautiful. What's Nar Shaddaa like? I've never been there before..." In truth, she'd never left CIS territory... But that wasn't something anyone needed to know, nor was it anything they wanted to know. With a whistle she turned on her heels and beamed at Aluk. "Are you coming along with us?" She chimed, before realising that he probably had better things to do.

Wasting no time the young Kiffar turned back towards Josiah when he continued to talk. "I'd like your help if you're offering!" It was nice to be around a talkative soul, not that Aluk wasn't good company. It had been a long time since she had last interacted with anyone outside of the Palace, so any company was welcome. "I'd especially like to see the infirmary." As an after thought, she added; "Are there any training grounds around here?" There was a bounce in her step as she wandered in the direction Josiah was walking, hoping to keep up. Her strides were long and determined.

"Is it difficult to join this Order?" Her Father had thought it so, or maybe he had said that to keep her from leaving... Either way, it hadn't dissuaded her, if anything his insistence that she needlessly remained on Kothlis had made her more willing to leave, it had only driven her away.

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