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Approved Location The Obsidian | Gasthaus

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Aurelian Dash


  • Intent: To create a unique and interesting place for spies/assassins to RP
  • Image Credit: Link to Source 1 ( Hayo Koekkoek ) | Link to Source 2 ( Jonathan BENAINOUS ) | I compiled them into the final image.
  • Canon: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
    [*]Links: The Continental (John Wick)


    • Structure Name: The Obsidian
    • Classification: Gasthaus (Hotel)
    • Location: Terminus
    • Affiliation: None | Neutral
    • Accessibility: While the location itself is easily accessible and recognizable, to those outside the professions of spycraft or contract killing The Obsidian by all appearances is merely another high class, exclusive hotel establishment. For those who do know and have opened accounts with the gasthaus, The Obsidian serves as a local base of operations for spies and other nefarious actors under a strict premise: the gasthaus is off limits. Regardless of your affiliation or if your target itself resides within the residence once inside the doors all violence is permitted. It is under this strict policy that The Obsidian has secured its place in the underworld of secrets and assassins. Once you have opened an account at this establishment, you must present a solid gold coin which signifies your membership and allows you to utilize the gasthaus' facilities.
    • Description: An angular obsidian tower rising into the night sky of Terminus. Despite the many rooms and services offered inside the exterior is completely opaque and reflects the rest of the skyline in its reflective surface. At its base, charcoal pillars signify the entry to the establishment which leads directly into an Art Deco themed lobby and elevator corridors.

    • The Lobby: Fine carpet and exquisite tiling adorn the foyer and lobby of The Obsidian, the art deco roots of its design evident in every aspect. Snappily dressed wait staff and concierges linger in the corners of the room, ready to provide only the best service to the gasthaus' patrons.
    • Elevators: Though conventionally referred to as turbolifts, you'll find these elevators lack none of the artistic or high quality design displayed in the lobby of the building. Staffed full time by a bellboy, these elevators lead upward into the gasthaus tower where the guest rooms can be found - all the way to the top where the penthouse resides.
    • Penthouse: The cost of acquiring the penthouse for any amount of time whether for business meetings or personal use is akin to an arm or a leg - perhaps literally. Only the finest silk sheets and the highest quality services are provided for the purveyor of this room.
    • Guest Rooms: The rooms here are far from the run of the mill rooms you'll find in most typical hotel establishments. If the rooms were rated according to the standard scale, these would qualify as suites at most other hotels. Stocked with an all inclusive bar, Jacuzzi, and at-will services - there is little these suites can't offer. If it's not displayed on a menu or a list, one need merely call to the front desk and in all likelihood accommodations can be made.
    • The Alabaster: Named after its long bar, the Alabaster is the lobby bar. Located just off the main lobby, the bar is topped in an alabaster marble. Dark and blackened oak adorn the walls and rows upon rows of backlit liquor rest on shelves behind the bar. Always staffed, the list of liquors served here come from all over the galaxy, just like the bartender's list of cocktails. If it's been created, odds are it can be replicated here.

Provide a Security Rating: High


The Obsidian isn't all that old - but that doesn't mean it doesn't have a reputation to uphold. Since its inception, strict adherence to it's driving philosophy has provided a unique atmosphere for those of its targeted clientele. Catering exclusively to those in the spy, assassin, and bounty hunting trades The Obsidian has a strict "Off Limits" policy within its doors. No Exceptions. If there is business, beef, or otherwise to be conducted between The Obsidian's residents it is mandated that it be handled off the premises. Unsurprisingly, The Obsidian doesn't just take the word of everyone who walks in their doors and thusly have developed a highly capable security team and protocol. If a resident is caught violating the rules of the establishment they will be barred from entry - for life.

Thankfully The Obsidian rarely if ever has to resort to these measures. Despite some belief to the contrary, they operate under the philosophy that there is honor among thieves. Because of this, often times rival intelligence agents, spies, bounty hunters, and assassins share occupancy of The Obsidian, even knocking back drinks at the humble but well stocked lobby bar.
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My name is Judah Lesan, and I'm here to review your sub! I am still in training so this will require a secondary edit.

There are a couple of things to note here, so let's get started shall we!


This one is a pretty simple edit. I just need you to pick one. It needs to be either high or maximum. Which leads me to number two!​

Under security you mention things like ray shield emitters, defense turrets, and the like. For all of these are you using canon models, things subbed to the factory, or just generic concepts? I feel it would be helpful for anyone using this submission, or if you were to ever need to use the defenses the hotel has, to link to items as you are able. This is only a suggestion, but one that may prove helpful later.​
I think this will be a good start. Once you get that security rating fixed for me I can take another look at it!

Good work so far!
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