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The Order of the Jen'ari

Darth Vyrassu

Immortal Jen'ari Sith Emperor


The Order of the Jen'ari

The Order of the Jen'ari is a Sith order built on the principal beliefs of the Ancient sith during the time of The Great Galactic War during Vitiate's reign as Sith Emperor (not to be confused with the eternal empire). The belief that there could be multiple Dark Lords, a Sith Order controlled by a Dark Council. The Order of the Jen'ari believe in revitalization of the sith as a whole, in culture, religion, a society, and to embody the power of the darkside. The Order of the Jen'ari care very little of galactic dominance. The Order of the Jen'ari focuses on training, and strengthing one's power and will within the darkside of the force.

OOC Info:

We are redoing The Jen'ari Empire and ditching the Empire part for now....for a while. We are strictly remaining a simple sith order. We focus on story, character development, and progression. We are looking to take in Dark Jedi, nightsisters, witches, and of course Sith. We are laid back and chill, we will help new players, we will thread with you constantly, we are open to ideas, so bring your ideas and share them. We have various faction events, member of the month contest, we will give help with factory and codex projects. So if you are interested or have any questions, come join us or ask us your questions. Thanks for taking the time to read this and enjoy your day.


Lightsaber forms
(Character Development)
Sith Magic
Sith Alchemy
Ancient Runes and hieroglyphs
Ancient Sith Artifacts
Dark side powers & Spells
Ancient Sith Language
Past Sith, and Dark Lords
Sith History
Restricted Sith Rituals
Sith Scrolls
Plus so much more

Plus we have an imperial military for those wishing to be a soldier.

We also include various groups within the Empire to join that makes you eligible to join no matter your type of character, such as

Order of the Jen'ari
Witches Covenant
Mandalorian Enclave
Imperial Military

We literally have something for everyone.

So come visit us, join us!