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Approved Tech The personal journal of Freedon Nadd

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Jantar Keltainen

Evil is a word used by the ignorant and the weak

"Surrender to the dark side or you will die."
- Freedon Nadd


Intent: To introduce the journal that documents the history and teachings of Freedon Nadd to Star Wars Chaos
Image Source: Sith spell book (Wookieepedia)
Canon Link: None
Restricted Missions: Thread where Jantar Keltainen obtains the journal
Primary Source: Novel: Darth Bane Rule of Two


Name: Journal of the the history and teachings of Freedom Nadd
Manufacturer: Freedon Nadd
Model: N/A
Affiliation: N/A
Modularity: No
Production: Unique — hand-written text and notes
Materials: Tanned leather cover, parchment, red and black ink


Classification: Force Artefact, Ancient Archive, Book
Size: Small — handheld
Weight: Light


History of Freedon Nadd
Teachngs of Freedon Nadd

Knowledge: Freedon Nadd’s secrets of Sith magic are contained within the journal

Old: The cover and pages within can crumble if exposed to the elements
Faded: Some of the text has faded to become difficult, if not impossible, to read with the naked eye
No substitute for a teacher: Notes are useful, but cannot teach iteratively


Initially written by Freedon Nadd as a way of passing his knowledge on, no doubt before he constructed his Holocron, the journal was found by Rain (Darth Zannah) on Ruusan following the detonation of the thought bomb.

She handed the journal to Darth Bane, who initially used it to find Freedon Nadd’s tomb — where he discovered his Holocron.

The contents are a small collection of ancient writings by Freedon Nadd, detailing his life, his philosophies and teachings. It is not as complete as his Holocron in terms of content - either in breadth or depth.
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